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CC Winter / DiHalt Lite 2015. All ZX Works

ZX Demo Compo
  Demo Name Author
  01 T.D.S.I. denpopov, g0blinish
  02 DiHalt Gagarin Tunneltro DiHalt visitors
  03 Pohod John Norton Irr / Kabardcomp
ZX Enhanced Demo Compo
  Demo Name Author
  01 Pixel Demo AAABand Group
  02 Fractus 3D deFarce / deFarce
New Year Gift Compo
  Gift Name Author
  01 Yet another HNY 2k15 gift Buyan, Splinter
  02 New Year Gift from Three Santa Hacker VBI, nodeus, N1k-O
  03 Trigona Kalanda Kakos_nonos / Kabardcomp
  04 New year 2015 gift kotsoft
  05 Happy New 2015 ZX Year nodeus / light future
ZX Spectrum Intro Compo
  Intro Name Author
  01 Winter Mega Party tiboh
  02 Rhombus denpopov
  03 Hypno g0blinish
ZX Graphics Compo
  Picture Name Author
  01 "np" (New year Picture) prof / 4d
  02 Pirate Buddy
  03 Party Girl Dimidrol
  04 Raven Lilka
  05 Манящие дали John Norton Irr / Kabardcomp
  06 Strange Phone John Norton Irr / Kabardcomp
  07 Insight Lilka
  08 1 plus 1 Lilka
Fast Graphics Compo
  Picture Name Author
  02 difference John Norton Irr / Kabardcomp
  03 Mnogoglazka Kakos_nonos / Kabardcomp
ZX Music Compo
  Music Name Author
  01 [abandoned] temple at night scalesmann / march[ing] cats feat virtual man
  02 January Days MmcM / Sage
  03 bright clearing scalesmann / march[ing] cats feat coma of 3el
  04 unused lips scalesmann
  05 39 inches scalesmann
  06 Bit Attack Alone Coder
  07 Squeak from heaven wbc ^ b-state
  08 Dont Fear the Beeper (and AY) Abrimaal
Fast Music Compo
  Music Name Author
  01 Moon flight scalesmann / march[ing] cats feat LHS/DFS
  03 overdozing wbc ^ b-state