Системный SOFT для настоящих синклеристов:

Универсальные просмотрщики:
ArtView v1.0 by n-Discovery'00
BestView v2.19 by Ivan Roshin
Little Viewer v0.80 by SAM style
Глаз Вопиющего by Eye-Q

Просмотрщики текстов:
42 Text Viewer by Grand'09
Burst Eyes v1.3 by Викентьев Е.'98
Disk Viewer v2.1 by Феськов К.'97
Eha Rule by Nikphe'02
Fast Reader by Dr.Longman
Super Text Viewer v1.3 by Red Limited'97
Text Viewer v1.6 for 866 Symbol Table by Virtual Vision'98
Universal Viewer v1.0 by Shaitan

Просмотрщики графики:
ANSI viewer/player v0.6 beta by Alone Coder
Big View v1.0 by SIberian Group
Colorful v1.0 by Moroz'99
Jpeg/Gif Laboratory v1.6 by SAM style
Grand Screen Viewer v2.6 DS by Grand'07
GRF Viewer v1.6 by Dio-Gen'98
Jpeg Viewer v0.42 by Alien Factory, remake by Alone Coder
PCX Viewer v1.6 by Brainwave
EDP PCX View v1.1 by Excess
Many Color v1.0
MCX v0.3 by Alone Coder'08
Mega Screen Viewer v0.00 demo by Crystal Dream
Pictures Viewer v1.11 by Volga Soft
ProView v1.0 text viewer by Witchcraft
Quick Screen Viewer v2.0 by Inside Law'99
View 1.10 screen viewer by GriV
Viewer for 4 Grayscale BMP's by CityAceE
X-Jpeg Player v0.1 by Scorpion

ALASM v4.44bf by Alem, Stall Edition
ALASM v5.08 by Alem, Stall, AlCo
Assembler for Scorpion 256 v1.3 by Tishkov P.'95
EDAS v3.3 by Maslov S.'93
Edit-Gens System v1.0 by Stars of Keladan'96
Gens 4 by Hisoft'87
Gens 4 for 128k by Hisoft, 128k version by Wlodek
Gens 4 by Hisoft'87, translated & disked by Янчуркин А.'91
Laser Genius v1.04 by Oasis'86, disked by MOA'92
MASM v1.1 by KSA, AiG
Power Assembler v3.0 by Sergeyev O.'95
Primus Assembler v2.9 by Trunov P.'94
Prometheus by Universum'89
Storm Assembler v1.3 by X-Trade
Storm Assembler v1.3 by X-Trade, improved by Pastor'01
Storm Assembler v1.3 by X-Trade, improved by Cyberex
TASM v4.12 by RST7
XAS v7.447 by Max Petrov, improved Creator
XAS v9.08 by Max Petrov, 64simbols by STS
Zeus v2.2 by Crystal Computing'83, Daniel'96
Zeus 128 by Crystal Computing'83, Stars Soft'95
ZX Assembler v3.10 by Hohlov, Afendikov, Rubtsov

HACKMON от Вовк Вячеслава
Code Disassembler v1.0 by Jaguar
Stealth Monitor v6.2 by Stalker
Stealth Monitor v7.0i by Stalker, remix by Alone Coder
ZX Turbo Disassembler v1.1 by Иноземцев А.'96, remix by Viper'98
ZX Turbo Disassembler v1.1 Extra by Иноземцев А.'96, remix by Specman'00

Упаковщики данных:
Code Cruncher v3.11 by KSA
Data Squeezer v4.12 by Dream Makers'95
Hrip v1.05 by Delirium Tremens/Freedom
Hrip v1.05m by Delirium Tremens&AlCo
Hrum v3.5i by Dmitry Pyankov
Hrust v1.3 by Dmitry Pyankov
Hrust v2.1 by Dmitry Pyankov
Elopack v1.6 by Delf
LZH-Packed by Golden Dreams'95
MegaLZ v4.2 by Mayhem
MS-Pack v01.96 by Microspace
RiP v0.21 by Roman Petrov
ZXZIP and ZXUNZIP by Michael Kondratyev
PKUNZIP v1.41 by M.Kondratyev, remix Alone Coder
PKUNZIP v0.9 by Andrey Isaev
Powerfull Code Decreaser v6.2 by KSA
RAR v0.32 by Alone Coder
Turbo-LZ v1.0 by Phantom Family'96
UnRAR v0.60 by Alone Coder

