GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  F.A. Cup FootballVirgin Games Ltd'86Phantom Ltd76
  F.A. Cup FootballVirgin Games Ltd'86Triumph'0295
  F.I.R.E.Fuxoft'88Ermakov A.237
  F.I.R.E.Fuxoft'88Mike Blum141
  F.I.R.E.Fuxoft'88Power of Sound'99139
  F-1 (G.P. Formula 1 Simulator)Diabolic Software, Zigurat Software'91Phantom Ltd, Power of Sound'9897
  F-1 (G.P. Formula 1 Simulator)Diabolic Software, Zigurat Software'91Aleksey Dupanov'92141
  F-1 (G.P. Formula 1 Simulator)Diabolic Software, Zigurat Software'91SG-Team'12145
  F-1 (G.P. Formula 1 Simulator)Diabolic Software, Zigurat Software'91Mike Blum, Welcome Corporation141
  F1 Tornado SimulatorZeppelin'90Sliders106
  F1 Tornado SimulatorZeppelin Games Ltd'91Perestroika Software'94133
  F1 Tornado SimulatorZeppelin Games Ltd'91Surdakar Group'94137
  F1 Tornado SimulatorZeppelin'90SG'12122
  F1 Tornado SimulatorZeppelin'90Mafia136
  F-15 Strike EagleMicroProse Software Ltd'87Softstar176
  F-15 Strike EagleMicroProse Software Ltd'87Wellsoft'93128
  F-15 Strike EagleMicroProse Software Ltd'87Criminal Gas, Die Krupps Group'9768
  F-15 Strike EagleMicroProse Software Ltd'87Joker's Club'95136
  F-15 Strike EagleMicroProse Software Ltd'87Phantom Ltd'9568
  F-15 Strike EagleMicroProse Software Ltd'87tiboh'1680
  F-15 Strike EagleMicroProse Software Ltd'87AmoNik, Welcome Corporation'0076
  F-16 Combat PilotDigital Integration'91Vasilyev A.347
  F-16 Combat PilotDigital Integration'91B.I.V.318
  F-16 Combat PilotDigital Integration'91Stalker374
  F-16 Combat PilotDigital Integration'91Kulikov D.367
  F-16 Combat PilotDigital Integration'91Phantom Ltd'96226
  F-16 Fighting FalconCode Masters'89Stutterius114
  F-16 Fighting FalconCode Masters'89Andy Nik'97108
  F-16 Fighting FalconCode Masters'89Slider, BrokImSoft'03100
  F-16 Fighting FalconCode Masters Ltd'89Phantom Ltd96
  F-16 Fighting FalconCode Masters Ltd'89Slider'17117
  F-16 Fighting FalconCode Masters Ltd'89VT Master'96117
  F-19 Stealth Fighter (Project Stealth Fighter)MicroProse Software Ltd'90Mortal Kombat Hackers Group552
  F-19 Stealth Fighter (Project Stealth Fighter)MicroProse Software Ltd'90LAKS, Smasher'95576
  Factory BreakoutSteve Crown/a152
  Factory DazeBob Smith'09Flyman512'13133
  Factory DazeBob Smith'09Slider'09128
  Fahrenheit 3000Firebird'85n/a95
  FairlightThe Edge'85Phantom Ltd182
  FairlightThe Edge'85ShiSoft'93180
  FairlightThe Edge'85Michael Makarevich'91357
  FairlightThe Edge'85Universe Software'97150
  FairlightThe Edge'85Immortal Boneman'95232
  Fairlight I, IIThe Edge'85-86Phantom Ltd277
  Fairlight IIThe Edge'86Night Hunter'96188
  Fairlight IIThe Edge'86Phantom Ltd207
  Fairlight IIThe Edge'86Michael Makarevich, Evgeny Koprov'92394
  Falcon Patrol 2Virgin'85Sliders92
  Falcon Patrol 2Virgin Games Ltd'85Intense'1767
  Falcon Patrol 2Virgin Games Ltd'85Phantom Ltd76
  Falcon Patrol 2Virgin'85Mike Blum91
  Falklands 82John Bethell, PSS'86Alex Norman'96108
  Falklands 82John Bethell, PSS'86Serge205
