Remix GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  1943 (2 in 1) (mod)Tiertex Ltd, Go!'88goodboy, tiboh'18124
  3D Construction Kit Demo (mod)Incentive Software Ltd, Domark Ltd'91Die Krupps Group'97128
  ACE 2088 (dsk) (mod)Cascade Games Ltd'89THD255
  Ace of Aces (2 in 1) (mod)Paragon Programming Ltd, US Gold Ltd'86Slider, tiboh'22283
  Action Reflex (mod)Mirrorsoft Ltd'86HDV-Soft'94254
  Action Reflex (2 in 1) (mod)Mirrorsoft Ltd'86Battletech Inc.'95147
  Action Reflex (mod)Mirrorsoft Ltd'86Omega Hackers Group'96135
  Adventure E: Golden Apple (Золотое Яблоко) (txt) (dsk) (mod)Artic Computing Ltd'83introspec'94, L&D Corporation'98120
  After Burner (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Activision Inc'88SG-Team'11, Slider, tiboh'22456
  After Shock (txt) (dsk) (mod)Interceptor Software'86Cat-House'95164
  After the War 1 (mod)Dinamic Software'89Ralf'12, Slider'18134
  After the War 1 (mod)Dinamic Software'89United Hackers Group'94248
  After the War 1, 2 (mod)Dinamic Software'89Adia255
  After the War 1, 2 (mod)Dinamic Software'89Megaforce Hackers Group'94302
  After the War 2 (mod)Dinamic Software'89United Hackers Group'94233
  Airborne Ranger (128k only) (mod)MicroProse Software Ltd'88Monsters Productions, tiboh'24530
  Altered Beast (2 in 1) (mod)Activision Inc'89goodboy, tiboh'22664
  Andy Capp (mod)Blitter Animations, Mirrorsoft Ltd'88AY Group, MV-Rave137
  Animated Strip Poker (mod)Knightsoft'85Sergey Krutyko'95211
  Ano Gaia (2 in 1) (mod)Your Sinclair'92FLP'96154
  Antares (mod)Juliet Software, Dro Soft'87Shock Brigade'97103
  Aquaplane (mod)Quicksilva Ltd'83New Software'9678
  Arcade Flight Simulator (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Code Masters Ltd'89Slider'17, tiboh'22162
  Arctic Atac (mod of Atic Atac) (mod)Ultimate Play The Game'83, Highriser'23Slider'24182
  Arkanoid (mod)Imagine Software Ltd'87Megasystem Group'94175
  Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh (2 in 1) (mod)Imagine Software Ltd'88Phantom Family'97162
  Army Moves (mod)Dinamic Software'87Andrey282
  Arnhem (dsk) (mod)CCS'85Stream Hackers'96149
  Aspar GP Master (mod)Dinamic Software'88Beermanz151
  Aspar GP Master (+3dos) (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'88Slider, tiboh'23297
  Astro Blaster (mod)Quicksilva Ltd'83Creative Corporation Zhuki'0678
  Astro Marine Corps 1, 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89Kristall'96306
  A-Team 1, 2, The (Equipo A 1, 2, El) (mod)Zafiro Software Division'88Black Valley Corp'95382
  A-Team 1, 2, The (Equipo A 1, 2, El) (2 in 1) (mod)Zafiro Software Division'88tiboh'20214
  A-Team 1, The (Equipo A 1, El) (mod)Zafiro Software Division'88Cache'94255
  A-Team 2, The (Equipo A 2, El) (2 in 1) (mod)Zafiro Software Division'88Cache'95292
  ATF (Super ATF) (dsk) (mod)Digital Integration'88Cybertronic Software'96442
  Athena (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Imagine Software Ltd'87Slider, tiboh'23435
  Atom Ant (mod)Twilight, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90Omega Hackers Group'96133
  Autocrash (2 in 1) (mod)Zigurat Software'91Megafire Software'95141
  Avenger (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86Mayhem'98174
  Back to the Future (2 in 1) (mod)Electric Dreams Software'85Slider, tiboh'22176
  Backgammon (mod)Psion Software Ltd, Sinclair Research Ltd'83Accept Corp'9775
  Barbarian (Barbarian 3) (mod)Icon Design Ltd, Melbourne House'88AVL, Cooper'96154
  Barbarian (Barbarian 3) (mod)Icon Design Ltd, Melbourne House'88Cooper'95214
  Barbarian (Barbarian 3) (mod)Icon Design Ltd, Melbourne House'88Andrew Sckachek'94165
  Barbarian 1.1, 1.2, 2, 3 (mod)Palace Software, Melbourne House'87-88Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95924
  Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax (2 in 1) (mod)Palace Software'88Andrew Sckachek'94408
  Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior 1 (128k only) (mod)Palace Software'87Micrus Software'93236
  Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior 2 (128k only) (mod)Palace Software'87Micrus Software'93236
  Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Palace Software'87AVL'96163
  Batman: The Puaj Edition (mod)Micro House'89krt17'17, Slider'2382
  Battle City (mod)Fangorn Forest'93Seamans'96, Maddy Vins'9993
  Battle City (mod)Fangorn Forest'93Sergey Glotov164
  Battle of the Planets (mod)Mikro-Gen Ltd'86Galaxy Force'95145
  Battle Ships (mod)Hit-Pak'87Alexander Sharov'96130
  Battle Ships (2 in 1) (mod)Hit-Pak'87Fenomen'00125
  Battle Ships (mod)Hit-Pak'87Red Limited Drunkards Group'95197
  Battle Ships (mod)Hit-Pak'87Omega Hackers Group173
  Batty (mod)Hit-Pak'87Condorsoft'91, Mastersoft Limited'93120
  Batty (2 in 1) (mod)Hit-Pak'87O.S.Squad114
  Batty (mod)Hit-Pak'87Condorsoft'91, Vasily Afanassiev'93120
  Batty (mod)Hit-Pak'87Condorsoft'91, Alexey Ermakov'93123
  Beach Buggy Simulator (2 in 1) (mod)Silverbird Software Ltd'88goodboy, tiboh'20131
  Bear Bovver (mod)Artic Computing Ltd'83Lone Wolf'96108
  Benny Hill's Madcap Chase! (mod)DK'Tronics Ltd'85Adia'96120
  Benny Hill's Madcap Chase! (2 in 1) (mod)DK'Tronics Ltd'85tiboh'22104
  Biff (2 in 1) (mod)Beyond Belief'92Seamans'96178
  Big Nose's American Adventure (Bignose in the USA) (2 in 1) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'92New Group'96131
  Big Nose's American Adventure (Bignose in the USA) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'92Slavjack Software'96188
  Big Nose's American Adventure (Bignose in the USA) (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Code Masters Ltd'92tiboh'22173
  Birds and the Bees, The (mod)Bug-Byte Software Ltd'83Beermanz'9778
  Black Magic (mod)Paragon Programming Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87Dr.Dash'96143
  Black Tiger (2 in 1) (mod)Tiertex Ltd, US Gold Ltd'90Slider, tiboh'22318
  Blade Warrior (pentfix) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'88Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95179
  Blazing Thunder (128k only) (mod)PAL Developments, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90Omega Hackers Club'96276
  Blinkys Scary School (2 in 1) (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'90Bitmunchers143
  Blinkys Scary School (2 in 1) (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'90Microspace'94173
  Blinkys Scary School (2 in 1) (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'90TS-Labs'96165
  Blockade Runner (mod)Thorn EMI Video Ltd'83Lone Wolf68
  Block-Dizzy (2 in 1) (mod)Your Sinclair'92Mafia Private Corporation'95164
  Block-Dizzy (2 in 1) (mod)Your Sinclair'92Codemonsters Hackers Group'96161
  Blood Brothers (128k only) (mod)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'88Chip&Chap287
  Bloodwych (dsk) (mod)Image Works'90FFC Computers'97406
  Bloodwych (dsk) (mod)Image Works'90Perestroika Software'97281
  Bloodwych (dsk) (mod)Image Works'90Dart Alver'10327
  Blue Max (2 in 1) (mod)US Gold Ltd'84tiboh'2374
  Bomb Ed (mod)Sinclair User'92Toxic Inc127
  Bomb Jack 1, 2 (2 in 1) (cvx) (mod)Elite Systems Ltd'85-87Delta Hackers Group'00272
  Bomb Jack 1, 2, + (3 in 1) (mod)Elite Systems Ltd'86-87, 4thRock'18goodboy, tiboh'23447
  Bomber (mod)Spectrum Computing'83CPS Hackers Group'96204
  Boulder Dash (mod)Front Runner'84Dak Soft Ltd'9570
  Boulder Dash (mod)Front Runner'84Vladimir Saveliev'93, Phantom Ltd171
  Boulder Dash 1, 2, 3, 4 (mod)First Star Software Inc'84-91JeRrS, tiboh'13141
  Boulder Dash 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (mod)First Star Software Inc'84-91Omega Hackers Club'95450
  Boulder Dash II: Rockford's Riot (mod)Monolith'85Dak Soft Ltd'9580
  Brain Sport (mod)Your Sinclair'91Omega Hackers Group'95129
  Brain Sport (2 in 1) (dsk) (mod)Your Sinclair'91Golden Max110
  Brainstorm (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'87Golden Dreams Group'9575
  BraveStarr (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Go!'87goodboy, tiboh'20150
  Breakthru (mod)US Gold Ltd'86Galaxy Force'95154
  Bride of Frankenstein (2 in 1) (mod)39 Steps'87Mayhem'02139
  Bridge Player 2 (mod)CP Software'84Magic Soft'96364
  Bruce Lee (mod)US Gold Ltd'85Global Pro Group'96132
  Bruce Lee + (mod)Weird Science Software'16tiboh'1987