Упаковщики экранов:
Amazing Screen Optimizer v0.2 by VVG'97
Laser Compact v5.2 by Dmitry Pyankov
Lazy Pack v2.0 by Lazy
Maxsoft Screen Packer v1.6 by Maxsoft/Speed co
Screen Compressor v1.0 by OHG'96
Screen Crasher v2.9 by Andrew Strikes Code'91
Tornado Screen Packer v1.00 by Coder's Academy'00
Vadpacker by ULG
Visual Decompressor v1.2 by Thimoty'95

Bond Commander v1.5 by Bond
Belousov Commander v3.07 by Belousov O.'93
Commander DOS v1.958 by Peter Tishkov, remake by Pavel Vasilyev
Commander DOS v2.01b fixed for Scorpion by Vlad Sotnikov
Consul Commander v3.33 by Phantom Family
Conver Commander v4.77 FDD pro by Y.Kovalevsky
Direct Commander v4.07 by Andrey Mikhailow/DR
E-Mage WorkStation v1.0 by Rum/E-Mage
F Commander v4.04 by Eremeev V., remake by Vasilyev M.
Fr Commander v2.13 by Uninstall Team
Global Commander v1.31 by Alex Kerman
HDD v2.0 by Alex'97
HDD Commander v1.2f by Light'98
Honey Commander v4.01 by Honey, remake by Diamond/Area
Jemmini Commander v5.0t by Jemmini/Enigma
Maximum Commander v0.3 by Maximum'97
Monster Commander v2.1 by KSA
Monster Commander v2.1 for 512k by KSA, Profi adaptation by Faraon'96
Norton Commander v2.01 by Marinichev D.'93
Norton 2 by Podshivalov D.'94
Omega Commander v1.05 by Бологов А.
Perfect Commander v2.0 by James Advent, Jeez Edition
Perfect Commander v2.1 by James Advent, Specman Edition
Perspective Commander v1.0 by Perspective
Power Shell v1.0 by Power Systems
Quick Commander v3.11 by Spectre/Optical Bros.
Real Commander v2.6fr by Real Software PCX for pcx2scr plug-in
RST Commander v1.1 by Rst7'93
Shuffle Commander v2.1 by DisProLab'01
Smash Commander v2.0 by OHG'97
TF Commander v0.6 by Remad'97
Total Commander v1.4 by Dr.Love
TR-DOS Navigator v0.73b + fonts by CityAceE, AlexUzer & Grand
Trouble v0.244 by Nuts
Turbo Commander v0.8 by Cyber'99
Y Commander v1.5 by C.I.C.'96
ZX-Navigator v1.3 by Explos!ve Team

Stealth Boot installer by Real Software
Grand's Boot v2.4DS by Grand

Графические Редакторы:
3Color Studio v1.17 demo by Die Krupps
8 color (3Color) Editor v0.12 by Alone Coder
Advanced Grafix Arsenal by CIC'98
Art Studio v2.3 by OCP, modified by Viator/Rush
Artist 1 by Xcellent Software'85
Artist 2 disked by Rodionov N.
Artist 2 for 128k, disked by Olsoft'96
Artwork demo by Bytex
Burial GFX Editor v2.41 by Delirium Tremens/Freedom
Burial GFX Editor v3.05 by Delirium Tremens/Freedom
Chunks Gfx Editor v1.2 by n-Discovery
Double Screen Editor v0.7 by 4D, remix Alone Coder
Excess de Luxe Paint v2.1b by Excess
HardCore 4x4 Chunks Gfx Editor v3.01 by Master HCG
HardCore 8x8 Chunks Gfx Editor by Prog Master
Lorigraph by Dr.R.Arranhado, disked by Paradox'97
MegaScreen Multicolor Editor v2.5 + v1.08 by Sergey Krutyko
Multicolor Studio v1.208 by Accept
Mouse Studio v2.01+2.02 by Devid
Mini GFX Editor v0.3 by Budder
Multi Studio 3Color Editor v2.0p by Omega HG
Power Studio v1.0 by Prog Master