  Falklands 82John Bethell, PSS'86Phantom Ltd93
  Fall GuyElite Systems Ltd'85Power of Sound'97130
  Fall of Rome, TheASP Software Ltd'84tiboh'16119
  Fallen AngelEmerald,7 Screen'89Power of Sound'97226
  Fallen AngelEmerald,7 Screen'89Walsoft199
  Fallen AngelEmerald,7 Screen'89I.Boneman551
  Fallen AngelEmerald,7 Screen'89LFA327
  Falling BlocksPeter McQuillan'15tiboh'1519
  Fantastic American FootballZeppelin'90Delta104
  Fantastic Mister Fruity, theJ. Cauldwell, CronosoftSlider127
  Fantastic VoyageQuicksilva'84Sckacheck A.'94134
  Fantastic VoyageQuicksilva'84n/a164
  FantasyR'n'H Microtec'87Phantom Ltd75
  FantasyR'n'H Microtec'87Magic Soft117
  FantasyR'n'H Microtec'87YuCo'90152
  FantyEmilio Jose'92BrokImSoft76
  Farmer Jack - Treasure TroveBob Smith'08SG'08138
  Farmer Jack and the Hedge MonkeysCronosoft'08SG'08147
  Farmer Jack in Harvest HavocJan-July,Cronosoft'06Triumph148
  Fase Bonus The GameThe Mojon Twins'17krt17'17154
  Fast and the Furious, TheErnieware Productions, Go!'87Yuri Grigoryev'92158
  Fast and the Furious,theErnieware'87SG'12146
  Fast and the Furious,theErniewareSliders118
  Fast and the Furious,theErniewareProphecy152
  Fast FoodCode MastersHimik,Phantom170
  Fast FoodCode MastersGolden Code142
  Fast FoodCode Masters'89AmoNik, Welcome Corporation107
  Fast FoodThe Oliver Twins, Code Masters'89Atomic Destruction Group'96188
  Fast FoodCode MastersBrainwave115
  Fast FoodCode MastersSilicon Brains220
  Fat Worm Blows a SparkyDurell Software Ltd'86MiS Studio'00114
  Fat Worm Blows a SparkyDurell Software Ltd'86Prophecy'97156
  Fat Worm Blows a SparkyDurell Software Ltd'86Phantom Ltd128
  Fat Worm Blows a SparkyDurell Software Ltd'86VS Prog Group'97113
  Father ChristmasAlternative,Enigma'89Fatality121
  Father ChristmasAlternative,Enigma'89Syndrome'98147
  Fearless FrankSimon Ffinch'84Flash108
  Fernandez Must DieImage Works'88FFC152
  Fernandez Must DieImage Works'88Digital Lords113
  Fernandez Must DieProbe Software Ltd, Image Works'88Joker, Another World Software'95136
  Fernandez Must DieProbe Software Ltd, Image Works'88Perestroika Software'93133
  Fernandez Must DieProbe Software Ltd, Image Works'88AmoNik, Welcome Corporation'00108
  Fernandez Must DieImage Works'88Flash142
  Fernandez Must DieProbe Software Ltd, Image Works'88Power of Sound'99132
  Fernandez Must DieImage Works'88BrokImSoft,Goodboy157
  Ferret BusterGabriele Amore'16tiboh'1653
  FeudBinary Design Ltd, Bulldog Software'87Triumph'04172
  FeudBinary Design Ltd, Bulldog Software'87Musicsoft'94173
  FeudBinary Design Ltd, Bulldog Software'87Phantom Ltd133
  FeudBinary Design Ltd, Bulldog Software'87Rapeware Corporation'95151
  FeudBinary Design Ltd, Bulldog Software'87X-agon143
  FidoFirebird Software Ltd'85Phantom Ltd51
  Fiendish Freddy's Big Top of FunMindscape,Imagitec'90Fatality1512
  Fiendish Freddy's Big Top of FunMindscape,Imagitec'90Flash1260
  Fiendish Freddy's Big Top of FunMindscape,Imagitec'90MCtrd
  Fifth Quadrant, The (5th Quadrant)Bubble Bus Software'87Fatality132
