GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  A.T.A.C. (Air To Air Combat)Gadtek Games'87Pavel Nikitin'93152
  A.T.A.C. (Air To Air Combat)Gadtek Games'87BrokImSoft'02, Slider'1988
  Aaargh!Binary Design Ltd, Melbourne House'89Viktor Drozd237
  Aaargh!Binary Design Ltd, Melbourne House'89Phantom Ltd252
  Aaargh!Binary Design Ltd, Melbourne House'89Andy Chernikov411
  Abadia del Crimen, La (dsk)Opera Soft S.A.'88Maxim Prohorov254
  Abadia del Crimen, La (dsk)Opera Soft S.A.'88Perestroika Software'95413
  Abadia del Crimen, LaOpera Soft S.A.'88Desalex'94343
  Abadia del Crimen, La (dsk)Opera Soft S.A.'89Russian Prestige'95252
  Abbaye des Morts, l'DaRkHoRaCe, jerri'14author138
  Abu Simbel ProfanationDinamic Software'85Viktor Drozd98
  Abu Simbel ProfanationDinamic Software'85Jupiter 77'96125
  Abu Simbel ProfanationDinamic Software'85Slider'18168
  Abu Sinver PropagationErrazking'17krt17'1782
  Abu Sinver PropagationErrazking'17Slider'1797
  Academy (Tau Ceti II) (dsk)CRL Group PLC'87Andy Chernikov'92245
  Academy (Tau Ceti II) (dsk)CRL Group PLC'87Andy Chernikov'92, THD348
  ACE (dsk)Cascade Games Ltd'86Power of Sound'97121
  ACE (dsk)Cascade Games Ltd'86Brainwave'0279
  ACECascade Games Ltd'86Logros Software'93165
  ACECascade Games Ltd'86Alx154
  ACECascade Games Ltd'86Ershsoft'93162
  ACECascade Games Ltd'86Magic Soft'9588
  ACE 2ComTec, Cascade Games Ltd'87Brainwave'0194
  ACE 2ComTec, Cascade Games Ltd'87Logros Software'93175
  ACE 2ComTec, Cascade Games Ltd'87Phantom Ltd100
  ACE 2088Cascade Games Ltd'89Argon'96102
  ACE 2088Cascade Games Ltd'89Dmitriy Kulikov143
  ACE 2088 (dsk)Cascade Games Ltd'89DeadMan'99133
  ACE 2088Cascade Games Ltd'89Triumph'0095
  ACE 2088 (dsk)Cascade Games Ltd'89Jupiter 77126
  ACE 2088Cascade Games Ltd'89Eraser'06127
  ACE 2088 (dsk) (mod)Cascade Games Ltd'89THD255
  Ace of Aces (128k only)Paragon Programming Ltd, US Gold Ltd'86Exciter Soft'94352
  Ace of AcesParagon Programming Ltd, US Gold Ltd'86Evil Tim'96187
  Ace of Aces (2 in 1) (mod)Paragon Programming Ltd, US Gold Ltd'86Slider, tiboh'22283
  Ace of AcesParagon Programming Ltd, US Gold Ltd'86Phantom Ltd163
  AcolyteVideo Images'09SoftLight, goodboy'09134
  Acorn's Quest (txt) (dsk)AH Software'84Poyo'18192
  Acro JetMicroProse Software Ltd'87Viktor Drozd98
  Acro JetMicroProse Software Ltd'87Phantom Ltd107
  Action BikerMastertronic Ltd'85Phantom Ltd104
  Action BikerMastertronic Ltd'85tiboh'19112
  Action BikerMastertronic Ltd'85LAKS113
  Action Farce II (dsk)Nutty Software'89BrokImSoft'9970
  Action FighterCORE Design Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'89Mafia Private Corporation'95173
  Action FighterCORE Design Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'89FFC Computers, Softstar154
  Action ForceGang of Five, Virgin Games Ltd'87Kamikaze'9580
  Action ForceGang of Five, Virgin Games Ltd'87MT-Soft'9486
  Action ForceGang of Five, Virgin Games Ltd'87Extreme Entertainment'9896
  Action Force 1, 2Gang of Five, Virgin Games Ltd'87-88Phantom Ltd188
  Action Force 1, 2Gang of Five, Virgin Games Ltd'87-88TAW, SAW'94241
  Action Force 1, 2 (pentfix)Gang of Five, Virgin Games Ltd'87-88SG-Team'15226
  Action Force 2Gang of Five, Virgin Games Ltd'88Doctor Max'95214
  Action Force 2Gang of Five, Virgin Games Ltd'88Vega'96142
  Action Force 2Gang of Five, Virgin Games Ltd'88Dr.Longman'96134
  Action Force 2Gang of Five, Virgin Games Ltd'88Sergey Krutyko176
  Action Force 2 (pentfix)Gang of Five, Virgin Games Ltd'88MiS Studio'99112
  Action Force 2 (pentfix)Gang of Five, Virgin Games Ltd'88Extreme Entertainment'98127
  Action Reflex (mod)Mirrorsoft Ltd'86HDV-Soft'94254
  Action ReflexMirrorsoft Ltd'86Kwarc, K.A.A'90144
  Action Reflex (2 in 1) (mod)Mirrorsoft Ltd'86Battletech Inc.'95147
  Action Reflex (mod)Mirrorsoft Ltd'86Omega Hackers Group'96135
  Action ReflexMirrorsoft Ltd'86Phantom Ltd81
  Action ReflexMirrorsoft Ltd'86AmoNik72
  Ad AstraGargoyle Games'84Hacker Sanek179
  Ad AstraGargoyle Games'84Flash Inc119
  Ad AstraGargoyle Games'84Perestroika Software'96146
  Ad AstraGargoyle Games'84Phantom Ltd108
  Ad AstraGargoyle Games'84Vitaly Melnichuk'93179
  Ad AstraGargoyle Games'84AmoNik'0198
  Addams Family, The (128k only)Ocean Software Ltd'92Softstar360
  Addams Family, The (128k only)Ocean Software Ltd'92Crash Team, Comcod Ltd'94382
  Addams Family, The (128k only)Ocean Software Ltd'92Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95386
  Addams Family, The (128k only)Ocean Software Ltd'92LAKS360
  Adder AttackMogul Communications Ltd'83n/a134
  Adidas Championship Football (dsk)Ocean Software Ltd'90LAKS286
  Adidas Championship Football (dsk)Ocean Software Ltd'90Skyr'&Co'94316
  Adidas Championship Football (dsk) (pentfix)Ocean Software Ltd'90Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95244
  Adidas Championship Football (dsk)Ocean Software Ltd'90FFC Computers, Softstar286