  Bruce Lee 128 (mod)US Gold Ltd'85Nick Snake, tiboh'2286
  Bubble Dizzy (2 in 1) (mod)W.A.S.P., Code Masters Ltd'91Dr Titus, Softstar'95140
  Bubbler (mod)Ultimate Play The Game'87CPS Hackers Group'96161
  Bugaboo the Flea (mod)Indescomp S.A., Quicksilva Ltd'83Lone Wolf'96131
  Bug-Eyes (Bloody-Eyes, Bor-Fies) (ita) (mod)Icon Software Ltd'85Edizioni Softwell, Boev Soft'94126
  Bug-Eyes (Bloody-Eyes, Bor-Fies) (ita) (mod)Icon Software Ltd'85Edizioni Softwell, Phantom Ltd85
  Bug-Eyes (Bloody-Eyes) (ita) (mod)Icon Software Ltd'85Special Playgames, Hacker VBI'94255
  Bug-Eyes (Bloody-Eyes) (mod)Icon Software Ltd'85Lone Wolf'96116
  Buggy Ranger (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'90goodboy, tiboh'18132
  Buggy Ranger (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'90Silicon Brains'95175
  Bully Embassy (mod)Outlet'92krt17'17, Slider'08, 2348
  Bumpy (mod)Loriciels'89CDS Soft'9799
  Bumpy (mod)Loriciels'89Eldar Agaev'94203
  Bumpy (mod)Loriciels'89Alexey Alexeev'95233
  Caesar the Cat (mod)Andromeda Software Ltd, Novotrade Rt.'84Korund53
  Caesar the Cat (mod)Andromeda Software Ltd, Novotrade Rt.'84Himik's ZxZ'94115
  Caesar the Cat (mod)Andromeda Software Ltd, Novotrade Rt.'84Power of Sound'9674
  Cage Match (Межгалактические Драки) (mod)Icon Design Ltd, Entertainment USA'88Cache'94255
  Canyon Warrior (mod)Front Room Team, Mastertronic Plus'89TAW, SAW'94132
  Capitan Trueno 1, 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'89Andy Steeler'95324
  Capitan Trueno 1, 2 (2 in 1) (+3dos) (kemp8bit) (mod)Dinamic Software'89SG-Team'09, Slider, tiboh'23536
  Capitan Trueno 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'89Cooper'96172
  Captain America in the Doom Tube of Dr Megalomann (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Adventuresoft UK Ltd, Go!'88goodboy, tiboh'22139
  Captain Planet (2 in 1) (mod)Mindscape International Inc'91goodboy, tiboh'18134
  Carlos Sainz (2 in 1) (mod)Arcadia Soft, Zigurat Software'90Beermanz'96158
  Carlos Sainz (mod)Arcadia Soft, Zigurat Software'90CPS Hackers Group158
  Casey Jones (mod)Blaby Computer Games'84Lone Wolf'97372
  Cauldron (mod)Palace Software'85Phantom Ltd125
  Cauldron (mod)Palace Software'85TomCaT'19145
  Cauldron (mod)Palace Software'85TomCaT'19146
  Cauldron (mod)Palace Software'85Fantomassoft'94261
  Cauldron (mod)Palace Software'85qSOFT'92189
  Championship 3D Snooker (2 in 1) (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'92tiboh'2379
  Championship Sprint (mod)Electric Dreams Software'88Gladiators Group'95211
  Chess (Masterchess) (dsk) (mod)Psion Software Ltd, Sinclair Research Ltd'82Grand'1865
  Chiron (mod)Crash'88Jack Kudaev'94133
  Chronos (Chronos: A Tapestry of Time) (128k only) (mod)Mastertronic Ltd'87Avalon'96246
  Chronos (Chronos: A Tapestry of Time) (mod)Mastertronic Ltd'87Golden Disk Corporation, KDF Software'94198
  Chuckie Egg (mod)A'n'F Software'83Pavel Nikitin'92128
  Chuckman (mod)Custom Cables International Ltd'83Lone Wolf'9681
  Cobra Force (2 in 1) (mod)Players Premier'89LZB/Jupiter 77'97113
  Cobra Force (128k only) (mod)Players Premier'89Kano'94347
  Cobra Force (mod)Players Premier'89Shock Brigade150
  Code, The (txt) (dsk) (mod)Interceptor Software'86Cat-House'95121
  Colour Clash (Pennellix) (ita) (mod)Romik Software'83D-Love'9533
  Comando Tracer (cvx) (sd) (eng) (mod)Dinamic Software'89Omega Hackers Group'98270
  Commando (mod)Elite Systems Ltd'85Fuxoft, Mega Byte Group'94251
  Commando (mod)Elite Systems Ltd'85Fuxoft, Triumph'03195
  Corona Magica, La (2 in 1) (mod)OMK Software S.L.'90Monsters Productions, tiboh'21, Slider'22406
  Corsarios 1 (mod)Opera Soft S.A.'89Cybertronic Software205
  Corsarios 2 (mod)Opera Soft S.A.'89Cybertronic Software213
  Corsarios 2 (mod)Opera Soft S.A.'89Scorpion Soft'94135
  Cosmic Pirate (2 in 1) (dsk) (mod)MC Lothlorien Ltd, Byte Back'89tiboh'23210
  Crime Santa Claus (mod)ETC Group'96BrokImSoft'00206
  Crusader (mod)Genesis Soft, SPE'88krt17'17, Slider'08, 2370
  Crystal Castles (mod)Andromeda Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'86Lone Wolf'95145
  Curro Jimenez (2 in 1) (mod)Arcadia Soft, Zigurat Software'89Ralf, SG-Team'12220
  Curse of Oddville, The (mod)Stonechat Productions'13tiboh'1337
  Cyclone (2 in 1) (mod)Vortex Software'85SEV84
  Cyrus IS Chess (dsk) (mod)Sinclair Research Ltd'83SN-Software Ltd'95148
  Dallas (mod) (pol)CCS'83Illusion Group107
  Dan Dare II: Mekon's Revenge (2 in 1) (mod)Virgin Games Ltd'88Bitmunchers'95156
  Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future (mod)Virgin Games Ltd'86KipSoft, AmiS, Andy Nik'96163
  Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future (2 in 1) (mod)Virgin Games Ltd'86Sliders Creative & Hackers Group129
  Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future (2 in 1) (mod)Virgin Games Ltd'86Golden Disk Corporation'94200
  Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future (Дан Даре: Пилот Будущего) (2 in 1) (mod)Virgin Games Ltd'86666 Studio, Sam [ua]'93133
  Dandy (2 in 1) (kemp8bit) (mod)Electric Dreams Software'86Monsters Productions, Slider, tiboh'23247
  Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau (txt) (mod)Creative Sparks'84German Myasnikov'94144
  Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau (txt) (mod)Creative Sparks'84Surdakar Group'94119
  Dark Fusion (128k only) (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'88goodboy, tiboh'18208
  Dark Side (2 in 1) (dsk) (mod)Incentive Software Ltd'88Mayhem'99181
  Death Star Interceptor (mod)Software Conversions Ltd, System 3 Software Ltd'85Accept Corp'97160
  Death Zone (mod)Sinclair User'89SD Group, Seamans'95125
  Death Zone (mod)Sinclair User'89SD Group'95209
  Death Zone (mod)Sinclair User'89KZS Corporation'96110
  Deathchase (128k only) (mod)Micromega'83Michael Patlis'9387
  Defender of the Crown (128k only) (mod)The Cat'89tiboh'21414
  Defenders of the Earth (mod)Enigma Variations Ltd'90Power of Sound'95372
  Deflektor (2 in 1) (mod)Vortex Software, Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Dak Soft Ltd'95126
  Delfox (mod)Zeus Software, Dinamic Software'88FFC Computers'9494
  Demon's Revenge (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'88FFC Computers, Softstar169
  Demon's Revenge (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'88goodboy, tiboh'20109
  Detornator (mod)Impact Software [3]'88krt17'17, Slider'08, 2339
  Dicey (mod)ZX Computing'85RojerSoft141
  Digger Dan (mod)Oxygen Software, Ocean Software Ltd'83Lone Wolf'96100
  Dirt Track Racer (cvx) (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'91Omega Hackers Group'97194
  Dizzy 1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7 (Dizzy S.A.C.K.) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'87-92Slider, goodboy, Shadow Maker'101555
  Dizzy 1: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (2 in 1) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'87Phantom Ltd171
  Dizzy 1: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (mod)Code Masters Ltd'87Pavel Nikitin'93211
  Dizzy 1: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (mod)Code Masters Ltd'87Triumph'99149
  Dizzy 1: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (2 in 1) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'87KSA160
  Dizzy 2: Treasure Island Dizzy (mod)Code Masters Ltd'88Pavel Nikitin'93197
  Dizzy 2: Treasure Island Dizzy (mod)Code Masters Ltd'88Triumph'99151
  Dizzy 2: Treasure Island Dizzy (Остров Сокровищ Диззи) (4 in 1) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'88Dr Titus, tiboh'23602
  Dizzy 2: Treasure Island Dizzy (Остров Сокровищ Диззи) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'88Dr Titus, SoftLight'23187
  Dizzy 3 and a Half (mod)Crash'91Paul O'Melly'94195
  Dizzy 3 and a Half (mod)Crash'91LPV'93132
  Dizzy 3 and a Half (mod)Crash'91LPV'93197
  Dizzy 3 and a Half (mod)Crash'91LAKS'93128
  Dizzy 3 and a Half (mod)Crash'91Maxsoft'9689
  Dizzy 3 and a Half (2 in 1) (mod)Crash'91Universe Software'96139
  Dizzy 3 and a Half (mod)Crash'91Sunsoft'94157
  Dizzy 5: Spellbound Dizzy (mod)Code Masters Ltd'91Softstar'93377
  Dizzy 6: Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk (2 in 1) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'91Universe Software'96173
