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Dizzy 2: Treasure Island Dizzy (Остров Сокровищ Диззи) (mod)


Made by Code Masters Ltd'88
Release by Dr Titus, SoftLight'23

Game type: Translated
General sound: Absent
Size in sectors: 187


Version 1.1


* Enhanced colouring, with reduced colour clash.
* Added several lives.
* Added Dizzy restore points.
* Graphics speed is accelerated by several times, the game is synchronized with frame scan if possible. Everything has become faster and smoother.
* Added +n screens.
* Added +n items and some other graphics.
* Some old objects are better drawn.
* Added additional sounds.
* Russian translation made.
* Music can be toggled on/off by pressing 'M'.
* Added a pause on pressing 'P'.
* Beeper music now plays smoother, clicks removed.
* An easter egg has been added that allows you to score extra points.
* Maximum score in game: 138100


* Fixed a large number of graphical conflicts and glitches.
* Fixed a large number of internal errors, including those that caused the game to reset or crash.
* Fixed uneven borders of dropdown scrolls.
* Fixed game score.