  Adidas Championship Tie-BreakOcean Software Ltd'90Triebkraft'0197
  Advanced Pinball SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'88World Eyes Group'95178
  Advanced Pinball SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'88Eugen Tsalapov117
  Advanced Pinball SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'88M.M.A'9897
  Advanced Pinball SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'88Amaltiya Inc Soft103
  Advanced Pinball SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'88BMN'92175
  Advanced Pinball SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'88Sergey Smirnov157
  Advanced Pinball Simulator (128k only)Code Masters Ltd'88Daniel'95223
  Advanced Pinball SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'88Another World Software'95174
  Advanced Pinball SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'88Proxima Centauri'98119
  Advanced Pinball SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'88Universe Software'98124
  Advanced Pinball SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'88Amiga Must Die'97138
  Advanced Pinball SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'88Beermanz'97153
  Advanced Soccer Simulator (dsk)Mastertronic Plus'89Fanatic Stas'93180
  Advanced Soccer Simulator (dsk)Mastertronic Plus'89Andy 2'93193
  Advanced Soccer Simulator (dsk)Mastertronic Plus'89Prophecy'97180
  Advanced Soccer Simulator (dsk)Mastertronic Plus'89ZX-Legion'97115
  Advanced Soccer Simulator (dsk)Mastertronic Plus'89Phantom Ltd'96158
  Adventure 1 (txt) (dsk)Abersoft'82n/a159
  Adventure 10: Savage Island 1 (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'87goodboy'0595
  Adventure 1: Adventureland (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'85Power of Sound'96156
  Adventure 1: Adventureland (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'85Cat-House'94206
  Adventure 1: Adventureland (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'85Jupiter 77205
  Adventure 1: Adventureland (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'85Hagger189
  Adventure 1: Adventureland (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'85Freddy Kruger'93190
  Adventure 2: Pirate Adventure (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'84Jupiter 77, Flash Inc127
  Adventure 2: Pirate Adventure (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'84n/a39
  Adventure 4: Voodoo Castle (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'84Jupiter 77, Flash Inc126
  Adventure 4: Voodoo Castle (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'84n/a40
  Adventure 6: Strange Odyssey (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'84Jupiter 77, Flash Inc126
  Adventure 6: Strange Odyssey (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'84n/a39
  Adventure A: Planet of Death (txt) (dsk)Artic Computing Ltd'82Freddy Kruger'9532
  Adventure B: Inca Curse (txt) (dsk)Artic Computing Ltd'82Freddy Kruger'9539
  Adventure C: Ship of Doom (txt) (dsk)Artic Computing Ltd'82Ray Software'9569
  Adventure C: Ship of Doom (txt) (dsk)Artic Computing Ltd'82Immortal Boneman53
  Adventure C: Ship of Doom (txt) (dsk)Artic Computing Ltd'82Freddy Kruger'9540
  Adventure D: Espionage Island (txt) (dsk)Artic Computing Ltd'82Phantom Ltd37
  Adventure E: Golden Apple (txt) (dsk)Artic Computing Ltd'83Freddy Kruger'9555
  Adventure E: Golden Apple (txt) (dsk)Artic Computing Ltd'83SerzhSoft'9582
  Adventure Quest (txt) (dsk)Level 9 Computing Ltd'82Energy Minds164
  Adventure Quest (txt) (dsk)Level 9 Computing Ltd'82Eclipse Soft135
  AdventurerProxima Software'91BrokImSoft'00162
  Adventures of Bouncing Bob 1, 2, 3, 4, TheDoug Bagnall'15-17tiboh'19223
  Adventures of Jane Jelly 1, 2, 3, TheJaime Grilo'17-18tiboh'18524
  Adventures of Sid Spider, TheDavid Pegg'02Triumph'04135
  Adventures of St. Bernard, TheCarnell Software Ltd'83Phantom Ltd53
  Africa Gardens (txt)Gilsoft International'84LAKS83
  Africa Gardens (txt) (dsk)Gilsoft International'84Power of Sound'96107
  Africa Gardens (txt) (dsk)Gilsoft International'84Cat-House'95162
  Africa Gardens (txt) (dsk)Gilsoft International'84Siv Blader'9684
  African Trail SimulatorCrom Software, Positive'90Alexey Ermakov'93112
  African Trail SimulatorCrom Software, Positive'90Phantom Ltd109
  African Trail SimulatorCrom Software, Positive'90Alex Plusov'94173
  African Trail SimulatorCrom Software, Positive'90Welcome Corporation100
  After BurnerActivision Inc'88Pavel Nikitin'93465
  After Burner (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Activision Inc'88SG-Team'11, Slider, tiboh'22456
  After BurnerActivision Inc'88Anton Vasilyev417
  After BurnerActivision Inc'88Power of Sound'97336
  After Shock (txt) (dsk)Interceptor Software'86r0m'95196
  After Shock (txt) (dsk) (mod)Interceptor Software'86Cat-House'95164
  After Shock (txt) (dsk)Interceptor Software'86LAKS'94238
  After the War 1Dinamic Software'89Amiga Must Die'97154