  Fifth Quadrant, The (5th Quadrant)Bubble Bus Software'87AmoNik, Welcome Corporation'00114
  Fig ChessFiggins R., Figgins T.'85Odysseus50
  Fighter Bomber (Bomber - Tactical Air Command)Vektor Grafix, Activision Inc'90C.C., JK'91851
  Fighter Bomber (Bomber - Tactical Air Command)Vektor Grafix, Activision Inc'90Viking'98452
  Fighter Bomber (Bomber - Tactical Air Command)Vektor Grafix, Activision Inc'90Vladimir Belyaev'91523
  Fighter Bomber (Bomber - Tactical Air Command)Vektor Grafix, Activision Inc'90Chaos A.D.'96562
  Fighter Bomber (Bomber - Tactical Air Command)Vektor Grafix, Activision Inc'90Delta Ltd813
  Fighter Bomber (Bomber - Tactical Air Command)Vektor Grafix, Activision Inc'90Alpha Centaur Group'98516
  Fighter PilotDigital Integration'83VALSoft'9395
  Fighter PilotDigital Integration'83TomCaT159
  Fighter PilotDigital Integration'83Energy Star'95167
  Fighter PilotDigital Integration'83Phantom Ltd90
  Fighting SoccerSprytes Ltd, Activision Inc'89New Group, Russian Prestige'96248
  Fighting SoccerSprytes Ltd, Activision Inc'89Anton Vasilyev'92409
  Fighting SoccerSprytes Ltd, Activision Inc'89Andy Mokrushin261
  Fighting SoccerSprytes Ltd, Activision Inc'89Phantom Ltd230
  Fighting WarriorStudio B Ltd, Melbourne House'85AmoNik, Welcome Corporation'00154
  Fighting WarriorStudio B Ltd, Melbourne House'85Phantom Ltd126
  Fighting WarriorStudio B Ltd, Melbourne House'85T&S Soft'93154
  Final AssaultUs Gold'88Flash302
  Final FightUs Gold'91Magic790
  Final FightUS Gold'91Phantasy847
  Final FightUs Gold'91Softstar,Seamanstrd
  Final Frontier, theGad Shaw'87BrokImSoft211
  Final Matrix, The (Nimrod)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Phantom Ltd117
  Final Matrix, The (Nimrod)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87^m00h^'01114
  Final Matrix, The (Nimrod)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Slider'15164
  Find the GreenroomRob Southworth'14tiboh'1436
  Finders KeepersMastertronic'85Triumph'00108
  Finders KeepersMastertronic'85Robert173
  Finders KeepersMastertronicSoftstar176
  Finders KeepersMastertronic Ltd'85Himik's ZxZ117
  Fire and ForgetTitus'88Fanat'93130
  Fire and ForgetTitus'88Perestroika Software'93143
  Fire and ForgetTitus'88AmoNik, Welcome Corporation81
  Fire and ForgetTitus'88Phantom Ltd'9591
  Fire and ForgetTitus'88goodboy'02107
  Fire and ForgetTitus'88Kano'93131
  FireflySpecial FX Software Ltd, Ocean Software Ltd'88Phantom Ltd135
  FireflySpecial FX Software Ltd, Ocean Software Ltd'88Smash Hackers Band'98164
  FireflySpecial FX Software Ltd, Ocean Software Ltd'88KDF Software'95230
  FireflySpecial FX Software Ltd, Ocean Software Ltd'88Pro Hackers Dynasty'97165
  FireflySpecial FX Software Ltd, Ocean Software Ltd'88Real Imagines Programmers Group'96162
  FireflySpecial FX Software Ltd, Ocean Software Ltd'88Surdakar Group'94168
  FirelordHewson Consultants Ltd'86IG-Soft'95182
  FirelordHewson Consultants Ltd'86DIM194