  Dizzy 6: Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk (128k only) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'91Code Blasters'95226
  Dizzy 6: Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk (2 in 1) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'91Softstar'93234
  Dizzy 6: Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk (mod)Code Masters Ltd'91Grigoryev Bros'94233
  Dizzy 7: Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (2 in 1) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'92n/a164
  Dizzy 8: Little Joke (mod)Timur Company'95Slider'95101
  Dizzy 8: Little Joke (mod)Timur Company'95Scorpion Hackers Group'95130
  Dizzy X: Journey to Russia (2 in 1) (mod)Speed Code'94BrokImSoft'95249
  Dizzy X: Journey to Russia (2 in 1) (mod)Speed Code'94Power of Sound'95228
  Dizzy X: Journey to Russia (2 in 1) (mod)Speed Code'94T&S Soft'94202
  Dizzy X: Journey to Russia (2 in 1) (mod)Speed Code'94Eldar Korotkov'94208
  Dizzy X: Journey to Russia (2 in 1) (mod)Speed Code'94RojerSoft197
  Dizzy X: Journey to Russia (3 in 1) (eng) (mod) (pol)Speed Code'94tiboh'23439
  Dizzy X: Journey to Russia (2 in 1) (mod)Speed Code'94KID, DR.'94205
  Dizzy Y: Return to Russia (mod)Speed Code'95Power of Sound313
  Dizzy Y: Return to Russia (mod)Speed Code'95Softstar266
  DJ Puff Remastered (DJ Puff's Volcanic Erruption) (2 in 1) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'92, Ralf'23Slider, tiboh'23298
  Dominator (mod)System 3 Software Ltd'89Smash Soft Inc'94353
  Double Dash (mod)Proxima Software'90Power of Sound122
  Double Dash (mod)Proxima Software'90New Star Ltd, Dream Team'9497
  Double Dragon (128k only) (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Melbourne House'89Monsters Productions, tiboh'23639
  Down to Earth (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'87Code Gangsters Group'96130
  Down to Earth (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'87AVL98
  Down to Earth (128k only) (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'87Michael Patlis'93142
  Down to Earth (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'87Red Limited Drunkards Group'95188
  Down to Earth (128k only) (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'87S.K.Soft'95210
  Down to Earth (128k only) (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'87Omega Hackers Group'95130
  Down to Earth (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'87Code Busters, Omega Hackers Group134
  Down to Earth (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'87Atlanta Hackers Group'97148
  Down to Earth (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'87Clevers Group'96183
  Down to Earth (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'87Clevers Group'96215
  Draconus (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'88Shock Brigade'98160
  Draconus (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'88Lanex'16127
  Draconus (2 in 1) (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'88Andy Steeler'94171
  Draconus (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'88Silicon Brains'94220
  Draconus (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'88Seamans'95245
  Draconus (Драконус) (2 in 1) (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'88FireSoft Group, ZDW'96338
  Dragon Ninja (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Imagine Software Ltd'88SG-Team'09, tiboh'23510
  Driller (Бурильщик) (dsk) (mod)Major Developments, Incentive Software Ltd'87J-Soft228
  Druid 1, 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'86-87TAW'95321
  Duet (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Elite Systems Ltd'87tiboh'20115
  Dun Darach (2 in 1) (dsk) (mod)Gargoyle Games'85Andrew Sckachek'95202
  Dustin (mod)Dinamic Software'87Ascendancy Creative Labs'97233
  Dynamite Dan (mod)Mirrorsoft Ltd'85Omega Hackers Club'95206
  Dynamite Dan 1, 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Mirrorsoft Ltd'85-86Slider'15, 22326
  Dynasty Wars (2 in 1) (mod)Tiertex Ltd, US Gold Ltd'90Alexander Maryshev'95434
  Earth Defence (mod)Artic Computing Ltd'84Lone Wolf69
  Earth Shaker (mod)Your Sinclair, Michael Batty'90Mr.Ltd'95251
  Earth Shaker (2 in 1) (mod)Your Sinclair, Michael Batty'90Codemonsters Hackers Group'96134
  Earthlight (mod)Nexus Productions Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'88Remix Software'94225
  Earthlight (mod)Nexus Productions Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'88Shock Brigade'96219
  Earthlight (mod)Nexus Productions Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'88Remix Software'94, Power of Sound135
  Eidolon, The (2 in 1) (mod)P.A.W. Software, Activision Inc'86Monsters Productions481
  Eliminator (mod)Alternative Software Ltd'88TAW, SAW'9465
  Elite 3 (mod)Shadow Soft [ru]'92Wesoft189
  Elite III (gs) (mod)THD'93Dimon'99udi
  Elite III (mod)THD'93Ha-Hacker'94272
  Elite III (mod)THD'93A.S.Koln'94219
  Elite III (gs) (mod)THD'93Dimon'17trd
  Elven Warrior (mod)Players Premier'89Pavel Nikitin'93173
  Elven Warrior (mod)Players Premier'89Olegsoft, Smasher'94116
  Elven Warrior (mod)Players Premier'89Damage Inc'95126
  Elven Warrior (mod)Players Premier'89Cybertronic Software'9691
  Elven Warrior (mod)Players Premier'89Slider, tiboh'14, 23151
  Elven Warrior (mod)Players Premier'89ZDW'94215
  Elven Warrior (mod)Players Premier'89Galaxy Inc'9979
  Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (dsk) (mod) (pentfix)Audiogenic Software Ltd'89Hacker Oleg'94248
  Enduro (mod)James Software Ltd, Activision Inc'84Hacker VBI'94131
  Energy Warrior (2 in 1) (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Ltd'87Delta Hackers Group'99108
  Engineer Humpty (mod)Artic Computing Ltd'84Lone Wolf131
  Enterprise (mod)Melbourne House'87Step Creative Group'97185
  Eric & the Floaters (mod)Hudson Soft, Sinclair Research Ltd'84Hexman'9444
  Eric & the Floaters (mod)Hudson Soft, Sinclair Research Ltd'84Bad Boys Company'9596
  Eric & the Floaters (Bomber-Man) (mod)Hudson Soft, Sinclair Research Ltd'84Flash Star Software'94128
  Eric & the Floaters (mod)Hudson Soft, Sinclair Research Ltd'84Kidson'94154
  Eric & the Floaters (mod)Hudson Soft, Sinclair Research Ltd'84The X-Files Hackers Group'9756
  Eric & the Floaters (mod)Hudson Soft, Sinclair Research Ltd'84FFC Computers'9365
  E-SWAT (Elite Special Weapons And Tactics) (128k only) (mod)Creative Materials Ltd, US Gold Ltd'90Monsters Productions, tiboh'23874
  Ethnipod (mod)Your Sinclair'91Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95145
  Ethnipod (mod)Your Sinclair'91Ice'n'Green'01125
  Ethnipod (mod)Your Sinclair'91Scorpion Soft'94156
  Ethnipod (mod)Your Sinclair'91Mortal Kombat Hackers Group, Swood'95149
  Explorer (2 in 1) (mod)Electric Dreams Software'86Alexander Maryshev'95168
  Express Raider (2 in 1) (mod)Homega Software, US Gold Ltd'87The Boss'94178
  Fanty (mod)Emilio Jose Grao Benedi'92krt17'17, Slider'02, 1969
  Fernandez Must Die (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Image Works'88FFC Computers'95152
  Fernando Martin Basket Master (Nick Galis The Basket Master) (mod)Dinamic Software'87The Terminator, Theo Devil'88, tiboh'22100
  Fernando Martin Basket Master (mod)Dinamic Software'87ZX Best Hackers Group'97198
  Fernando Martin Basket Master (mod)Dinamic Software'87United Hackers Group'94242
  Feud (128k only) (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Bulldog Software'87X-agon, Triumph'04172
  Feud (2 in 1) (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Bulldog Software'87goodboy, tiboh'18150
  Feud (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Bulldog Software'87Fuxoft, Moment Records116
  Feud (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Bulldog Software'87Musicsoft'94173
  Feud (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Bulldog Software'87Phantom Ltd133
  Feud (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Bulldog Software'87X-agon143
  Final Fight (128k only) (mod)US Gold Ltd'91Monsters Productions, tiboh'24826
  Fist 1: The Way of the Exploding Fist (mod)Melbourne House'85Galaxy Force'95155
  Fist 1: The Way of the Exploding Fist (128k only) (mod)Melbourne House'85Micrus Software'93244