Графические Утилиты:
ASCII Gfx Maker v1.0 by Art-Top'00
ASCII Convertor v2.0 by AiR'98
ASCII Convertor v0.1 by Jerri
GFX Utility v0.5 by Мукат'01
GFX to TEXT v1.00 by Disable Production'00
Macroadapter v2.0i by Orc/LFG
Magnify Utility v1.0 by Coder's Acaddemy'00
Picture Fucker v1.0 by Fenomen
Scan Screens Optimizer v1.01A by ROM'97
Screen to Text Transformer by Death Moroz
Screen Optimizer v4.2 by Ponomarev S.
Screen Visual Optimizer v1.0 by CyberJack'00
Warp Designer v1.0 demo by PHD'97

Спрайтовые Редакторы:
Cutter v2.1 by Skill Master'11
Real Sprites Transformer v1.02 by Famous Faces Factory'99
Spectrum Guide Sprite Generator v1.0 by Integer'98
Sprites Generator v5.3 by Real Software
Spriter v1.666 + Compiler v1.03 by Studio Stall
SpriteLand v1.25 by Flying/DR
Sprite Maker v1.65 by Free Group
Sprite Master v5.11 by Andrey Rachkin
Sprite Tools v2.0 by Afendikov, Winogradow
Microstudio by #FF & A.Soft
SPwRITE Maker v6 by Mayhem
Universal Sprite Studio v1.0 (beta) by Accept

Редакторы Шрифтов:
Bytex Font Editor v1.00i by BYTEX'97
CHR Designer v1.02 by Delirium Tremens
Fantom v1.6 by Alex Plusov'94
Font Editor v1.03 by X-Masters'96
Font Editor v2.3 by Surdakar'97
OpsType Font Maker v2.4 + Screen Maker v1.7 module
Professional Font Editor v4.0 by WE'95
Professional Font Editor v7.1 by Феськов Кузьма
Rainbow Font Editor v1.0 by Rainbow Dreams'99
Редактор Шрифта by Тимоти'96
Hewle Font Editor v2.0 by CPU
Symblos Editor by Fishermans'96
Turbo Font Editor v1.23 by Старков Павел'96

Конвертеры Экранов:
Brujeria by CPU'00
BMP 3-color and service v1.0 by Brothers
Convertor ZX-Screen -> BMP Picture by VRCP'00
PCX Convertor v3.41 by John'96
PCX-Screen Utilites by Dr.Shura'96
ZX<>BMP Convertor v2.0 by Fast'98

Музыкальные редакторы для beeper:
Beep Tracker v1.0 fix 7 by Alone Coder'10
Wham! the Music Box by Mark Time'85
Wham! the Music Box by Mark Time'85, translated by Папир'91
Music Box T.E. by Shiru'09
Music Studio by Sobczak J.'87, disked by FCS'88
Phaser1 by Shiru'10

Музыкальные редакторы для AY:
128 F/X Data-Maker by Oldman'95
Advanced Sound Master v2.0 by A.Sendetsky, Power of Sound
ASC Sound Master + Decompiler by A.Sendetsky, Titus
Cacofony Pro System v0.10 by STAS
Fast Tracker v1.04 by DR
Global Tracker v1.1 by Dr.Max/Global corp.
Minimal Tracker vX by MMCM
Music Design v1.01 by DIM
Pro Sound Creator v1.07 by KVA/E-Mage
Pro Sound Maker demo by Team V'95
Pro Tracker v1.1 by Golden Disk Corp.
Pro Tracker v2.101 by Golden Disk Corp.
Pro Tracker v2.4 by Golden Disk, modified by Phantom Family
Pro Tracker v3.51 by Golden Disk, remix by MMCM
Pro Tracker v3.72 by Alone Coder
Pro Tracker 3.x Utility v1.367 by Alone Coder
Pro Tracker + Alasm by Alone Coder, use Pentagon 512
Sound Tracker Pro by KSA
Sound Tracker Pro by KSA, fixed by Constellation'01
Sound Tracker Pro by KSA, 48k version by Dementia'98
SQ Tracker by George K.'s
SQ Tracker 128k v1.03 by George K.'s
Sample Studio v1.1 by Power HG
Sound Tracker tr-dos release by Magic Soft'93
Sound Tracker & compiler & decompiler pack by DMS
Sound Tracker Decompiler release by Seamans
Super Sonic v1.21 by KLAV'93
Turbo-Sound Editor build 1637 (for 2 AY!) by Power of Sound
Wham the Music Box for AY by MArk Time'85, Alansoft'93