  FirelordHewson Consultants Ltd'86Perestroika Software'94225
  FirelordHewson Consultants Ltd'86Phantom Ltd152
  Fireman Sam the Hero Next DoorAlternative,Bizarre,Prism'91Flash174
  Fireman Sam the Hero Next DoorAlternative,Bizarre,Prism'91Fatality162
  FireTrapSource Software Ltd, Electric Dreams Software'87n/a70
  FireTrapSource Software Ltd, Electric Dreams Software'87Dak Soft Ltd'9574
  FireTrapSource Software Ltd, Electric Dreams Software'87Phantom Ltd74
  First Mann/aA.S.'94168
  First MovesLongman'85Odysseus72
  First Past the Postn/aMike Blum133
  First World ProblemsZX Studio'14tiboh'14218
  Fist 1 the Way of the Exploding FistBeam Software, Melbourne House'85AmoNik, Welcome Corporation'01118
  Fist 1 the Way of the Exploding FistMelbourne House'85Power124
  Fist 1 the Way of the Exploding FistBeam Software, Melbourne House'85Perestroika Software'93194
  Fist 1 the Way of the Exploding FistMelbourne House'85Assa Grapshic'01161
  Fist 1 the Way of the Exploding FistMelbourne House'85Omega197
  Fist 1 the Way of the Exploding FistBeam Software, Melbourne House'85Phantom Ltd133
  Fist 1, 2.1, 2.2, 3Melbourne House'85-88Slider'05, Slider'13507
  Fist 1, 2.1, 3Melbourne House'85-88Golden Trio Group'94536
  Fist 3: Exploding Fist +Beam Software, Firebird Software Ltd'88Phantom Ltd116
  Fist 3: Exploding Fist +Beam Software, Firebird Software Ltd'88AmoNik, Welcome Corporation'00104
  Fist 3: Exploding Fist +Beam Software, Firebird Software Ltd'88Eugen Tsalapov115
  Fist II: The Legend ContinuesBeam Software, Melbourne House'86Phantom Ltd145
  Fist II: The Legend ContinuesBeam Software, Melbourne House'86Mike Blum130
  Fist-RO FighterRetrobytes Productions'16Slider'16116
  Five-a-Side Footy (European 5-a-Side)Timothy Closs, Silverbird Software Ltd'88Softstar87
  Five-a-Side Footy (European 5-a-Side)Timothy Closs, Silverbird Software Ltd'88Himik's ZxZ'96100
  Five-a-Side Footy (European 5-a-Side)Timothy Closs, Silverbird Software Ltd'88^m00h^'0185
  FlakUS Gold Ltd'84Triumph'0279
  FlakUS Gold Ltd'84Phantom Ltd'9582
  Flame Princess Adventure TimeRadastan'16Slider'16115
  FlappyKarel Vlcek'90BrokImSoft75
  Flappy Bird ZXRafal Miazga'14tiboh'1422
  Flash Beer 1Weird Science'03Triumph108
  Flash Beer 2Weird Science'03Triumph124
  Flash GordonMastertronic,IconPower of Sound261
  Flash GordonMastertronic,IconFanatic S.299
  FlashpointDenton Designs, Ocean Software Ltd'87Phantom Ltd86
  Flight SimulationPsion Software Ltd, Sinclair Research Ltd'83AmoNik, Welcome Corporation60
  Flight SimulationPsion Software Ltd, Sinclair Research Ltd'83Phantom Ltd'9568
  Flintstones, TheGrandslam Entertainments Ltd'88Silver Soft'94358
  Flintstones, TheGrandslam Entertainments Ltd'88Anton Vasilyev'92327
  Flintstones, TheGrandslam Entertainments Ltd'88Phantom Ltd221
  Flip It!Mikropol'91FLP128
  FlunkyPiranha'87Phantom Ltd, Power of Sound'98113
  Flyer FoxGame Gems'84Alexey Zavyalov'91172
  Flyer FoxGame Gems'84AmoNik, Welcome Corporation98
  Flyer FoxGame Gems'84Phantom Ltd93