  Fist 1: The Way of the Exploding Fist (cvx) (mod)Melbourne House'85Omega Hackers Group'97197
  Flying Shark (2 in 1) (km) (mod) (pentfix)Graftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'87goodboy, Slider, tiboh'22245
  Flying Shark (mod)Graftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'87Silicon Brains'94291
  Frankenstein 2000 (mod)Icon Software Ltd'85Simsoft'94204
  Frankie Goes to Hollywood (2 in 1) (mod)Denton Designs, Ocean Software Ltd'85Alexander Maryshev'95156
  Fred (2 in 1) (mod)Indescomp S.A., Investronica S.A.'84TAW, NAA122
  Freddy Hardest 1 (mod)Dinamic Software'87Kristall'96146
  Freddy Hardest 1, 2; en Manhattan Sur (mod)Dinamic Software'87-89Omega Hackers Group'96425
  Freddy Hardest 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'87Kristall'96207
  Freddy Hardest en Manhattan Sur (Guardian Angel) (2 in 1) (mod)Iron Byte, Dinamic Software'89goodboy, tiboh'18162
  Front-Line (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'88FFC Computers'94244
  Front-Line (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'88Phantom Ltd137
  Frost Byte (2 in 1) (mod)Mikro-Gen Ltd'86goodboy, tiboh'18102
  Fruit Machine Simulator 2 (Vegetables Machine Simulator) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'90A.S.Koln'93196
  Future Bike Simulator (mod)Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90Dream Team, Starfire Hackers Group'95286
  Future Knight (mod)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86Rastan Ltd'93265
  Galaxians (mod)Artic Computing Ltd'82M.M.A'9663
  Game Over 1.1 (eng) (mod)Dinamic Software'87PlayGear Company'96143
  Game Over 1.1, 1.2 (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'87Slider'13, 22441
  GeeBee Air Rally (2 in 1) (mod)Activision Inc'88LAKS'95325
  GeeBee Air Rally (2 in 1) (mod)Activision Inc'88FFC Computers, Softstar'95325
  Gladiator (mod)Domark Ltd'86Beermanz'96186
  Glug Glug (mod)CRL Group PLC'84Hacker KAY'9696
  Go Bear Go! (dsk) (mod)Oxford Digital Enterprises, Sinclair User'88Damage Inc, Omega Hackers Club'96100
  Go to Hell (2 in 1) (mod)Triple Six'85SAW136
  Go to Hell (2 in 1) (mod)Triple Six'85Siberian Group'01125
  Gold Rush (mod)Thorn EMI Video Ltd'83Shock Brigade'9742
  Golden Axe (mod)Virgin Games Ltd'90Ralf'15, SoftLight'16427
  Goody (2 in 1) (mod)Opera Soft S.A.'87Ralf, SG-Team'12264
  Goonies, The (mod)Paragon Programming Ltd, US Gold Ltd'86Accept Corp'96132
  Goonies, The (mod)Paragon Programming Ltd, US Gold Ltd'86Visual Boys Group135
  Great Britain Ltd (President 3) (mod)Hessel Software'82TOM'95112
  Great Gurianos (2 in 1) (mod)Hit-Pak'87ZDW'95224
  Gremlins - The Adventure (2 in 1) (dsk) (mod) (txt)Adventure International'85goodboy, tiboh'23144
  Gremlins 2: The New Batch (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Topo Soft'90SG-Team'19, Slider, tiboh'23644
  Gremlins 2: The New Batch (2 in 1) (mod)Topo Soft'90Russian Prestige'95409
  Gunrunner (kemp8bit) (mod)Cybadyne, Hewson Consultants Ltd'87Slider, tiboh'23162
  Gunship (mod)MicroProse Software Ltd'87Delta Hackers Group'97344
  Gunship (dsk) (mod)MicroProse Software Ltd'87C.C.'91638
  Gunship (mod)MicroProse Software Ltd'87Phantom Ltd328
  Gunship (dsk) (mod)MicroProse Software Ltd'87Hardware Wizard'96301
  Gunship (128k only) (mod)MicroProse Software Ltd'87S.K.Soft'95359
  Gunship (dsk) (mod)MicroProse Software Ltd'87C.C.'91, Igor Ivanov'95664
  Gunship (dsk) (mod)MicroProse Software Ltd'87Cracked Masters Group'96379
  Gunship 2000 (mod)MicroProse Software Ltd'87Mortal Kombat Hackers Group344
  Hammerfist (128k only) (mod)Vivid Image, Activision Inc'90Monsters Productions, tiboh'22773
  Hard Drivin' (2 in 1) (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Domark Ltd'89tiboh'21222
  Hard Drivin' (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Domark Ltd'89ART'98207
  Havoc (2 in 1) (mod)Players Premier'90Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95157
  Head over Heels (mod)Ocean Software Ltd'87Gladiators Software'95273
  Heartland (Kimera) (2 in 1) (mod)Odin Computer Graphics Ltd'86SG-Team'17138
  Heavy on the Magick (2 in 1) (dsk) (mod)Gargoyle Games'86Andrew Sckachek'94259
  Heavy on the Magick (dsk) (mod)Gargoyle Games'86Real Software'97177
  Heavy on the Magick (dsk) (mod)Gargoyle Games'86Real Software'97, Slider'16238
  High Steel (2 in 1) (mod)Intelligent Design Ltd, Screen 7 Ltd'89Gus, Korund'02134
  Highway Encounter (2 in 1) (mod)Vortex Software'85Dak Soft Ltd'95115
  Highway Encounter (128k only) (mod)Vortex Software'85FFC Computers218
  Hobgoblin (mod)Pantheon Software, Atlantis Software Ltd'91Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95160
  Hobgoblin (mod)Pantheon Software, Atlantis Software Ltd'91KSA'95107
  Hong Kong Phooey (mod)PAL Developments, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90Slavjack Software'96197
  Hong Kong Phooey (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)PAL Developments, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90goodboy, Slider, tiboh'23145
  How to be a Hero (mod)Xcel, Mastertronic Added Dimension'87Monsters Productions'95327
  Hunchback - The Adventure 1, 2, 3 (2 in 1) (dsk) (mod) (txt)Ocean Software Ltd'86Andrew Sckachek'95319
  Hundra (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Zeus Software, Dinamic Software'88goodboy, tiboh'20148
  Hungry Horace (mod)Psion Software Ltd, Sinclair Research Ltd'82Z-Team Association Inc45
  I, Ball 2 (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'87Omega Hackers Club'95160
  Impossible Mission II (mod)US Gold Ltd'88Megasystem Group'94221
  Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (128k only) (mod)Spidersoft [2], US Gold Ltd'92Monsters Productions, tiboh'23783
  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (mod)Paragon Programming Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87SG-Team'17183
  Inside OutingThe Edge'88Slider'21231
  Inside Outing (2 in 1) (mod)The Edge'88Slider, tiboh'21,22245
  Inside Outing (dsk) (mod)The Edge'88Z-Zero Systems Inc.'99280
  Inspector Gadget and the Circus of Fear (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Beam Software, Melbourne House'87SG-Team'08, Slider, tiboh'23298
  International Karate 1 (mod)System 3 Software Ltd'85Omega Software Gfx'97127
  International Karate 2 (mod)System 3 Software Ltd'85Omega Software Gfx'97127
  International Ninja Rabbits (2 in 1) (mod)Creative Edge, Micro Value'91Monsters Productions, Slider, tiboh'23334
  Jackson City (eng) (mod)Diabolic Software, G.LL. Software S.A.'90DATA soft'95206
  Jaws (mod)Intelligent Design Ltd, Screen 7 Ltd'89The Boss148
  Jaws (128k only) (mod)Intelligent Design Ltd, Screen 7 Ltd'89Night Hunter'96105
  Jet Set Willy II (mod)Software Projects Ltd'85Omega Software Gfx'97171
  Joe Blade 1, 2, 3 (pentfix) (mod)Players Premier'87-89goodboy, tiboh, Krogoth'19358
  Joe Blade 2 (mod)Players Software'88Korund122
  Joe Blade 3 (dma) (mod)Players Premier'89Witchcraft Creative Group'99283
  Johnny Reb II (Джонни Рэб 2) (dsk) (mod)Choice Software Ltd, MC Lothlorien Ltd'86SKL-Keeper'95, Immortal Boneman'96277
  Kemshu (mod)Cult Games'89Lone Wolf'9688
  Kendo Warrior (128k only) (mod)MC Lothlorien Ltd, Byte Back'89Pavel Nikitin'93183
  Kendo Warrior (128k only) (mod)MC Lothlorien Ltd, Byte Back'89Daniel'95180
  Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager (dsk) (mod)Cognito Software'89Alexander Maryshev'95181
  Kickboxing (128k only) (mod)Soft Design, Firebird Software Ltd'87FFC Computers193
  Kikstart 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Icon Design Ltd, Mastertronic Ltd'88X-agon117
  Kikstart 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Icon Design Ltd, Mastertronic Ltd'88Navy Syndicate of Dungeon Fantasy'96120
  Kingdom of Grain (Королевство Зерна) (mod)THD'92Silicon Brains'94228
  Knight Lore (2 in 1) (mod)Ultimate Play The Game'84Slider'05, 15167
  Knight Lore (Рыцарь Лоре) (mod)Ultimate Play The Game'84Omega Hackers Group'96175
  Kraal (mod)Hewson Consultants Ltd'90Omega Hackers Group'96192
  Krakout (mod)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Grand'99214
  Krakout 2 (mod)Firefly Software'88Grand'03156
  Krakout 3 (mod)White Lake Soft'93Grand'19123