  After the War 1 (mod)Dinamic Software'89Ralf'12, Slider'18134
  After the War 1Dinamic Software'89Phantom Ltd116
  After the War 1 (mod)Dinamic Software'89United Hackers Group'94248
  After the War 1Dinamic Software'89Triumph'00139
  After the War 1, 2Dinamic Software'89Style Group [ru]209
  After the War 1, 2 (mod)Dinamic Software'89Adia255
  After the War 1, 2Dinamic Software'89Eternity Industry'98252
  After the War 1, 2 (mod)Dinamic Software'89Megaforce Hackers Group'94302
  After the War 1, 2Dinamic Software'89Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'94310
  After the War 1, 2 (+3dos)Dinamic Software'89Triumph'04328
  After the War 2Dinamic Software'89Amiga Must Die'97155
  After the War 2Dinamic Software'89Phantom Ltd124
  After the War 2 (mod)Dinamic Software'89United Hackers Group'94233
  After the War 2Dinamic Software'89Triumph'00143
  AftermathAlternative Software Ltd'88SG-Team'1267
  AfteroidsZigurat Software'88Flash Inc98
  AfteroidsZigurat Software'88BrokImSoft'0293
  Agatha Christie's Parrot+Joefish'18tiboh'2226
  Agent Orange (dsk)A'n'F Software, Argus Press Software Ltd'87goodboy, Slider, tiboh'15116
  Agent OrangeA'n'F Software, Argus Press Software Ltd'87Andrew Sckachek'92123
  Agent XSoftware Creations, Mastertronic Ltd'86V.D.I.'91283
  Agent XSoftware Creations, Mastertronic Ltd'86Immortal Boneman'96184
  Agent XSoftware Creations, Mastertronic Ltd'86Slider'15175
  Agent XSoftware Creations, Mastertronic Ltd'86Anton Vasilyev295
  Agent XSoftware Creations, Mastertronic Ltd'86Power of Sound'97173
  Agent X 1, 2 (pentfix)Software Creations, Mastertronic Ltd'86-87debris'15365
  Agent X II Part 1Software Creations, Mastertronic Ltd'87Omega Hackers Club'95154
  Agent X II Part 1, 2, 3Software Creations, Mastertronic Ltd'87OSM Co Ltd'93543
  Agent X II Part 1, 2, 3Software Creations, Mastertronic Ltd'87Megafire Software'95200
  Agent X II Part 1, 2, 3Software Creations, Mastertronic Ltd'87TAW, SAW'94299
  Agent X II Part 1, 2, 3Software Creations, Mastertronic Ltd'87Double Masters Company584
  Agent X II Part 1, 2, 3Software Creations, Mastertronic Ltd'87Power of Sound'96231
  Agent X II Part 3Software Creations, Mastertronic Ltd'87AmoNik'0153
  Ah DiddumsImagine Software Ltd'83tiboh'1839
  Ah DiddumsImagine Software Ltd'83Phantom Ltd28
  Ahhh!! (Alien Warp) (ita)CRL Group PLC'84G.B.Max'85, Black Stalker'93184
  Air Traffic Control RomeLuca Bordoni'14tiboh'1859
  Airborne RangerMicroProse Software Ltd'88Power of Sound'97498
  Airborne RangerMicroProse Software Ltd'88C.C.'911055
  Airport '82JRS Software Ltd'82DimikSoft57
  AirwolfElite Systems Ltd'85Olegsoft'93103
  AirwolfElite Systems Ltd'85Phantom Ltd86
  Airwolf 1, 2Elite Systems Ltd, Hit-Pak'85-87SG-Team'07236
  Airwolf IIHit-Pak'87Phoenix'96114
  Airwolf IIHit-Pak'87Universe Software'97122
  Airwolf IIHit-Pak'87MDF Hacker174
  Airwolf IIHit-Pak'87OAV'98178
  Airwolf IIHit-Pak'87Phantom Ltd122
  Airwolf IIHit-Pak'87Ros Ltd'93182
  Airwolf IIHit-Pak'87Light Future Group114
  Akalabeth (dsk)Battle Bunny'16Poyo'20202
  AknadachProxima Software'90Flash Inc'98109
  Aknadach (eng)Proxima Software'90Softhouse Ltd'11, Slider'1990
  Al's Double BillAlessandro Grussu'13tiboh'15261
  Al's Double BillAlessandro Grussu'18author2198
  Aladdin's CaveArtic Computing'85Flash Inc'97122
  AlbatrossityJonathan Cauldwell'08Shadow Maker'0883
  Alcatraz HarryMastertronic Ltd'84tiboh'16176
  Alcatraz IIScorpio Gamesworld Ltd'84tiboh'16189
  AlchemistImagine Software Ltd'83The Legacy'99123
  AlchemistImagine Software Ltd'83Power of Sound'9889
  Ali-BebeFuture Stars'85BrokImSoft'0297
  AlienConcept Software Ltd, Mind Games'84eYe-Q66
  AlienCascade Games Ltd'83tiboh'1623
  Alien (txt)Load 'n' Run'88tiboh'12148
  AlienLoad 'n' Run'86tiboh'12160
  Alien (Aliens)Data Design Systems, Your Sinclair'86n/a39
  AlienConcept Software Ltd, Mind Games'84Slider'2076
  AlienConcept Software Ltd, Mind Games'84Phantom Ltd70
  Alien 8Ultimate Play The Game'85Phantom Ltd105
  Alien 8Ultimate Play The Game'85Andrew Sckachek'94157
  Alien 8Ultimate Play The Game'85Slider'13138
  Alien 8Ultimate Play The Game'85AmoNik96
  Alien 99True Video'05tiboh'1629
  Alien DestroyerKuma Computers Ltd, Sinclair Research Ltd'84Odysseus102
  Alien EvolutionGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Nicolas Rodionov'88, Rescue Rangers175
  Alien EvolutionGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Nicolas Rodionov'88, Gatchina'94193
  Alien EvolutionGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Power of Sound'98115
  Alien EvolutionGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Hellchild'93123
  Alien Highway (Encounter 2)Vortex Software'86THD101
  Alien Highway (Encounter 2)Vortex Software'86Ilya Dumov'90173
  Alien KillMastertronic Ltd'84DimikSoft'94101
  Alien StormUS Gold Ltd'91MegaStars Hackers Group776