Цифровые музыкальные редакторы:
3 Channel Synthesiser by Simon Tillson for Beeper
World of Digital Sounds for Soundrive by Gultyaev D'96
Chip Tracker v1.4 by Alone Coder for SD,Covox,AY
Digital Designer Pro v1.10 demo by Bat&Lazy'98 for covox
Digital Music Maker by Lave Software'95
Digital Music Maker by Lave Software, version for Soundrive by Yudincev I.'98
Digital Studio v2.05 by Underground System, remix by Viking for AY
Digital Studio v1.12 by Underground, remix by Witchcraft for DMA UltraSound Card
Digital Studio v1.12 by Underground, remix by Alex for Covox
Digital Studio v1.12 by Underground, remix by Disabler for Soundrive
Digital studio Compiler v2.01 by Omega Hackers Group
Digital Wave v0.2 by Light Future'97 for AY & Covox
Extreme Tracker v2.1 by Red ltd for Covox,SD (MOD format)
Excess Sample Editor v1.4 by Excess for GS,SD,Covox,AY,Beeper
Flash Tracker v2.1 by Flash'96 for Soundrive
Flash Tracker 3 demo by Flash for Soundrive
Global Digital Music Editor v1.0 by Global'96 for AY
Instrument v4.01 by Andrey Kazakov for AY
Mason by Entire'97 for AY
ProDigi Tracker by Coder's Academy for Soundrive
Prodigi Editor by Witchcraft for DMA UltraSound Card
Sample Tracker v1.2 by CBM & Oldman for AY, beeper, Covox
Sampler v1.2 by Dimiksoft'95
Sound Tracker Player v1.01 by Max Soft & Death Soft'96
SQ Tracker v1.0 by Ale-xs Xcl aka Gremlin for Scorpion 256 & SD
UltraSonic v2.11/2.12 by Omega HG for SD,Covox

Музыкальные Плейеры:
ATR Music Player v0.2 by AAA & AIG
Digital Studio Player v1.0 by Kvant Soft'96
Hyperion Player v1.1 by Real Software
Inter Mode Player v1.2 by Red Limited Drunkards
Independent Faraon (Steevis) Music Bank v1.01 by Queen'96
MMCM Player v1.2.49 by ZS, MMCM
Mod's Player v2.0i by Cobra
Mod's Player v2.01 by Cobra, improved by Compowellcome
MMCM Player v1.2.49 by ZS, MMCM
PT3 Faq Player by Paradox
Sound Tracker Player v1.01 by Maxsoft & Deathsoft
Silicon Player v2.2 full by Delirium Tremens
Siril's Player by Siril/4D'99
STrange Player v2.0pro by Omega HG
Virtual Player v0.84 by Dismaster
XPlayer v7.9 by Creator
ZX-Amp full by Studio Stall,Deadie/Horrorsoft edition
ZPlayer v6.8 by Leo Snaider
Wild Player v0.333 by Budder
Turbo Sound Music Player by Vega
Turbo Sound Modules Player by demon_zx

Музыкальные Утилиты для работы с AY-звуком:
Convertor Sound Tracker v1.0-3.xx-> Digital Studio v1.12 by Chemnesoft'96
Music Cracker v2.1 by OHG'96
Pusher Crack Music System v6.39а by Himik's ZxZ
Sound Agressor v1.7 beta by Himik
Sound Tracker to Digital Sound Converter by Virtual Creator'96
Sound Tracker to Digital Sound Converter v2.1 by Elite Hackers'96
Universal Sound Finder v1.9 by Dr.Codex