  Kwik Snax (2 in 1) (mod)W.A.S.P., Code Masters Ltd'90Kristall'95160
  Laser Squad (cvx) (mod)Target Games Ltd, Blade Software Ltd'88Mafia Private Corporation'96843
  Laser Squad (mod)Target Games Ltd, Blade Software Ltd'88Mikhail Banderin, Vasim V.'94, Kirill Smelkov480
  Laser Squad (mod)Target Games Ltd, Blade Software Ltd'88Mikhail Banderin, Vasim V.'94462
  Laser Squad (mod)Target Games Ltd, Blade Software Ltd'88Nexus, Rainbow Harmfuler'96742
  Last Duel (2 in 1) (mod)US Gold Ltd'89goodboy, Slider'18374
  Last Mohican 1, 2, 3 (mod)CRL Group PLC'87BrokImSoft'04, krt17'17, Slider'23251
  Lazy Jones (128k only) (mod)Terminal Software'84Reflection Group, Squizzlebond'95125
  Lazy Jones (128k only) (mod)Terminal Software'84Reflection Group'95119
  LED Storm (128k only) (mod) (pentfix)Software Creations, Go!'88Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95240
  Lee Enfield Space Ace (mod)The Programming Partnership, Infogrames'88LPV'94251
  Lee Enfield Space Ace (mod)The Programming Partnership, Infogrames'88LPV'94, Phantom Ltd'97144
  Lemmings (mod)DMA Design Ltd, Psygnosis Ltd'91Russian Prestige'95255
  Lemmings (128k only) (kemp8bit) (km) (mod)DMA Design Ltd, Psygnosis Ltd'91goodboy, tiboh'23391
  Light Corridor, The (2 in 1) (dsk) (mod)New Frontier, Infogrames'91FFC Computers, Softstar'95220
  Little Puff (Little Puff in Dragonland) (2 in 1) (kemp8bit) (mod) (pentfix)Code Masters Ltd, Cartoon Time'89SG-Team'12, Slider, tiboh'23181
  Livingstone Supongo 2.2 (mod)Opera Soft S.A.'89Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95204
  Lode Runner 1, 2 (dsk) (mod)Platinum Productions, Software Projects Ltd'84Systematic Group'95193
  Lop Ears (mod)Players Software'91SG-Team'07157
  Los Angeles SWAT (2 in 1) (mod)Entertainment USA'87tiboh'2488
  Mag Max (mod)Imagine Software Ltd'87KDF Software'94193
  Mag Max (2 in 1) (mod)Imagine Software Ltd'87goodboy, tiboh'20119
  Magic Carpet (mod)Mastertronic Ltd'85Lone Wolf69
  Mambo (2 in 1) (mod)Crom Software, Positive'89A.S.Koln'93190
  Marsport (2 in 1) (dsk) (mod)Gargoyle Games'85Andrew Sckachek'94190
  Maze Mania (mod)Hewson Consultants Ltd'89Sergey Krutyko'93196
  Mean Machine Demo (2 in 1) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'91tiboh'23176
  Mega Color Lines (Color Lines) (mod)EJB'95Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95114
  Meganova (mod)Dinamic Software'88LAKS, Smasher'93266
  Meganova (mod)Dinamic Software'88Star Group'96213
  Meganova (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'88SG-Team, tiboh'20183
  Mercenary (dsk) (mod)Novagen Software Ltd'87Delta Hackers Group'99282
  Merlin (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'88Omega Hackers Club162
  Mermaid Madness (2 in 1) (mod)Soft Design, Electric Dreams Software'86goodboy, tiboh'20127
  Metal Army (2 in 1) (mod)Delos Software, Players Software'88goodboy, Slider, tiboh'20120
  Meteoroids (Meteroids) (mod)DK'Tronics Ltd'82D-Love'9552
  Metro-Cross (mod)Probe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87Power of Sound'96127
  Metro-Cross (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87Rachel Software'95255
  Metro-Cross (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Probe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87goodboy, Slider, tiboh'23103
  Michel Futbol Master (mod)Dinamic Software'89Phantom Lord'95224
  Mickey Mouse (2 in 1) (mod)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'88SG-Team'08, Slider'22264
  MiG Busters (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Players Premier'89Slider, tiboh'23150
  Mighty Final Fight (mod) (kemp8bit)SaNchez'18Wally'18trd
  Minesweeper (mod)MIPh&T Hacker Club'92S.Sergey'9539
  Minesweeper (mod)MIPh&T Hacker Club'92Scorpion Hackers Group'9562
  Moon Patrol (dsk) (mod)Atarisoft'84goodboy, tiboh'21112
  Morph (mod)Madsoft'13goodboy, tiboh'1333
  Mountain Bike Racer (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'90FFC Computers'94139
  Mr. Heli (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'89Ralf, Slider'14451
  Mr. Heli (128k only) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'89VDV Corp, VT Master'96310
  Mr. Heli (128k only) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'89VDV Corp, VT Master, New Group'96318
  Multi-Player Soccer Manager (dsk) (mod)D&H Games'91United Hackers Group'95174
  Murray Mouse Supercop (2 in 1) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'92Red Limited Drunkards Group'95196
  Murray Mouse Supercop (2 in 1) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'92Red Limited Drunkards Group'95, Squizzlebond201
  Murray Mouse Supercop (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Code Masters Ltd'92tiboh'22141
  Murray Mouse Supercop (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Code Masters Ltd'92Dr Titus, Softstar'95, Slider'17131
  Murray Mouse Supercop (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Code Masters Ltd'92Dr Titus, Softstar'95142
  Mutant Fortress (2 in 1) (mod)Players Premier'89SG-Team'08, tiboh'23183
  Mutant Monty (mod)Artic Computing Ltd'84Alexander Kornienok'91, Fenomen148
  Mutants (mod)Choice Software Ltd, Ocean Software Ltd'87Accept Corp'97166
  Mystery of the Nile (Misterio del Nilo, El) (2 in 1) (mod)Made in Spain, Zigurat Software'87FFC Computers180
  Navy Moves 1 (mod)Dinamic Software'88Golden Disk Corporation'94214
  Navy Moves 1 (mod)Dinamic Software'88United Hackers Group'94292
  Navy Moves 1, 2 (+3dos) (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'88Slider'13, tiboh'22616
  Navy Moves 1, 2 (mod)Dinamic Software'88Alcoholica Software402
  Navy Moves 1, 2 (mod)Dinamic Software'88Pavel Erikov'96299
  Navy Moves 2 (mod)Dinamic Software'88Golden Disk Corporation'94221
  Navy Moves 2 (mod)Dinamic Software'88Crasher Hacker Group'95208
  Nebulus (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Hewson Consultants Ltd'87goodboy, tiboh'18160
  Nebulus (mod)Hewson Consultants Ltd'87Topsoft'94381
  Nemesis: The Final Challenge (mod)Konami Ltd'87Remix Software, Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'94250
  Nether Earth (Адская Земля) (dsk) (mod)Argus Press Software Ltd'87Eternity Industry'98476
  Nether Earth (dsk) (mod)Argus Press Software Ltd'87Servis'88, Chemist Soft'94236
  Nether Earth (Спаси Землю) (mod)Argus Press Software Ltd'87Condorsoft, Antix'93430
  Nether Earth (dsk) (mod)Argus Press Software Ltd'87Servis'88, ESV'95162
  Nether Earth (mod)Argus Press Software Ltd'87Servis'88, Tron z'97171
  Nether Earth (Адская Земля) (dsk) (mod)Argus Press Software Ltd'87Alex Nikiforov, Mast'95191
  Neverending Story II, The (2 in 1) (mod)Linel'90FFC Computers, Softstar506
  Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix (128k only) (dsk) (mod)DJL Software Ltd, Martech Games Ltd'88Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95223
  Nightmare on Robinson Street (mod)Players Premier, Your Sinclair'90Megasystem Group'94167
  Nightmare on Robinson Street (mod)Players Premier, Your Sinclair'90MT-Soft'94143
  Ninja Commando (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'89Gladiators Group'95196
  Ninja Commando (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'89Accept Corp'96150
  Ninja Commando (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'89X-agon137
  Ninja Commando (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'89FFC Computers'95164
  Ninja Commando (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'89Triumph138
  Ninja Scooter Simulator (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Silverbird Software Ltd'88goodboy, tiboh'2086
  Non Compos Mentis (mod)Your Sinclair'91Last Hackers Hope Group'9569
  Non Compos Mentis (mod)Your Sinclair'91Delta Hackers Group'9790
  Nonterraqueous (2 in 1) (kemp8bit) (mod)Mastertronic Ltd'85tiboh'23195
  North Star (2 in 1) (mod)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'88goodboy, tiboh'18124
  Nosferatu the Vampyre (dsk) (mod)Piranha'86Power of Sound'97171
  Obliterator (2 in 1) (kemp8bit) (mod)Icon Design Ltd, Melbourne House'89Slider'07, tiboh'23337
  Ocean Conqueror (Хозяин Океан) (dsk) (mod)OCTA Soft'86Stars of Keladan'95203
  Octagon Squad (mod)Mastertronic Ltd'86Lone Wolf'96157