  Alien StormUS Gold Ltd'91Code Busters, Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'95761
  Alien StormUS Gold Ltd'91Monsters Productions'19, tiboh'22700
  Alien SwarmTitan Programs Ltd'82Phantom Ltd31
  Alien SyndromeACE Software'88Code Busters'94333
  Alien SyndromeACE Software'88Alexey Ermakov'93273
  Alien Syndrome (pentfix)ACE Software'88SG-Team'11, Slider'23273
  Alien-AMarcos Cruz'10tiboh'199
  AliensElectric Dreams Software'86Kirill Panyushkin'88, Mike Blum105
  AliensElectric Dreams Software'86SG-Team, Shadow Maker'12147
  AliensElectric Dreams Software'86Tomcat'91163
  AliensElectric Dreams Software'86Phantom Ltd123
  AliensFantazzini Software, Load 'n' Run'87tiboh'1298
  Aliens US VersionMr. Micro Ltd, Electric Dreams Software'87Paul Nosikov'91, Dmitriy Kulikov'93765
  Aliens US VersionMr. Micro Ltd, Electric Dreams Software'87Delta Hackers Group'99498
  Aliens US VersionMr. Micro Ltd, Electric Dreams Software'87Paul Nosikov'91762
  Aliens US VersionMr. Micro Ltd, Electric Dreams Software'87Ice'n'Green'00417
  Aliens US VersionMr. Micro Ltd, Electric Dreams Software'87Volovetsky756
  Aliens US VersionMr. Micro Ltd, Electric Dreams Software'87LAKS'95486
  Aliquid SimplexYour Computer'84DimikSoft'9940
  All Hallows: Rise of PumpkinRucksack Games'18tiboh'18117
  All or NothingAbbex Electronics Ltd'84tiboh'1896
  All Present and CorrectBob's Stuff'09tiboh'1670
  All-American Basketball (pentfix)Zeppelin Games Ltd'92tiboh'21109
  All-American BasketballZeppelin Games Ltd'92Flash Inc76
  Alley's Gun (Hogan's Alley)MicroHobby'87tiboh'21143
  Almacen, ElMicroHobby'85tiboh'1895
  Alphabet ZooSpinnaker Software Corporation'84tiboh'2073
  Alpine GamesAtlantis Software Ltd'87AmoNik'00105
  Alpine GamesAtlantis Software Ltd'87tiboh'15193
  AltairInmensa Bola de Manteca'14tiboh'1676
  Altered BeastActivision Inc'89Digital Reality'97556
  Altered BeastActivision Inc'89Fatality542
  Altered Beast (2 in 1) (mod)Activision Inc'89goodboy, tiboh'22664
  Altered BeastActivision Inc'89Brainwave'02509
  Altered BeastActivision Inc'89Welcome Corporation556
  Altered BeastActivision Inc'89Eugen Tsalapov502
  Alternative World GamesGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Max Iwamoto'931350
  Alternative World GamesGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Himik's ZxZ'96662
  AmauroteBinary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'87Brainwave'01180
  AmauroteBinary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'87Alexey Ermakov'92216
  Amaurote (128k only)Binary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'87BMN'92220
  AmauroteBinary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'87Dmitriy Kulikov'92241
  AmauroteBinary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'87Russian Prestige'96184
  AmauroteBinary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'87Seamans'96239
  AmauroteBinary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'87Rapeware Corporation'95241
  AmauroteBinary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'87Andrew Sckachek'94197
  Amaurote (pentfix)Binary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'87Brainwave'01, Slider'14290
  AmauroteBinary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'87D-Love'98240
  A-MazeK'Soft Ltd'86Phantom Ltd57
  Amazing Rocketeer, TheJohn Fotou'07Slider'13269
  American 3D PoolZeppelin Games Ltd'92Flash Inc'9796
  American 3D PoolZeppelin Games Ltd'92Triumph'02101
  American FootballMind Games'84tiboh'1969
  American Tag Team WrestlingZeppelin Games Ltd'92Flash Inc'97125
  American Tag Team WrestlingZeppelin Games Ltd'92Welcome Corporation'98138
  Amethyst Dagger, The (La Daga Amatista)Rafael Vico Costa'18Slider'22102
  Amo del Mundo (pentfix)Positive'90Slider'16157
  Amo del MundoPositive'90Phantom Ltd128
  Amo del MundoPositive'90Shock Brigade'96130
  Amo del MundoPositive'90Anton Vasilyev179
  Amo del MundoPositive'90AmoNik129
  AmoebaAlchemist Research'95tiboh'1823
  Amores de Brunilda, LosRetroWorks'14Slider'14328
  Amoto's PufSPE'88SG-Team'0869
  Amusement ParkJonathan Cauldwell'14Shadow Maker'1434
  Amusement Park 4000 (4k)Jonathan Cauldwell'03tiboh'2217
  AnacondaReptile Industries Ltd, Software Projects Ltd'89SG-Team'10287
  AnarchyRack-It'87Welcome Corporation'98120
  Android OneVortex Software'83Flash Inc40
  Android OneVortex Software'83tiboh'2072
  Android TwoVortex Software'83A.S.'9572
  Android TwoVortex Software'83tiboh'2085
  Andy CappBlitter Animations, Mirrorsoft Ltd'88Mafia Private Corporation'96158
  Andy Capp (mod)Blitter Animations, Mirrorsoft Ltd'88AY Group, MV-Rave137
  Andy CappBlitter Animations, Mirrorsoft Ltd'88Dr.Shura123
  Andy CappBlitter Animations, Mirrorsoft Ltd'88Power of Sound'98126
  Andy's EscapeStonechat Productions'19tiboh'1955
  AnfractuosPlayers Software'87BrokImSoft'02108
  Angel Nieto Pole 500 (dsk)Opera Soft S.A.'90Walsoft235
  Angel Nieto Pole 500Opera Soft S.A.'90Microspace'94231