  Flying Formula, TheZX Computing'86Hacker John'9488
  Flying Formula, TheZX Computing'86Phantom Ltd, Power of Sound'9749
  Flying SharkGraftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'87Eternity Industry'99139
  Flying SharkGraftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'87Ligasoft199
  Flying SharkGraftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'87Rom Corp'96129
  Flying SharkGraftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'87Slider, BrokImSoft'9898
  Flying SharkGraftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'87AmoNik, Welcome Corporation118
  Flying SharkGraftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'87Power of Sound'99122
  Flying SharkGraftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'87TAW104
  Flying SharkGraftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'87VAD'9895
  Flying SharkGraftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'87SG-Team'09150
  Flying SharkGraftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'87Amiga Must Die'98118
  Flying SharkGraftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'87Silicon Brains'94291
  Flying Shark (km)Graftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'87Velesoft, TomCaT'06216
  Flynn's Adventure in BomblandTom Dalby'11SG'1177
  Foggy's Quest to Narg and Back AgainJohn Blythe'17Slider'17104
  FomalhautMiguel Diaz Kusztaich'87BrokImSoft91
  Football ManagerAddictive Games Ltd'82tiboh'17167
  Football Manager 2Addictive Games Ltd'88Fanatic Stas'92160
  Football Manager 3Bedrock Software, Addictive Games Ltd'91Viktor Drozd116
  Football Manager: World Cup EditionBedrock Software, Addictive Games Ltd'90Triumph'02148
  Footballer of the YearGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86Power of Sound'97129
  Footballer of the Year 1Gremlin'86LDT150
  Footballer of the Year 1Gremlin'86Softstar202
  Footballer of the Year 2GremlinPhantasy217
  Footballer of the Year 2GremlinFanatic S.168
  Footballer of the Year 2Gremlin'89Dmitriy Kulikov'93134
  Footballer of the Year 2Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'89Phantom Ltd125
  Footballer of the Year 2GremlinSoftstar202
  Footballer of the Year 2GremlinСокол Жириновского'93171
  Forbidden PlanetDesign Design Software'86Perestroika Software'95140
  Forbidden PlanetDesign Design Software'86Phantom Ltd102
  Forest Raider CherryTimmy'10SG'1085
  Forgotten WorldsArc Developments, US Gold Ltd'89A.S.Koln374
  Forgotten WorldsUs Gold,Arc,Capcom'89Brainwave'02280
  Forgotten WorldsArc Developments, US Gold Ltd'89Galaxy Inc'94317
  Forgotten WorldsUs Gold,Arc,Capcom'89AMD331
  Forgotten WorldsUs Gold,Arc,Capcom'89Chernikov A.367
  Forgotten WorldsUS Gold, Capcom'89SG'12365
  Forgotten WorldsArc Developments, US Gold Ltd'89Power of Sound'97305
  Formula OneCRL Group PLC'85Auryn Creative Group'96272
  Formula OneCRL Group PLC'85Nikosoft'96112
  Formula OneSpirit Software'84Phantom Ltd60
  Formula OneSpirit Software'84Mike Blum70
