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JHCon 2013. All ZX Works

ZX GFX Compo
  Picture Name Author
  01 GBG Pop Girl Brink
  02 Pikachu Factor6/GembaBoys
  03 Stepler Kakos_nonos
  04 Mechanical Shephard John Norton Irr
  05 ZX Had nairam
  06 Going Away John Norton Irr
  07 JHCon2013intro Busy Soft
ZX AY/YM/Turbo-AYMusic Compo
  Music Name Author
  01 Just Can't Get Enough Yerzmyey/H-PRG
  02 Trough The Heavy Fire Mister Beep
  03 Monty On The Run nix./site
  04 Card Reader Kakos_nonos
  05 How Many Fingers irrlicht project
  06 PlayRulez02 Busy Soft
  07 Glass Floor John Norton Irr
  08 Truck in the Winter John Norton Irr
ZX 1k Intro Compo
  Work Name Author
  01 Fade1K02 Busy & Noro
  02 From Chaos Phonex
  03 ZeroPixels Factor6/GembaBoys
  04 No Skulls Tygrys/
  05 Story Talker Busy Soft
  06 Sputnik lvd
  07 AYGOR Abrimaal
  08 Slunicko & domecek Busy Soft