  Octopussy (eng) (mod)Bytepack, Ultrasoft [sk]'92tiboh'18192
  Official Father Christmas Game, The (2 in 1) (mod)Enigma Variations Ltd, Alternative Software Ltd'89goodboy, tiboh'22112
  Olli & Lissa: The Ghost of Shilmoore Castle (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'86Megahackers Group'94207
  Omega Zone, The (mod)Crash'91Omega Hackers Club'96176
  One Man and his Droid (mod)Mastertronic Ltd'85Kidson'95117
  Operation Hanoi (2 in 1) (kemp8bit) (mod)Players Premier'90Slider, tiboh'23224
  Operation Wolf (mod)Ocean Software Ltd'88Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'94406
  Operation Wolf (mod)Ocean Software Ltd'88MegaStars Hackers Group410
  Orbiter (Побег) (mod)Silversoft Ltd'82Denis Murashko56
  Orc Attack (mod)Creative Sparks'84Lone Wolf105
  Out Run Europa (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'91Mortal Kombat Hackers Group, Swood'95963
  Out Run Europa (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'91Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95869
  Out Run Europa: Re-Imagined Demo (mod)Ralf'13tiboh'22112
  P-47 Thunderbolt (+3dos) (2 in 1) (mod)Source Software Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'90goodboy, Slider, tiboh'22298
  Pac-Land (2 in 1) (mod)Grandslam Entertainments Ltd'89Ralf, Slider'14269
  Pac-Mania (mod)Grandslam Entertainments Ltd'88Die Krupps Group'97226
  Pac-Mania (cze) (mod)Grandslam Entertainments Ltd'88Luxus Software Ostrava'89, tiboh'2387
  Panama Joe (mod)Parker Software, Sinclair Research Ltd'84Hyson64
  Panama Joe (2 in 1) (mod)Parker Software, Sinclair Research Ltd'84Arcadiy Gobuzov'9568
  Panic (Space Panic) (mod)Mikro-Gen Ltd'83King of Time'9478
  Panic Dizzy (mod)Code Masters Ltd'91Xelent'94163
  Panther (2 in 1) (mod)MC Lothlorien Ltd, Mastertronic Ltd'89tiboh'22153
  Paradise Cafe (mod)Damatta'85D.J.(R)Ltd166
  Pedro (mod)Imagine Software Ltd'84Lone Wolf'9682
  Pedro (2 in 1) (mod)Imagine Software Ltd'84tiboh'2364
  Pentis (mod)Tony Raugas'88Rom Corp'95198
  Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo (2 in 1) (mod)Topo Soft'89, 21Slider, tiboh'22345
  Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo (eng) (mod)Topo Soft'89Cybertronic Software'96402
  Phantis 1, 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'87goodboy, tiboh'20275
  Phantis 1, 2 (Game Over 2.1, 2.2) (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'87goodboy, tiboh'20237
  Phantis 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'87Twinsoft'95211
  Phantis 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'87Integer'99156
  Phantom F4 I, II (eng) (mod)Ultrasoft [sk]'92Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95303
  Pink Panther (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Micro-Partner, Magic Bytes, Gremlin'88Triumph'05, Slider, Tiboh'22314
  Pi-R Squared (256k) (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Mind Games'87Black Valley Corp'95202
  Pi-R Squared (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Mind Games'87Delta Hackers Group'00138
  Pixy the Microdot 2 (mod)Your Sinclair'92Shock Brigade'97154
  Planetoids (mod)Psion Software Ltd, Sinclair Research Ltd'82Fantadrom Ltd107
  Plot, The (2 in 1) (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'88goodboy, tiboh'22112
  Pogostick Olympics (2 in 1) (mod)Silverbird Software Ltd'88tiboh'2050
  Poseidon: Planet Eleven (mod)Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90KSA, Andy 2'94205
  Prince Clumsy (2 in 1) (mod)Code Masters Ltd, Cartoon Time'90Slider, tiboh'23325
  Prison Riot (mod)Players Premier'90goodboy, tiboh'19143
  Psycho Hopper (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)MC Lothlorien Ltd, Mastertronic Plus'90goodboy, tiboh'2291
  Puffy's Saga (cvx) (mod)Ubi Soft Ltd'89Omega Hackers Group399
  Pulsoids (Стена) (mod)Silhouette Software, Mastertronic Ltd'88THD'92172
  Puzznic (mod)Ocean Software Ltd'90Omega Hackers Group'96117
  Pyjamarama (mod)Mikro-Gen Ltd'84Dak Soft Ltd'95119
  Pyjamarama (mod)Mikro-Gen Ltd'84Condorsoft'93191
  Pyjamarama (mod)Mikro-Gen Ltd'84Power of Sound, MADI Soft242
  Quadrax (2 in 1) (eng) (mod)Ultrasoft [sk], Sintech'94Fatality'98194
  Quartet (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Activision Inc'87The Boss'94164
  Quazatron (mod)Graftgold Ltd, Hewson Consultants Ltd'86Alex Nikiforov'94210
  Race Against Time, The (2 in 1) (mod)Code Masters Plus'88goodboy, tiboh'18173
  Rampage (mod)Catalyst Coders, Activision Inc'88Slavjack Software'96169
  Rampage (2 in 1) (mod)Catalyst Coders, Activision Inc'88Andy Man'94148
  Rampage (mod)Catalyst Coders, Activision Inc'88Dak Soft Ltd'94334
  Rampage (2 in 1) (mod)Catalyst Coders, Activision Inc'88goodboy, Slider, tiboh'19146
  Ramparts (2 in 1) (mod)Future Concepts, Go!'88goodboy, tiboh'18118
  Ramparts (cvx) (dma) (sd) (mod)Future Concepts, Go!'88Witchcraft Creative Group'99373
  Ranarama (2 in 1) (mod)Graftgold Ltd, Hewson Consultants Ltd'87FFC Computers149
  Rasterscan (2 in 1) (dsk) (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Ltd'87goodboy, tiboh'20116
  Real Stunt Experts, The (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Enigma Variations Ltd, Alternative Software Ltd'89goodboy, Slider, tiboh'19177
  Redhawk (2 in 1) (dsk) (mod)Silhouette Software, Melbourne House'86Unit-5'96164
  Renegade (2 in 1) (mod)Imagine Software Ltd'87Ralf, Intense, gooboy, tiboh'22489
  Renegade 2 (Target Renegade) (mod)Imagine Software Ltd'88Ralf, goodboy'15438
  Renegade III (mod)Imagine Software Ltd'89Ralf'15, Monsters Productions, Slider'18271
  Rex 1, 2, Demo (2 in 1) (mod)The Light, Martech Games Ltd'88Slider'13347
  Rex 2 (mod)The Light, Martech Games Ltd'88Lethargeek'06112
  Rex Freeway (mod)The Light, Martech Games Ltd'88ZX_Novosib, Slider'15306
  Riptoff (dsk) (mod)Your Sinclair'91Gus, Korund'02224
  River Raid (mod)Software Conversions Ltd, Activision Inc'84Oleg Zheludkov'96124
  Robin of the Wood (48k only) (mod)Odin Computer Graphics Ltd'85TomCaT'09212
  Robin of the Wood (128k only) (mod)Odin Computer Graphics Ltd'85TomCaT'09301
  RoboCop (1024k) (mod)Ocean Software Ltd'88Transman'09trd
  Rockman (mod)Mastertronic Ltd'85Lone Wolf'96166
  Rod-Land (128k only) (mod)Twilight, Storm Software [2]'91Ralf, SG-Team'12374
  Rogue Trooper (2 in 1) (mod)Design Design Software, Piranha'86Brainwave'01120
  R-Type (mod)Software Studios, Electric Dreams Software'88Codemonsters Hackers Group'96468
  R-Type (128k only) (mod)Software Studios, Electric Dreams Software'88Hackersoft'24410
  R-Type (mod)Software Studios, Electric Dreams Software'88Silicon Brains'94415
  R-Type (km) (kemp8bit) (mod)Software Studios, Electric Dreams Software'88goodboy, tiboh'21395
  R-Type (2 in 1) (mod)Software Studios, Electric Dreams Software'88Ticklish Jim'97369
  Rygar (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87Ralf, goodboy, tiboh'23198
  Rygar (mod)Probe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87Alexander Kornienok'91, Lone Wolf'96149
  Sabotage (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'88FFC Computers'94181
  Sabotage (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'88Real Imagines Programmers Group'96151
  Saboteur (mod)Durell Software Ltd'85KDF Software'95174
  Saboteur 1, 2 (mod)Durell Software Ltd'85-87Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95367
  Saboteur 2 (mod)Durell Software Ltd'87Alex Rider'15426
  Sabrina (mod)Genesis Soft, Iber Software'89Slider, tiboh'21226
  Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The (mod)Palace Software'86Dmitriy Kulikov'93193
  Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The (2 in 1) (mod)Palace Software'86goodboy, tiboh'18148
  Sai Combat (cvx) (mod)Mirrorsoft Ltd'86Omega Hackers Group213
  Sanxion (mod)Softstorm Developments, Thalamus Ltd'89THD, Rom Corp'9695
  Sanxion (2 in 1) (mod)Softstorm Developments, Thalamus Ltd'89Slider, tiboh'24259
  Satan 1 (mod)Dinamic Software'89Crasher Hacker Group'95243
  Satan 1 (mod)Dinamic Software'89FFC Computers, Softstar176
  Satan 1 (mod)Dinamic Software'89Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95219
  Satan 1 (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'89AVL157
  Satan 1 (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'89Cybertronic Software'96179