  Angel Nieto Pole 500 (dsk)Opera Soft S.A.'90FFC Computers, Softstar'95264
  Angel Nieto Pole 500 (dsk)Opera Soft S.A.'90LAKS'95264
  Angle Ball (dsk)Mastertronic Added Dimension'87KSA103
  Angle BallMastertronic Added Dimension'87Korund59
  Angle BallMastertronic Added Dimension'87Power of Sound'9851
  AnglerVirgin Games Ltd'83Phantom Ltd76
  AnimaLes Quizarables'15tiboh'1575
  Animated Strip PokerKnightsoft'85Vadim'1474
  Annals of Rome (dsk)Data Design Systems, PSS'86danner'15198
  Anno Domini (4k)Jonathan Cauldwell'04Omega Hackers Group'0468
  Ano GaiaYour Sinclair'92Code Reingers Group'96134
  Ano GaiaYour Sinclair'92Eraser'06113
  Ano Gaia (2 in 1) (mod)Your Sinclair'92FLP'96154
  Another Brick on the Wall 2Compiler Software'05Slider'0599
  Ant AttackQuicksilva Ltd'83Ate Bit'17106
  Ant AttackQuicksilva Ltd'83Phantom Ltd64
  Ant AttackQuicksilva Ltd'83Andrey'94113
  AntaresJuliet Software, Dro Soft'87Max Iwamoto'9396
  AntaresJuliet Software, Dro Soft'87Phantom Ltd69
  Antares (mod)Juliet Software, Dro Soft'87Shock Brigade'97103
  AntaresJuliet Software, Dro Soft'87Queen Software Inc75
  Antartida (txt)Luis Mezquita Raya, Pedro A. Garcia Sanchez'85Nat'19183
  AntEaterDEFB Studio'21Slider'2189
  Antics (Formicaio, Il) (ita)Bug-Byte Software Ltd'84Phantom Ltd66
  Antics (Birds and the Bees II, The)Bug-Byte Software Ltd'84Mike Blum130
  Antiquity JonesPaul Jenkinson'12SG-Team'12131
  APB (All Points Bulletin)Walking Circles, Domark Ltd'89Mortal Kombat Hackers Group'94300
  APB (All Points Bulletin) (2 in 1)Walking Circles, Domark Ltd'89Slider'21244
  APB (All Points Bulletin)Walking Circles, Domark Ltd'89Andy Solovarov'94268
  Apenao's Avatar - Enter the WorldBloodBaz'10tiboh'1049
  Apocalypse (dsk)Red Shift Ltd'83Silencer248
  Apollo 11Darkstar'83MiS Studio78
  Apple JamDK'Tronics Ltd'84Phantom Ltd28
  Apple JamDK'Tronics Ltd'84Flash Inc38
  Appleton (txt) (dsk)Walter Pooley'92^m00h^'0075
  Apulija 13Alessandro Grussu'13author392
  Apulija 13Alessandro Grussu'13Slider'13325
  Aquanoids (2 in 1)Neil Parsons'20Slider'20186
  AquaplaneQuicksilva Ltd'83Flash Inc38
  Aquaplane (mod)Quicksilva Ltd'83New Software'9678
  Aquaplane (pentfix)Quicksilva Ltd'83tiboh'1533
  AquaplaneQuicksilva Ltd'83AmoNik26
  AquaplaneQuicksilva Ltd'83Phantom Ltd'9428
  AquariusBug-Byte Software Ltd'83Phantom Ltd32
  AquasquadThe Shaw Brothers, Atlantis Software Ltd'88SG-Team'11127
  Arachno Joe (4k)GOC'03tiboh'2215
  Arachno JoeGOC'04author445
  Arc of Yesod, TheThor Computer Software'85Anton Vasilyev'92320
  Arc of Yesod, TheThor Computer Software'85LZB'97175
  Arc of Yesod, TheThor Computer Software'85Slider'20290
  Arc of Yesod, TheThor Computer Software'85Phantom Ltd177
  Arcade Flight SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'89Flash Inc'98129
  Arcade Flight SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'89Cleopatra Ltd'91156
  Arcade Flight SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'89Phantom Ltd119
  Arcade Flight SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'89Alexey Ermakov'93156
  Arcade Flight SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'89Jupiter 77130
  Arcade Flight Simulator (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Code Masters Ltd'89Slider'17, tiboh'22162
  Arcade Fruit MachineDented Designs, Zeppelin Games Ltd'90Dr.Dash, Next-Stop Studio139
  Arcade Fruit MachineDented Designs, Zeppelin Games Ltd'90Andy Epifanov'94199
  Arcade Fruit MachineDented Designs, Zeppelin Games Ltd'90AmoNik'01105
  Arcade Fruit MachineDented Designs, Zeppelin Games Ltd'90Jupiter 77136
  Arcade Fruit MachineDented Designs, Zeppelin Games Ltd'90Phantom Ltd119
  Arcade Trivia QuizZeppelin Games Ltd'89Mike Blum500
  Arcade Trivia QuizZeppelin Games Ltd'89Jupiter 77316
  Arcade Trivia QuizZeppelin Games Ltd'89Viktor Drozd321
  ArcadiaImagine Software Ltd'82Phantom Ltd29
  ArcadiaImagine Software Ltd'82tiboh'1981
  Archaeologist, The (dsk)Spectrum Computing'85Phantom Ltd62
  ArchonElectronic Arts'89Alx143
  ArchonElectronic Arts'89Jupiter 77107
  ArchonThe RamJam Corporation, Ariolasoft UK Ltd'85Welcome Corporation90
  ArchonThe RamJam Corporation, Ariolasoft UK Ltd'85Taper Diskens194
  ArchonThe RamJam Corporation, Ariolasoft UK Ltd'85Power of Sound'9789
  ArchonThe RamJam Corporation, Ariolasoft UK Ltd'85Alx86
  Archon 1, 2Electronic Arts'89Dr.Dash, Next-Stop Studio223
  Archon II: AdeptElectronic Arts'89Alx128
  Arctic Atac (mod of Atic Atac) (mod)Ultimate Play The Game'83, Highriser'23Slider'24182
  ArcticfoxElectronic Arts'88Monsters Productions'20203
  Arcticfox (pentfix)Electronic Arts'88MiS Studio137
  ArcturusVisions Software Factory Ltd'84DimikSoft'99159
  Area 51 (4k)Jonathan Cauldwell'04Omega Hackers Group'0416
  ArenaMC Lothlorien Ltd'85Flash Inc'96121
  Arena!Titan Programs Ltd'83DimikSoft'9925
  AresMixt Dimension, MicroHobby'90Slider'05129
  AresMixt Dimension, MicroHobby'90Flash Inc'96113
