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3BM Openair 2013. All Works

ZX Demo Compo
  Demo Name Author
  1 Sumprematism Loop introspec
  2 happy birthday psndcj goblinish
  3 Alien robus
  4 Fakel demo Kakos_nonos
  5 3BM 2013 minidemo mike/zeroteam
ZX Graphics Compo
  Picture Name Author
  1 Going to the exploits Samanasuke
  2 master hydrogen
  3 Return to Aegna Vassa
  4 Bat0Con 70 Percents Repixelled Conversion Tutty
  5 Seventeen Seconds nix
  6 Don't cry Samanasuke
  7 Founded Robot John Norton Irr
  8 Win is coming nodeus
  9 Bender is watching you Vinnny
  10 partywinner dman/pcb
  11 blank ellvis/zt
  12 logo 199x biomax
  13 tetris ellvis/zt
  14 Car sounds like skyscraper John Norton Irr
  15 Flying Asphalt John Norton Irr
  16 teapot Kakos_nonos
ZX Music Compo
  Music Name Author
  1 FLY...R U READY? Mike&JtN/4D
  2 Shatterhand Gibson
  3 Game of Mind MmcM/Sage
  4 Dizzy the Adventurer Overworld 1 nix
  5 Shoes Restorer VBI
  6 Terrible spring Kakos_nonos
  7 ManDmz Rescue WhoIs Hero
  7 Streets of the Unknown Factor6
  9 no tears, no fears, no hopes... scalesmann^mc
ZX Realtime GFX Compo
  Picture name Author
  1 katy dman/pcb
  2 Look, my boobs is bigger than yours! diver/4d
  3 Guess What, It's A Fucking Gundam! nix
  4 Real Time Vassa
  5 lasertits moroz1999
  6 they are coming hydrogen
  7 Katya Stepler Kakos_nonos
  8 Robot near the sea John Norton Irr
  8 Nasha Nyasha Samanasuke