  Savage 1 (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'88Dmitriy Kulikov'93169
  Savage 1 (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'88Vladimir Saveliev'93136
  Savage 1, 2, 3 (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'88Power of Sound'97357
  Savage 1, 2, 3 (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'88Softstartrd
  Savage 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'88Vladimir Saveliev'93134
  Savage 3 (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'88Vladimir Saveliev'93153
  Scalextric (dsk) (mod)Leisure Genius'86Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95143
  Sceptre of Bagdad (2 in 1) (mod)Productive Playtime, Atlantis Software Ltd'87Phantom Family'01212
  Sceptre of Bagdad (mod)Productive Playtime, Atlantis Software Ltd'87Alexander Spektor'89, Alex Nikiforov'95240
  Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (2 in 1) (mod)PAL Developments, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'91Bitmunchers'96131
  Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (mod)PAL Developments, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'91Mafia Private Corporation'95145
  Screwie (2 in 1) (mod)Crom Software'87Monsters Productions, tiboh, Slider'21343
  Seiddab Attack (mod)Hewson Consultants Ltd'84M.M.A'9580
  Sex Machine (Сексмашина) (txt) (dsk) (mod)Shattered Dreams'87Jessica Justice, Fantadrom Ltd'94197
  Seymour - Take One! (mod)Your Sinclair'91LPV'93248
  Seymour - Take One! (2 in 1) (mod)Your Sinclair'91Eternity Industry'97141
  Seymour - Take One! (mod)Your Sinclair'91Sunsoft'94123
  Shadow Dancer (128k only) (mod) (pentfix)Images Ltd, US Gold Ltd'91Monsters Productions, tiboh'22535
  Shanghai Warriors (2 in 1) (mod)Players Software'89Alexander Maryshev'94311
  Shanghai Warriors (2 in 1) (mod)Players Software'89SG-Team'08, Slider, tiboh'23382
  Siege (mod)Postern Ltd'83D-Love'9527
  Siege (mod)Postern Ltd'83M.M.A'9528
  Silent Service (mod)MicroProse Software Ltd'87Stars of Keladan'95221
  Silent Shadow (2 in 1) (mod) (kemp8bit) (pentfix)Topo Soft'88SG-Team'08, Slider, tiboh'24496
  Sim City (dsk) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Infogrames'90United Hackers Group'95141
  Sim City (3 in 1) (dsk) (km) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Infogrames'90Velesoft'05, TomCaT'10141
  Sir Fred (2 in 1) (mod)Made in Spain'86Dak Soft Ltd'95166
  Sir Lancelot (mod)Melbourne House'84Omega Hackers Club'9667
  Skatin' USA (mod)The Shaw Brothers, Atlantis Software Ltd'89Dak Soft Ltd'95255
  Sly Spy: Secret Agent (2 in 1) (mod)Software Creations, Ocean Software Ltd'90FFC Computers, Softstar446
  Sly Spy: Secret Agent (pentfix) (mod)Software Creations, Ocean Software Ltd'90Russian Prestige'95285
  Sly Spy: Secret Agent (pentfix) (mod)Software Creations, Ocean Software Ltd'90Russian Prestige, Swood'95291
  Smaily (mod)NF Stars, Zigurat Software'91Battletech Inc.'95253
  Smash TV (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Ocean Software Ltd'91goodboy, tiboh'18138
  Snake Pit (mod)Postern Ltd'83Serge, Denis Murashko70
  Snare, Snare Demo 1 (2 in 1) (mod)Enigma Software Developments, Beyond Belief'91-92Slider'05, 22235
  Sodov the Sorcerer (2 in 1) (mod)Software Conversions Ltd, Bug-Byte Software Ltd'86tiboh'23116
  Soldier of Fortune (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Graftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'88BrokImSoft'01, Slider'18, tiboh'22294
  Sonic Boom (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Source Software Ltd, Activision Inc'90goodboy, Slider, tiboh'21283
  Sooty & Sweep 1, 2 (2 in 1) (kemp8bit) (mod)Alternative Software Ltd'89-90Slider, tiboh'22235
  Sorcerer Lord (dsk) (mod)Cybercon Enterprises, PSS'87FFC Computers'95132
  Space Raiders (mod)Psion Software Ltd, Sinclair Research Ltd'82Lone Wolf78
  Space Rider Jet Pack Co. (2 in 1) (mod)PAL Developments, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90Slider, tiboh'24178
  Space Zombies (mod)Mikro-Gen Ltd'83D-Love'9535
  Speed Zone (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Mastertronic Ltd'88Slider, tiboh'22111
  Spherical (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Rainbow Arts'89BrokImSoft'18303
  Spherical (2 in 1) (kemp8bit) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Rainbow Arts'89Ralf, Slider, tiboh'23685
  Spherical (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Rainbow Arts'89Ralf'15, Monsters Productions, Slider'18263
  Spherical (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Rainbow Arts'89Illusion Group, Phantasy'97340
  Spider-Man (txt) (dsk) (mod)Adventure International'84Merlin'98132
  Splitting Images (mod)Domark Ltd'86Rom Corp'95229
  Spooked (mod)Players Premier'89Dexus'94203
  Spooked (2 in 1) (mod)Players Premier'89goodboy, tiboh, Krogoth'22117
  Spy vs Spy (mod)Incentive Software Ltd, Beyond Software'85Condorsoft'92177
  Spy vs Spy (mod)Incentive Software Ltd, Beyond Software'85Condorsoft'92, Alexey Ermakov134
  Star Runner (2 in 1) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'87Delta Hackers Group'98127
  Starglider (cvx) (mod)Rainbird Software Ltd'86Omega Hackers Group291
  Starglider 2 (2 in 1) (mod) (dsk)Rainbird Software Ltd'89Auryn Creative Group'96199
  Starstrike II (2 in 1) (mod)Realtime Games Software Ltd'86FFC Computers, Softstar200
  Starstrike II (mod)Realtime Games Software Ltd'86Dream Team'94201
  Stir Crazy Featuring Bobo (Bobo) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Infogrames'90Accept Corp'96252
  Stop the Express (mod)Hudson Soft, Sinclair Research Ltd'83KDF Software'94157
  Storm (2 in 1) (mod)Mastertronic Ltd'86goodboy, tiboh'18103
  Street Fighter (2 in 1) (mod)Go!'88Image Crew'97313
  Street Fighter II (128k only) (mod)Go!'93Beermanz'981345
  Street Fighter II (128k only) (mod)Go!'93Russian Prestige'962286
  Street Fighter II (128k only) (mod)Go!'93Softstar, Expert'962295
  Street Fighter II (128k only) (mod)Go!'93Softstarudi
  Street Fighter II (128k only) (mod)Go!'93Softstar, Ars'96trd
  Street Fighter II (128k only) (mod)Go!'93Bitmunchers'962263
  Strike Force Cobra (mod)Five Ways Software Ltd, Piranha'86Grodnosoft'97172
  Stunt Car Racer (dsk) (mod)Micro Style'89Joker's Club'95201
  Stunt Car Racer (dsk) (mod)Micro Style'89Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95213
  Stunt Car Racer (dsk) (mod)Micro Style'89Remix Software, Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'94202
  Summer Games II (+3dos) (128k only) (mod)US Gold Ltd'88goodboy, tiboh'22319
  Super Nudge 2000 (mod)PAL Developments, Mastertronic Ltd'89A.S.Koln'9399
  Super Spekulant (mod) (pol)M.G.B. Software'85Illusion Group113
  Super Sprint (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Electric Dreams Software'87Slider, tiboh'20, 23153
  Super Stock Car (2 in 1) (mod)Mastertronic Plus'90SG-Team'20133
  Super Stuntman (2 in 1) (mod)Supersonic Software Ltd, Code Masters Ltd'88goodboy, tiboh'18140
  Super Wonder Boy (pentfix) (mod)Images Ltd, Activision Inc'89SG-Team'10, 20, tiboh'20448
  SuperTed: The Search for Spotty (2 in 1) (mod)Enigma Variations Ltd, Alternative Software Ltd'90tiboh'23146
  Sword of the Samurai (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Zeppelin Games Ltd'92SG-Team'20121
  Tai Chi Tortoise (2 in 1) (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'91Slider'16, 23, tiboh'23221
  Tanium (mod)One Week Productions, Players Software'88KDF Software'94153
  Tapper (mod)US Gold Ltd'85Rastan Ltd236
  Tapper (mod)US Gold Ltd'85Grand'02160
  Technician Ted (Chip Factory) (mod)Hewson Consultants Ltd'84Pungency'96147
  Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Image Works'91Power of Sound'97415
  Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Image Works'91Himik's ZxZ'97375
  Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op (128k only) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Image Works'91MiS Studio'99384
  Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 1, 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Image Works'90-91SG-Team'20516
  Terminator 2: Judgment Day (2 in 1) (mod)Dementia, Ocean Software Ltd'91Phantom Group'95343
  Terminator 2: Judgment Day (mod)Dementia, Ocean Software Ltd'91KSA'94292