  Arkanoid (km)Imagine Software Ltd'87goodboy'0777
  Arkanoid (mod)Imagine Software Ltd'87Megasystem Group'94175
  ArkanoidImagine Software Ltd'87Chung Software106
  ArkanoidImagine Software Ltd'87Mike Blum96
  ArkanoidImagine Software Ltd'87Phantom Ltd106
  Arkanoid - Revenge of DohImagine Software Ltd'88Universe Software'97112
  Arkanoid - Revenge of DohImagine Software Ltd'88Korund99
  Arkanoid - Revenge of DohImagine Software Ltd'88Power Project'9799
  Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh (2 in 1) (mod)Imagine Software Ltd'88Phantom Family'97162
  Arkanoid - Revenge of DohImagine Software Ltd'88Flash Inc'97215
  Arkanoid - Revenge of DohImagine Software Ltd'88eYe-Q120
  Arkanoid 1, 2 (pentfix)Imagine Software Ltd'87-88SG-Team'10298
  ArkarumUltrasoft [sk]'90Beermanz'9768
  ArkarumUltrasoft [sk]'90Softstar'96128
  ArkarumUltrasoft [sk]'90tiboh'1552
  ArkarumUltrasoft [sk]'90Softstar'93128
  Arkos 1, 2Zigurat Software'88Max Iwamoto'93206
  Arkos 1, 2, 3Zigurat Software'88MiS Studio'99225
  Arkos 1, 2, 3Zigurat Software'88BrokImSoft'02234
  ArmageddonOcean Software Ltd'83Flash Inc33
  Armageddon - The Day of Anger Part ISVC Software'93Flash Inc'9995
  Armageddon Man, The (Satellite Wars) (dsk)Martech Games Ltd'87Power of Sound'97178
  Armageddon Man, The (Satellite Wars) (dsk)Martech Games Ltd'87AmoNik'00103
  Armageddon Man, The (Satellite Wars) (dsk)Martech Games Ltd'87Discovery Ltd'94178
  Armageddon Man, The (Satellite Wars) (dsk)Martech Games Ltd'87Perestroika Software'94179
  Armageddon Man, The (Satellite Wars) (dsk)Martech Games Ltd'87Create Soft180
  Army Moves (128k only)Dinamic Software'87A.S.Koln216
  Army Moves (2 in 1)Dinamic Software'87Speccyfan'00165
  Army Moves (2 in 1)Dinamic Software'87SG-Team'08, Slider, tiboh'22542
  Army Moves (mod)Dinamic Software'87Andrey282
  Army Moves (48k only)Dinamic Software'87Syndrome'98245
  Army Moves (128k only)Dinamic Software'87Alex Nikiforov167
  Army Moves (2 in 1)Dinamic Software'87New Group'96449
  Army Moves (128k only)Dinamic Software'87AmoNik'00165
  Army Moves (128k only)Dinamic Software'87Anton Vasilyev'91274
  Arnhem (dsk)CCS'85Viktor Drozd106
  Arnhem (dsk)CCS'85Sergey Izotin'94182
  Arnhem (dsk)CCS'85AmoNik108
  Arnhem (dsk) (mod)CCS'85Stream Hackers'96149
  Artura (48k only)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'89Prophecy'97147
  Artura (+3dos) (128k only)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'89Triumph, goodboy'05168
  Artura (48k only)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'89Rastan Ltd'93136
  Artura (48k only)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'89Light Future Incorporation'95133
  Artura (48k only)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'89Power of Sound'98144
  Artura (+3dos) (2 in 1)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'89goodboy, Slider'20254
  Ashkeron! (txt) (dsk)Texgate Computers Ltd, Mirrorsoft Ltd'85Jupiter 77155
  Aspar GP MasterDinamic Software'88KZS Corporation, Master Home Computers Group'97128
  Aspar GP Master (+3dos)Dinamic Software'88Triumph'04151
  Aspar GP Master (mod)Dinamic Software'88Beermanz151
  Aspar GP MasterDinamic Software'88AmoNik'00109
  Aspar GP MasterDinamic Software'88Power of Sound'97110
  Aspar GP MasterDinamic Software'88V.V. Lutovinov'95140
  Aspar GP Master (+3dos) (2 in 1) (mod)Dinamic Software'88Slider, tiboh'23297
  AssassinPsychaedelic Hedgehog Software'90BrokImSoft'9995
  AssassinPsychaedelic Hedgehog Software'90Phantom Ltd112
  AssassinPsychaedelic Hedgehog Software'90AmoNik'00103
  Assault CoursePlayers Premier'90Magic Soft'96178
  Assault CoursePlayers Premier'90BrokImSoft'96124
  Assignment East Berlin (txt) (dsk)Sterling Software'85Poyo'18172
  Asterix and the Magic CauldronBeam Software, Melbourne House'86Dmitriy Kulikov'93161
  Asterix and the Magic Cauldron (Gallix) (ita)Beam Software, Melbourne House'86G.B.Max'86, Ascendancy Creative Labs'97166
  Asterix and the Magic Cauldron (Gallix) (ita)Beam Software, Melbourne House'86G.B.Max'86, Unicum Group'97138
  Astor GamaoAstor Softwaretiboh'1860
  Astor MindAstor Softwaretiboh'1846
  Astor Slot MachineAstor Software'84tiboh'1829
  Astro 2008Canadul'07Slider'1494
  Astro BlasterMatt Jackson'19tiboh'1977
  Astro Blaster (mod)Quicksilva Ltd'83Creative Corporation Zhuki'0678
  Astro BlasterQuicksilva Ltd'83tiboh'1833
  Astro BlasterQuicksilva Ltd'83Phantom Ltd'9519
  Astro Marine Corps 1Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89Anton Vasilyev'92222
  Astro Marine Corps 1Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89Viktor Drozd139
  Astro Marine Corps 1Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89Welcome Corporation'00144
  Astro Marine Corps 1, 2Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89Galaxy Inc315
  Astro Marine Corps 1, 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89Kristall'96306
