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Chaos Constructions 2014. All ZX Works

ZX Spectrum Demo
  Work Name Author
  01 Kpacku kpacku
  02 PAST denpopov
  03 Cat Haiku g0blinish
  04 Greetings From A Stormy Beach Crash Nicker
ZX Spectrum 1K Intro
  Work Name Author
  01 Sinofrenia kotsoft/no
ZX Spectrum 256b Intro
  Work Name Author
  01 Plasma is possible! denpopov
  02 DisXORtid g0blinish
ZX Spectrum Graphics
  Picture Name Author
  01 Flame and blood nodeus
  02 Our Life... aGGreSSor/tPA^CPU
  03 anything is possible Dubmaster
  04 My world trixs
  05 Into the Forest Vassa
  06 Bender dman/Placebo
  07 fisher dimidrol
  08 My Name Is Mud fakie/speccy
  09 return John Norton Irr
  10 increased soil by energy John Norton Irr
ZX Spectrum AY-Music
  Music Name Author
  01 misfire scalesmann/march[in]_cats
  02 Ashes of Dreams MmcM/Sage
  02 calling scalesmann/march[in]_cats feat. Olga Y.
  04 Ending Darkman007/Quite
  05 Buzzing Brazzing wormsbiysk/WBC/LSA
  06 Sid and Nancy aGGreSSor/tPA^CPU
  07 Arabian swim Kakos_nonos
ZX Spectrum Beeper Music
  Music Name Author
  01 Heavy Phaser Darkman007/Quite
  02 go away stupid flamers Kakos_nonos
  03 reasonably accurate irrlicht project
  04 Bit_Energy AER
  05 Waking up in mountain John Norton Irr
  05 night with castle and roof John Norton Irr
  Work Name Author
  01 Dogma dman/Placebo
  02 Code Red prince/the Obsessed Maniacs / TRSi
  03 Diskoschlampenhausen prince/the Obsessed Maniacs / TRSi
  04 BornDead dman/Placebo
Realtime Graphics
  Picture Name Author
  01 Eye congratulate prince/the Obsessed Maniacs / TRSi
  02 CC is 15. People go to celebration John Norton Irr
  03 15000 years CC Kakos_nonos
Wild Demo
  Picture Name Author
  01 Forth DemoTool Ivanq & Manwe
  02 ducks not forgive Kabardcomp
  03 Jacque Fresco: Science and War nitrofurano/no