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DiHalt 2020 Lite. All ZX Works

LowEnd Demo Compo
  Work Name Author
  01 Lo-Fi Motion Target Team
  02 Epilogue Eye-Q Team
  03 meme Shlemazl
LowEnd 256b Intro Compo
  Work Name Author
  01 Party 2020.1 Invitation REV2 Tygrys/
  03 04042020 Joker
  04 AttrSnow Rasmer/Q-Bone
New Year's Intro
  Work Name Author
  04 7E4 MmcM and g0blinish
One Effect Intro: Text Scrolling
  Work Name Author
  02 DYCPtro2 g0blinish
LowEnd Graphics Compo
  Picture Name Author
  01 Spy Trixs
  02 Farewell. (In memory of Alexei Leonov, cosmonaut and artist) Ruguevara/Insiders
  03 ape apeape/Outsiders
  04 In The Red Towel Shuran33/Outsiders
  06 zx witch sashapont
  09 Ктулху к нам приходит Lilka
ZX Spectrum AY/YM-Music Compo
  Music Name Author
  01 Yammie!!! Fatal Snipe
  02 Happy Winter Moments MmcM/Sage
  03 little Viktory Slash/Atomic Destruction/Russian Prestige
  04 Engrossing Moments by ATB CJ Splinter/DLCorp/Trinitrocode
  05 MyBestTrack310 EA/Antares
  06 Selfhumiliation Moran
ZX Spectrum Beeper Music Compo
  Music Name Author
  01 On and Off .... Beep 1-bit forum and Tufty
  02 forward to infinity Utz/Irrlicht Project
Realtime LowEnd Basic Coding Compo
  Work Name Author
  02 по заданию - "я у мамы демосценер" йа
LowEnd Realtime Graphics Compo
  Picture Name Author
  01 skeleton in the closet or a fish under a fur coat sashapont
  02 Nude Fish Mchanga/Afrika United Team
  03 Под шубой Shuran33
  04 ...иногда сельдь ест тебя Cosmic stranger of love
  05 Why again? apeape/Outsiders
Realtime Paint Over Compo
  Picture Name Author
  02 Кража сыра Shuran33/Outsiders
ZX Spectrum Realtime 53c Graphics Compo
  Picture Name Author
  01 Запнулся apeape/Outsiders
  02 И затеи интересные Sasha Marinova
  03 Ярче! BlastOff
  04 Затейник Flast and Shuran33
  04 Да ну вас Flast
  05 Снеговик для DiHalt Dovakin
  06 Седро Внеговика Flast
  07 Затейники Flast
Realtime AY/YM MusicCompo
  Music Name Author
  01 Don't Think About Link MmcM/Sage
  02 Knock-knock 20-20 Nik-O
  03 dh2020 realtime Bfox
  04 dh2020rt EA/Antares
  05 r941t@!#9 dhx lampovyi_ninja