  Astro Marine Corps 1, 2Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89SAW'95341
  Astro Marine Corps 1, 2Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89Universal Company Incorporated300
  Astro Marine Corps 1, 2Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89Red Limited Drunkards Group'95319
  Astro Marine Corps 1, 2Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89Jupiter 77330
  Astro Marine Corps 1, 2Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89SG-Team'10285
  Astro Marine Corps 1, 2Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89FFC Computers, Softstar344
  Astro Marine Corps 1, 2Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89ZYX Software'93385
  Astro Marine Corps 2Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89Anton Vasilyev'92250
  Astro Marine Corps 2Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89Viktor Drozd153
  Astro Marine Corps 2Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89Master Software Ltd'96313
  AstroballDigital Reality [uk], Revelation Software'92Flash Inc'98112
  AstrocloneGraftgold Ltd, Hewson Consultants Ltd'85Himik's ZxZ'96121
  AstrocloneGraftgold Ltd, Hewson Consultants Ltd'85Andrew Sckachek'94214
  AstrocloneGraftgold Ltd, Hewson Consultants Ltd'85Dr.Dash, Next-Stop Studio'98138
  AstrocloneGraftgold Ltd, Hewson Consultants Ltd'85Mike Blum175
  AstrocloneGraftgold Ltd, Hewson Consultants Ltd'85AmoNik116
  Astronaut LabyrinthJaime Grilo'18tiboh'18110
  AstronutSoftware Projects Ltd'84Phantom Ltd102
  Astrosmash! ZXAMC Games'18Poyo'2050
  A-Team 1, 2, The (Equipo A 1, 2, El) (mod)Zafiro Software Division'88Black Valley Corp'95382
  A-Team 1, 2, The (Equipo A 1, 2, El)Zafiro Software Division'88Phantom Ltd185
  A-Team 1, 2, The (Equipo A 1, 2, El)Zafiro Software Division'88TAW, SAW'94227
  A-Team 1, 2, The (Equipo A 1, 2, El) (2 in 1) (mod)Zafiro Software Division'88tiboh'20214
  A-Team 1, 2, The (Equipo A 1, 2, El)Zafiro Software Division'88BrokImSoft'02149
  A-Team 1, The (Equipo A 1, El)Zafiro Software Division'88Mike Blum86
  A-Team 1, The (Equipo A 1, El) (mod)Zafiro Software Division'88Cache'94255
  A-Team 1, The (Equipo A 1, El)Zafiro Software Division'88Oleg Duhovny, Lensoft'91133
  A-Team 2, The (Equipo A 2, El)Zafiro Software Division'88Mike Blum84
  A-Team 2, The (Equipo A 2, El)Zafiro Software Division'88Alex Leader Co.'93182
  A-Team 2, The (Equipo A 2, El) (2 in 1) (mod)Zafiro Software Division'88Cache'95292
  A-Team 2, The (Equipo A 2, El)Zafiro Software Division'88Rapeware Corporation'95126
  ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter)Digital Integration'88Gelios Group164
  ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter)Digital Integration'88Mast134
  ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter)Digital Integration'88Cybertronic Software'95229
  ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter)Digital Integration'88LZB'96117
  ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter)Digital Integration'88Phantom Ltd125
  ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter)Digital Integration'88Speccyfan'00132
  ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter)Digital Integration'88Skylark'94227
  Athena (48k only)Imagine Software Ltd'87Immortal Boneman'96259
  Athena (48k only)Imagine Software Ltd'87ETC Group'95312
  Athena (48k only)Imagine Software Ltd'87Anton Vasilyev'91375
  Athena (128k only)Imagine Software Ltd'87Flash Inc'97305
  Athena (128k only)Imagine Software Ltd'87Image Crew'97267
  Athena (2 in 1)Imagine Software Ltd'87Power of Sound'97287
  Athena (128k only) (pentfix)Imagine Software Ltd'87SG-Team'18340
  Athena (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Imagine Software Ltd'87Slider, tiboh'23435
  AthleteBuffer Micro Ltd'84Phantom Ltd82
  Atic AtacUltimate Play The Game'83Phantom Ltd108
  Atic AtacUltimate Play The Game'83Slider'20160
  Atic AtacUltimate Play The Game'83AmoNik'0097
  AtlantisLuca Bordoni'19tiboh'1953
  Atlantis (Sub) (ita)Anirog Software'85Flash Inc'9837
  Atlas Assignment, The (txt) (dsk)Virgin Games Ltd'83DimikSoft143
  Atom AntTwilight, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90Brainwave'02112
  Atom AntTwilight, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90BrokImSoft'0296
  Atom AntTwilight, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90Jupiter 77108
  Atom AntTwilight, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90Magic Soft'96130
  Atom Ant (mod)Twilight, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90Omega Hackers Group'96133
  AtomiCatPoe Games'20tiboh'2071
  Atomix (km)Scorpion [cz]'90Velesoft'05, tiboh'13101
  AtomixScorpion [cz]'90FFC Computers, Softstar83
  Atomix 1, 2Scorpion [cz]'90-91Slider'05175
  Atomix II: Hexagonia (km)Scorpion [cz]'91Velesoft'05, tiboh'13115
  Atrog 1, 2, 3Zafiro Software Division'88Welcome Corporation'97233
  Atrog 1, 2, 3Zafiro Software Division'88SG-Team'08253