Музыкальные утилиты для работы с цифровым звуком:
Dead Studio v2.08 by Sinc Masters'97
Orion Digital Sound Recorder v2.0 by Coder's Academy'01
Sample Compiler v0.4 by Disabler'96
Sample Please! by Paradox

Текстовые редакторы:
AC Edit v1.04 by Alone Coder
Anaconda by Mischenko A.'95
BK Write v4.0b by Boris Kuritsin
Can See v0.15 by ra_id'01
Independent Faraon (Steevis) Text Editor v2.3 by Queen Soft
HorrorWord v1.11 by Horrorsoft/CPU
Micro Editor v3.40 by Conver-Utility, Logros'98
Micro Editor v3.40 by Conver-Utility, Logros'98; remixed by Disabler'00
Modern Word v2.! by Demiurge Ash
Turbo Word v0.15 by Budder
Noter v1.5b by Bugsy/HDS
Pops v1.61 by GreenMan
Sam Word v2.1 by Sam Style
Tasword 2 by Tasman'83; russian version by REA&PEA'90
The Last Word by Myrmidon'85; russian version by Жучков Д.'92
The Last Word by Myrmidon'85; russian version by Шульга В.'92
The TextWriter v0.03 demo by Eugene Muchkin, Denis Parinov'97
WL Text Editor demo by WL'00
ZX/IBM Text Editor v1.5d by Hohlov O.,Milun E.'96
ZX/IBM Text Editor v1.5d by Hohlov O.,Milun E.'96; improved by Tornado'97
ZX-WinWord v3.0 by Stars of Keladan
ZX-Word v2.6m by Eliseev V., modified by ZS
ZX Word v2.9 by Eliseev V., modified by Alex Plusov'94

Копир MS-DOS - TR-DOS:
Dos to Dos Copy v2.0 by Red Limited Drunkards
Convertor v2.1 by ART'99
PC-Navigator v1.0 by ART
TR-DOS/MS-DOS Converter v2.0 by Ruby'00
TM_C v1.01 by Antipod

Утилиты для работы с текстом:
Hytex v0.0 (demo) by Пьянков Д.
Text Designer v2.2 by Dimka'95
Text Format v1.5 by Realsoft'97
Text Lux Utility v1.0 by Shaitan'99
Text Utility v2.8i by Dr.Dash'99
WordCon Text Convertor v0.01 by PHD'98

720 Copy v1.0 by Иван Рощин'96
ABCD Copy v1.3 by Иван Рощин'96
Fast Copy v3.00 by North Star
FM.Cop v3.1 by Crazy Studio'98
Full Disk Copy v1.00 by Crystal Dream'96
IS-COpy v1.0 by Иван Рощин'98
Master Fast Track Copier v 2.2 by Tom Hial, KVA, Minisoft'97
Maxs Copier v1.0 by Maxs'98
McDonald v2.0 & v2.7 & v2.8
Next Copy v1.1 by Titov M'94, modified by Vasilyev M.'96
N-Copy v1.1 by Nairam
Rcopy v4.2 by ROM Corp'97
Real Copy v1.5 by Realsoft'97
Ruiner Disk Copy v1.5f by ??
Rush Copy by Avalon'97
Soft-Copy v1.3 by Kutin V.'96
Visual Turbo Copier v1.00 by Binary Dimension'97
Unrecognized Formatting Object v1.01 by Stars of Keladan
X-Copy by Volga Soft'98
XLD Copier v3.5 by XL Design'98

Копировщики Disk -> Tape:
Programmable Tape/Disk Copier by Родионов Н.'90
Disk-Tape Copier by Hardware Wizard'97

Системные тесты:
System Test v4.30r by Compowellcome, Chirchik'99
Global Test v1.0 (beta) by Poltergeist
HorrorFasTest v1.02 by Horrosoft
Memory Test v1.03 by Honey Soft'94
Test Int v1.10 by Ковалевский Ю.'95
Ramdoctor v2.0 by Codemonsters'97
Тест расширенной памяти by Ковалевский Ю.'96