  Formula OneCRL Group PLC'85Phantasy215
  Four Minutes to Midnight (txt)8th Day'85n/a143
  Four Minutes to Midnight (txt)8th Day'85Power of Sound'9789
  Four Soccer SimulatorsSupersonic Software Ltd, Code Masters'88FireSoft Group'95506
  Four Soccer SimulatorsCode Masters'88Nikitin P.470
  Four Soccer SimulatorsCode Masters'88Delta408
  Four Soccer SimulatorsCode Masters'88Flash493
  Four Soccer SimulatorsCode Masters'88PHD413
  Four Soccer SimulatorsCode Masters'88FFC561
  Four Soccer Simulators: 11-a-Side SoccerCode Masters'88Delta132
  Four Soccer Simulators: Indoor SoccerCode Masters'88Delta133
  Four Soccer Simulators: Soccer SkillsSupersonic Software Ltd, Code Masters'88AmoNik, Welcome Corporation'00109
  Four Soccer Simulators: Street SoccerSupersonic Software Ltd, Code Masters'88AmoNik, Welcome Corporation'0096
  Fox Fights BackDenton,Image Works'88Phantom Family101
  Fox Fights BackDenton,Image Works'88Brainwave143
  Fox Fights BackDenton,Image Works'88Mafia132
  Fox Fights BackDenton, Image Works'88Golden Disk'94199
  Fox Fights BackDenton Designs, Image Works'88Phantom Ltd115
  Fox Fights BackDenton,Image Works'88SG'11153
  Frank Bruno's BoxingEliteDrozd V.174
  Frank'n'SteinColin Stewart'84n/a175
  Frankenstein 2000Icon Software Ltd'85Phantom Ltd'9596
  Frankenstein 2000Icon'85Serge144
  Frankenstein 2000Icon'85Simsoft204
  Frankenstein 2000Icon'85TomCaT'0983
  Frankenstein jnr.Code Masters'87Flash122
  Frankie Goes to HollywoodDenton Designs, Ocean Software Ltd'85Beermanz'99168
  Frankie Goes to HollywoodDenton Designs, Ocean Software Ltd'85Alexander Maryshev'95156
  Frankie Goes to HollywoodDenton Designs, Ocean Software Ltd'85Perestroika Software'94233
  FredQuicksilva,IndescompTaw, Naa122
  FredIndescomp S.A., Investronica S.A.'84AmoNik, Welcome Corporation65
  Freddie Laker's Airlane CapersRutlemoreSG'12149
  Freddy HardestDinamic Software'87Kristall'96146
  Freddy Hardest 1Dinamic Software'87Dmitriy Kulikov'93140
  Freddy Hardest 1Imagine,Dinamic'87Mike Blum111
  Freddy Hardest 1Imagine,Dinamic'87Sliders108
  Freddy Hardest 1Dinamic Software'87AmoNik, Welcome Corporation'00108
  Freddy Hardest 1, 2, in South ManhattanDinamic,etcBrokImSoft335
  Freddy Hardest 1, 2, in South ManhattanDinamic,etcDr. Bars400
  Freddy Hardest 1, 2, in South ManhattanDinamic,etcOmega425
  Freddy Hardest 1, 2, in South ManhattanDinamic Software'87-89Phantom Ltd363
  Freddy Hardest 1,2Imagine,Dinamic'87Mafia241
  Freddy Hardest 2Dinamic Software'87Dmitriy Kulikov'93127
  Freddy Hardest 2Dinamic Software'87Sergey Rowsan153
  Freddy Hardest 2Dinamic Software'87Kristall'96207
  Freddy Hardest 2Imagine,Dinamic'87Grodnosoft171
  Freddy Hardest 2Dinamic Software'87Nicolas Rodionov, Kirill Panyushkin173
  Freddy Hardest 2Imagine,Dinamic'87Sliders120
  Freddy Hardest in South ManhattanDinamic,Iron ByteSliders134
  Freddy Krueger LiveFreddy'93n/a80
  Frederick Forsyth the Fourth Protocoln/aCode Busters308
  Free ClimbingZafiro'88BrokImSoft207
  Freedom FighterPower HouseFlash75