  Terminus (mod)Mastertronic Added Dimension'86Black Eagle Company'95200
  Terra Cognita (Krion) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'86Flash Inc'94205
  Terra Cognita (Крион) (mod)Code Masters Ltd'86K-Soft195
  Terramex (128k only) (mod)Grandslam Entertainments Ltd'87Eldar Agaev'94234
  Terrorpods (2 in 1) (mod)Icon Design Ltd, Melbourne House'89Alexander Maryshev'95137
  Terrorpods (pentfix) (mod)Icon Design Ltd, Melbourne House'89M.M.A'96169
  Terrorpods (2 in 1) (mod)Icon Design Ltd, Melbourne House'89Alexander Maryshev'95, Immortal Boneman'96137
  Terrorpods (pentfix) (mod)Icon Design Ltd, Melbourne House'89Omega Hackers Group'95162
  Tetris (mod)Rafii Soft'88M.M.A'9555
  Tetris 2 (mod)Fuxoft'90Vadim Oparin'9695
  Thanatos (128k only) (mod)Durell Software Ltd'86Himik's ZxZ, Phantom Ltd'95209
  They Stole a Million (dsk) (mod)Tigress Marketing Ltd, 39 Steps'86LAKS'94255
  Thing! (2 in 1) (mod)Players Software'88Programmers Group'94217
  Thing! (2 in 1) (mod)Players Software'88LVV'95156
  Thomas the Tank Engine II (2 in 1) (mod)Clockwize, Alternative Software Ltd'90goodboy, Slider, tiboh'22143
  Thunderbirds 1, 2, 3, 4 (mod)Grandslam Entertainments Ltd'89Stealcopy'98584
  ThunderJaws Demo (mod)Domark Ltd'91goodboy, tiboh'2077
  Times of Lore (dsk) (mod)Imagitec Design Ltd, Origin Systems Inc'89Monsters Productions'20476
  TimeTrax (2 in 1) (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Mind Games'86goodboy, tiboh'20122
  Tintin on the Moon (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Infogrames'89X-agon110
  Titanic 1, 2 (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Topo Soft'88SG-Team'20228
  Toi Acid Game 1, 2, 3, 4 (2 in 1) (mod)Iber Software'89Megafire Software, ZXPro'95506
  Tom & Jerry 1, 2 (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Micro-Partner, Magic Bytes'89,90SG-Team'10, tiboh'22432
  Tom & Jerry 2 (mod)Micro-Partner, Magic Bytes'89Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'94227
  Tom & Jerry 2 (mod)Micro-Partner, Magic Bytes'89Starfire Hackers Group'94227
  Total Eclipse 2: The Sphinx Jinx (dsk) (mod)Major Developments, Incentive Software Ltd'91Phantom Group'95142
  Transformers (mod)Denton Designs, Ocean Software Ltd'86DATA soft'95296
  Transmuter (mod)Code Masters Ltd'87D-Love115
  Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Go!'87Alcoholica Software372
  Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper (2 in 1) (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Go!'87goodboy, Slider, tiboh'18, 23279
  Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper (mod)Probe Software Ltd, Go!'87LPV'94440
  Trap Door, The; Through the Trap Door (2 in 1) (kemp8bit) (mod)Piranha'86-87Slider'13, tiboh'23319
  Trashman (mod)New Generation Software'84Profi Code Computers Club'95115
  Traz (mod)Gamebusters'89Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95147
  Treachery (mod)C&VG'84D.J.Stepanenko'91136
  Tremor (128k only) (mod)Americana Software Ltd'86Mortal Kombat Hackers Group163
  Tuareg (mod)Topo Soft'88Omega Hackers Group'96162
  Turbo Girl (mod)Gamesoft [3], Dinamic Software'88Omega Hackers Group'97167
  Turbo the Tortoise (2 in 1) (mod)Visual Impact, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'92goodboy, Slider, tiboh'23314
  Turrican 1, 2 (+3dos) (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Rainbow Arts'90-91goodboy, Slider, tiboh'212084
  Tusker (2 in 1) (mod)System 3 Software Ltd'89Monsters Productions, goodboy, Slider, tiboh'19, 2479
  Twilight: Krajina Tienov (km) (mod)Ultrasoft [sk]'95Fatality'98987
  Twin World (2 in 1) (kemp8bit) (mod)Ubi Soft Ltd'90Slider, tiboh'23950
  Universal Hero (Starman Jones) (mod)Xcel, Mastertronic Ltd'86Golden Code Software'95201
  Vectorball (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'88ZX Best Hackers Group'9788
  Vendetta (mod) (pentfix)System 3 Software Ltd'90Monsters Productions, tiboh'22650
  Viaje al Centro de la Tierra (mod)Topo Soft'89Stealcopy'95722
  Viaje al Centro de la Tierra (mod)Topo Soft'89Omega Hackers Group, New-Race Company'96430
  Video Pool (mod)Oxford Computer Publishing'85Damage Inc'9597
  Video Pool (mod)Oxford Computer Publishing'85Bad Boys Company'95164
  Video Pool (mod)Oxford Computer Publishing'85SAW'95107
  Video Pool (mod)Oxford Computer Publishing'85SVV'9782
  Video Pool (mod)Oxford Computer Publishing'85VAD'9885
  Vigilante (2 in 1) (mod)Emerald Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'89Monsters Productions, tiboh'23288
  Vixen 1, 2, 3 (3 in 1) (mod)Martech Games Ltd'88BrokImSoft'99, Slider, tiboh'23263
  Voidrunner (mod)Mastertronic Added Dimension'87SAW'95113
  W.A.R. 1 (2 in 1) (mod)Creative Reality, Martech Games Ltd'86Dream Makers Software'94172
  War in Middle Earth (2 in 1) (dsk) (mod)Maelstrom Games Ltd, Melbourne House'89Andrew Sckachek'95280
  Way of the Tiger, The (2 in 1) (mod)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86Monsters Productions'95437
  Werewolves of London (mod)Viz Design, Mastertronic Ltd'89FFC Computers'94271
  Werewolves of London (mod)Viz Design, Mastertronic Ltd'89Night Hunter'96119
  West Bank (mod)Dinamic Software'85Omega Hackers Group'96158
  Who Dares Wins II (mod)Alligata Software Ltd'86Volga Soft'95191
  Wiking (mod)Marcin Konczakowski'87Trio Company'95179
  Wiking (mod)Marcin Konczakowski'87Code Gangsters Group, Black Diamond'96170
  Wiking (mod) (2 in 1) (cvx) (sd)Marcin Konczakowski'87Slider'15260
  Wiking (mod)Marcin Konczakowski'87Smash Hackers Band'9878
  Wiking (mod)Marcin Konczakowski'87SAW'95115
  Wiking (mod) (cvx) (sd)Marcin Konczakowski'87Disabler Production Labaratory'01193
  Wiking (mod)Marcin Konczakowski'87Power of Sound122
  Wiking (2 in 1) (mod)Marcin Konczakowski'87Alexey Vagin, Artem Surunov144
  Wild Streets (Wild 2) (mod)Titus'90Shadow Group'97157
  Wonder Boy (mod)Activision Inc'87Power of Sound'97206
  Wonder Boy (pentfix) (mod)Activision Inc'87SG-Team'10, '20, tiboh'20184
  Xanthius (mod)Players Software'87Spectrum World'94169
  Xecutor (mod)Cybadyne, ACE Software'87Alex Plusov, Neonsoft'94155
  Xecutor (mod)Cybadyne, ACE Software'87Silicon Brains250
  Xevious (mod)Probe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87M.M.A'9575
  Xevious (mod)Probe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87Eldar Agaev, Fux87
  Xonix (mod)A. Surna'87FFC Computers'94208
  Xonix (mod)A. Surna'87Sukin&Son Corp'9316
  Yeti (mod)Cybadyne, Destiny Software'88Gladiators Group'95145
  Zenji (mod)Software Conversions Ltd, Activision Inc'84Lone Wolf'96133
  Zig Zag (mod)DK'Tronics Ltd'84CDS Soft'9760
  Zig Zag (mod)DK'Tronics Ltd'84Battletech Inc.'95155
  Zolyx (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'88Kingdom Dreams'95140
  Zolyx (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'88Global Pro Group'96110
  Zombi (dsk) (mod)Ubi Soft Ltd'90Joker's Club'95248
  Zombi (dsk) (cvx) (km) (mod)Ubi Soft Ltd'90X-Project Association'97, Phantom Family'98423
  Zombi (dsk) (mod)Ubi Soft Ltd'90Navy Syndicate of Dungeon Fantasy'96255
  Zub (mod)Binary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'86Avela Software'95157
  Zunny (mod)StapleSoft'95Cybertronic Software'9597
  Zybex (2 in 1) (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'89Condorsoft'92138
  Zybex (128k only) (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'89Cybertronic Software'95168
  Zybex (128k only) (mod)Zeppelin Games Ltd'89Mafia Private Corporation'96187
  Zynaps (mod)Hewson Consultants Ltd'87Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95152
  Zynaps (2 in 1) (km) (mod) (pentfix)Hewson Consultants Ltd'87goodboy, tiboh'18137
  Zynaps (2 in 1) (mod)Hewson Consultants Ltd'87Stealcopy'94237
  Zynaps (mod)Hewson Consultants Ltd'87Scorpion Soft'94155
  Демонстрационная Игра (Похищенный Алмаз) (txt) (mod)Inforcom'93Vyacheslav Maltsev, Vladislav Iotenko145
  Демонстрационная Игра (Рубин) (txt) (mod)Inforcom'93Viator, RSM-Soft'95161
  Иван Царевич (txt) (mod)G&M'95Kit'96172
  Приключения Буратино (mod)Copper Feet'93Phantom Ltd136
  Приключения Буратино (mod)Copper Feet'93Fantomassoft'94181
  Сокровища Подземелья (2 in 1) (mod)Studio TM'M'93Las Jackwolf'97131
  Virtual TR-DOS Filez Database / 799 of 799 filez