Прошивки ПЗУ:
MadRom v3.5 by Kormishin A.
Mr.Gluk Reset Service 6.6 by Mr.Gluk, remake by Alone Coder
Rain ROM final (v2.01) by RGI/PoS-WT
Zviewer v2.0 by Знахарь

Дисковые утилиты:
Advanced Disk Service v3.0pro by Vasilevskyj V.
AIDS v0.2b by AREAsoft
Cat Creater v2.0 by Sane'97
Corrector v2.0 by Fishermans'97
Disk Control Utility v2.01 by Rodionov N.
Disk Control Utility v8.07 by Rodionov N., cracked by Tuzov I.'96
Disk Exhumer v1.01 by M.H.C.G'99
Disk Formatter v2.0 Professional by Maslov V.'95
Extra Formatter v0.1 by PSB'02
Exgumator v1.0 by Stars of Keladan'01
File Comparer v2.2 by Mayhem'98
File Cutter v1.30 by Brom
Files Passworder v2.0 by Dr.Codex'97
Floppy Format v 1.01 by Рощин И.
Format UTility v2.01 by MI&DI
Free Format v8.3 by ETC'96
Fuck Utility v1.9 by Fuck Software'92
Head Clean by Nagval'00
HexDiskEditor v1.0 by Arno
Master Drive v1.03 by ??
Rok Disk Service v3.1 by Rok Software
Rulez Doctor v2.4 by Budder
Steep Format v2.5light by Witchcraft Group
Testprog by Solon
Track Doctor v1.2 by Stars of Keladan
Turbo Disk Utility v2.1 by Red ltd, remake by Horrorsoft/CPU
Ultra X Format v0.9 by Surv!vor'99

Утилиты для защиты данных на диске:
X-File v1.0 by Crystal Dream'96
Voltron Disk Protector v1.0 by LAKS
Professional Xoring System v1.0 by Playgear

Утилиты для защиты от копирования:
Disk Protector v1.1 by KSA
Disk Protection System v2.0 by Silicon Brains'95
Microprotector v7.0 by Shrsoft, remixed by Shisoft'95
Multiprotector by Mastsoft
Omega Protector v1.0 by OHG'95

Работа с сетями:
AON by Resident
CDOS v1.32 by Modem'Co & Robert'95, Corrected by Alex Nikiforov'97
CDOS v3.33 by Modem'Co & Robert'95, Corrected by Fantomassoft
DME 1.24 by Blade / DCG
E-mage modem station v2.55 by KVA/E-mage
Lara Croft mail editor v4.5 by KVA/E-mage
Lara Croft mail editor v4.6 by KVA/E-Mage, Erik/MSA'01
Lara Croft mail editor v4.10 with HDD Support by Valerij Kozhevnikoff
Macro Modem v2.21+ by Omega'99
Mail Robot Statistic v1.30 by Brom/Ellipse
Melon Terminal v1.90 by VIC'97
NAM v0.23b by Dismaster/XPJ'01
PKT Name Corrector v2.0 by Brom / Ellipse
S-Terminal v1.1 by Stars of Keladan'99
Speccy Mail Master v1.08 by Parinov D
UUDecoder v0.3 by Dismaster/XPJ, Z-Man, improved by Serg/DL
X-Files E-mail Viewer v2.2 by Power Diamond'98
X-Modem by Фомин Илья
ZED v1.03b by Rick Murray

Языки программирования:
Beta Basic v1.8 by Betasoft
Beta Basic v3.1 by Betasoft
Beyond Basic by Incognito
Hisoft-C Compiler v1.1 by Hisoft
Hisoft Pascal by Hisoft'83
HL ZX Forth by M.Hampson'83
Floating-Point Forth by M.Hampson'83
Laser Basic by Ocean'86
Mega Basiс v4.0 by Your Spectrum'84
Sinclair Logo v1.6 by LCSI'84
SpecLisp v1.3 by Serious'83
Pascal Compiler
Spectrum Micro-Prolog by LPA