  Freedom FighterPower HouseBrokImSoft70
  Freez'BeesSilversoft Ltd'84King of Time'9464
  Freez'BeesSilversoft Ltd'84Phantom Ltd37
  Freez'BeesSilversoft Ltd'84Triumph'0034
  FrenzyQuicksilva Ltd'82Phantom Ltd, Power of Sound'9719
  Friday the 13thDomark Ltd'86Phantom Ltd'97106
  Fridge FrenzyBug-Byte'85Mike Blum166
  FrightfulNew Frontier'89BrokImSoft181
  FrightmareCascadePower of Sound165
  FrightmareCascade Games Ltd'88Andrew Leslie'92150
  FrightmareCascade Games Ltd'88CDS Soft'96173
  FrightmareCascade Games Ltd'88Phantom Ltd'94167
  FroggerC. Bloor'83n/a100
  Front-LineZeppelin Games Ltd'88Phantom Ltd137
  Front-LineZeppelin Games Ltd'88Phantom Ltd, Power of Sound'97101
  Front-LineZeppelin Games Ltd'88Surdakar Group'95149
  Frost ByteMikro-Gen'86Yuco95
  Frost ByteMikro-Gen'86Selivanov V.'94121
  Frost ByteMikro-Gen Ltd'86Phantom Ltd, Power of Sound'9979
  Frost ByteMikro-Gen Ltd'86Andrew Sckachek'9595
  Frost ByteMikro-Gen'86WAR100
  Frozen PengiunSilver'84n/a48
  Fruit MachineDK'Tronics Ltd'83tiboh'1661
  Fruit Machine SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'87Flash Inc116
  Fruit Machine SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'87Phantom Ltd110
  Fruit Machine Simulator 2Code Masters Ltd'90DATA soft'95272
  Fruit Machine Simulator 2Code Masters Ltd'90S.Bitman, I.Byteman'92172
  Fruit Machine Simulator 2Code Masters Ltd'90Phantom Ltd115
  Full ThrottleMicromega'84Universe Software'9786
  Full ThrottleMicromega'84Phantom Ltd76
  Full Throttle 2Zeppelin Games Ltd'90Perestroika Software'93152
  Full Throttle 2Zeppelin Games Ltd'90BrokImSoft'99113
  Full Throttle 2Zeppelin Games Ltd'90Phantom Ltd'94117
  Funky FungusAlessandro Grussu'13tiboh'13470
  Funky FungusAlessandro Grussu'13Slider'13364
  Furto al ComputerEBSn/a119
  Fury, theCreative RealityVitsoft147
  Fury,theCreative RealityFatality139
  Future Bike SimulatorHi-Tec'90I.Boneman500
  Future Bike SimulatorHi-Tec'90Dream Team, Starfire Hackers Group'95286
  Future Bike SimulatorHi-Tec'90Power of Sound'96236
  Future Bike SimulatorHi-Tec'90SG'12227
  Future Games 1Insight Software, Mastertronic Ltd'86Triumph'00135
  Future Games 1Insight Software, Mastertronic Ltd'86Phantom Ltd126
  Future Games 1Insight Software, Mastertronic Ltd'86Max Iwamoto'93196
  Future Games 1, 2Insight Software, Mastertronic Ltd'86Viktor Drozd207
  Future Games 2Insight Software, Mastertronic Ltd'86Triumph'00130
  Future Games 2Insight Software, Mastertronic Ltd'86Phantom Ltd120
  Future Games 2Insight Software, Mastertronic Ltd'86Max Iwamoto'93196
  Future KnightGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86SG-Team'11140
  Future KnightGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86Anton Vasilyev209
  Future KnightGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86Phantom Ltd115
  Future KnightGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86Rastan Ltd265
  Future LooterTimmy'11SG'12104
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