  Attack of the Killer TomatoesGlobal Software'86SG-Team, Shadow Maker'11114
  Attack of the Killer TomatoesGlobal Software'86LAKS'93106
  Attack of the Killer TomatoesGlobal Software'86Phantom Ltd87
  Attack of the RGBobotsSol_HSA'16tiboh'1647
  ATV Simulator (All Terrain Vehicle Simulator)Code Masters Ltd'87Immortal Boneman'95187
  ATV Simulator (All Terrain Vehicle Simulator)Code Masters Ltd'87Vitaly System'93186
  ATV Simulator (All Terrain Vehicle Simulator)Code Masters Ltd'87Aleksey Popushin186
  ATV Simulator (All Terrain Vehicle Simulator)Code Masters Ltd'87Cleopatra Ltd'91176
  ATV Simulator (All Terrain Vehicle Simulator)Code Masters Ltd'87Glen122
  ATV Simulator (All Terrain Vehicle Simulator)Code Masters Ltd'87Phantom Ltd121
  ATV Simulator (All Terrain Vehicle Simulator)Code Masters Ltd'87Tagilsoft'94228
  ATV Simulator (All Terrain Vehicle Simulator)Code Masters Ltd'87AmoNik'00107
  ATV Simulator (All Terrain Vehicle Simulator)Code Masters Ltd'87Integral Group'97131
  ATV Simulator (All Terrain Vehicle Simulator)Code Masters Ltd'87VAD'98108
  Auf Wiedersehen MontyGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Kot Bazilio'91237
  Auf Wiedersehen MontyGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Vitsoft262
  Auf Wiedersehen MontyGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Digital Reality199
  Auf Wiedersehen MontyGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Inferno Software Inc'95231
  Auf Wiedersehen MontyGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Slider'05234
  Auf Wiedersehen MontyGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Cooper'96243
  Auf Wiedersehen PetTynesoft'84tiboh'18172
  Austerlitz (Battle of Austerlitz, The)KW Software'86Viktor Drozd81
  Austerlitz 1805 (dsk)CCS'89Viktor Drozd346
  Australian Games (+3dos) (2 in 1)Beam Software, US Gold Ltd'90goodboy, tiboh'23607
  Australian GamesBeam Software, US Gold Ltd'90Moment Records244
  Australian GamesBeam Software, US Gold Ltd'90Walsoft'91535
  Australian Rules Football (Victorian)Again Again'89Perestroika Software'93145
  Australian Rules Football (Victorian)Again Again'89Ascendancy Creative Labs'9792
  Australian Rules Football (Amateur)Again Again'89Power of Sound'9795
  Australian Rules Football (Victorian)Again Again'89Reanimator'95104
  Australian Rules FootballAgain Again'89SG-Team'12171
  Australian Rules Football (Victorian)Again Again'89Phantom Ltd79
  Australian Rules Football (Victorian)Again Again'89Cleopatra Ltd'91149
  Auto ConcentrationScene+'94Flash Inc53
  AutocrashZigurat Software'91Phantom Family141
  Autocrash (eng)Zigurat Software'91X-Poject Association'97165
  Autocrash (2 in 1) (mod)Zigurat Software'91Megafire Software'95141
  AutocrashZigurat Software'91Phantom Ltd127
  AutocrashZigurat Software'91Perestroika Software'96164
  AutocrashZigurat Software'91Slider'15126
  AutocrashZigurat Software'91AmoNik113
  AutomaniaMikro-Gen Ltd'84AmoNik128
  AutomaniaMikro-Gen Ltd'84Slider'1584
  AutomaniaMikro-Gen Ltd'84Phantom Ltd113
  Autostopista Galactico v1 (Stopista Galactico)Ventamatic'83tiboh'1861
  Autostopista Galactico v2 (Stopista Galactico)Ventamatic'84tiboh'1863
  Autostopista Galactico v2 (Stopista Galactico)Ventamatic'84Viktor Drozd63
  Avalon (dsk)Hewson Consultants Ltd'84ART235
  Avalon (dsk)Hewson Consultants Ltd'84A. Sharapov183
  Avalon (dsk)Hewson Consultants Ltd'84Power of Sound'97159
  AvalonHewson Consultants Ltd'84Monsters Productions'94109
  AvenProxima Software'93Viktor Drozd99
  AvengerGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86Mike Blum169
  AvengerGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86Alexey Vagin, Artem Surunov196
  AvengerGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86SG-Team'07152
  AvengerGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86ZDW'94253
  AvengerGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86Immortal Boneman'96206
  AvengerGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86Pro Hackers Dynasty'97172
  AvengerGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86Power of Sound'97160
  AvengerGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86ShiSoft'92174
  AvengerGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86Anton Vasilyev207
  AvengerGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86AmoNik'00117
  Aventura Espacial, La 1, 2 (txt) (dsk)Aventuras AD S.A.'90tiboh'20275
  AvernoP.J. Software'89Viktor Drozd36
  Averno (+3dos) (2 in 1)P.J. Software'89tiboh'2358
  AwariThe Home Computer Advanced Course'84tiboh'1932
  Axe of Kolt, The 1 (txt)FSF Adventures'90Dmitriy Kulikov'93147
  Axel K. and the Lost BillsRing'13Slider'13107
  AxonsSaursoft'91Red Limited Drunkards Group'97369
  Aztec: Hunt for the Sun-God (txt) (dsk)Five Ways Software Ltd, Hill MacGibbon'84Cat-House'95203
  Azzurro 8bit JamRELEVO Videogames'11debris, goodboy'11119
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