GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Ad AstraGargoyle Games'84Perestroika Software'96146
  Advanced Soccer SimulatorSteven Hannah, Mastertronic'89Andy 2'93193
  Alien Highway (Encounter 2)Vortex Software'86Ilya Dumov'90173
  Alien Highway (Encounter 2)Vortex Software'86THD101
  Armageddon Man, The (Satellite Wars)Martech Games Ltd'87Perestroika Software'94179
  AutocrashZigurat Software'91Perestroika Software'96164
  Blade AlleyPSS'83Perestroika Software'96112
  BristlesRichard Huddy, State Soft Ltd'84Perestroika Software'9495
  Bubble DizzyCode Masters'91Perestroika Software'95144
  By Fair Means or Foul (Pro Boxing Simulator)Charles Goodwin, Superior Software Ltd'89Perestroika Software'94198
  Chase H.Q. 1, 2Ocean Software Ltd'89-90tiboh'15657
  Chessmaster 2000, TheDro Soft'90Perestroika Software'94175
  Codename MAT 2Domark Ltd'84Perestroika Software'95148
  Crazy Cars 2Titus'88Perestroika Software'96172
  DeflektorVortex Software, Gremlin'87Perestroika Software'94170
  Dizzy Fantastic Arcade Codemasters KollectionCode Masters'89-91Slider'15698
  Encyclopaedia GalacticaRetro Fusion'12-13tiboh'15250
  ExolonHewson Consultants Ltd'87Perestroika Software'93229
  F1 Tornado SimulatorZeppelin Games Ltd'91Perestroika Software'94133
  Fernandez Must DieProbe Software Ltd, Image Works'88Perestroika Software'93133
  FirelordHewson Consultants Ltd'86Perestroika Software'94225
  Fist 1 the Way of the Exploding FistBeam Software, Melbourne House'85Perestroika Software'93194
  Forbidden PlanetDesign Design Software'86Perestroika Software'95140
  Frankie Goes to HollywoodDenton Designs, Ocean Software Ltd'85Perestroika Software'94233
  Full Throttle 2Zeppelin Games Ltd'90Perestroika Software'93152
  H.A.T.E. (Hostile All Terrain Encounter)Vortex Software, Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'89Perestroika Software'94198
  Ice Temple, TheTom Prosser, Bubble Bus Software'86Perestroika Software'96166
  Joe Blade 2Players Software'88Perestroika Software'95107
  Johnny Reb IIChoice Software Ltd, MC Lothlorien Ltd'86Perestroika Software'94202
  KolaceJosef Pokornytiboh'1548
  Lee Enfield Space AceThe Programming Partnership, Infogrames'88Slider'15153
  Little PuffConsult Software Ltd, Cartoon Time'89Perestroika Software'9297
  Logo: Part 1Rainbow Dreams'91Perestroika Software'94172
  Mad MixTopo Soft'88Perestroika Software'94153
  MASK III: VENOM Strikes BackGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'88Swajsoft'90182
  Mega-ApocalypseMartech Games Ltd'88Alex Platonov'93180
  MonopolyMat Buckland, Leisure Genius'85Alexsoft'93191
  Moon CrestaIncentive Software Ltd'85Intense'1565
  MovieImagine Software Ltd'86Slider'15183
  Ms. Pac-ManDJL Software Ltd, Atarisoft'84Perestroika Software'9492
  Mystery of the Nile (Misterio del Nilo, El)Made in Spain, Zigurat Software'87Perestroika Software'94224
  Narco PoliceIron Byte, Dinamic Software'90Alex Platonov'93434
  NebulusHewson Consultants Ltd'87Alexsoft'93148
  Phileas Fogg's Balloon BattlesBrian Cross, Zeppelin Games Ltd'91Alex Platonov'93136
  QuazatronGraftgold Ltd, Hewson Consultants Ltd'86Chuchkalov'89130
  RebelGang of Five, Virgin Games Ltd'87Country'91172
  SaboteurClive Townsend, Durell Software Ltd'85Alexsoft'93160
  Saboteur 2Durell Software Ltd'87Alexsoft'93160
  Santa's Christmas CapersZeppelin Games Ltd'91Alex Platonov'93185
  Save the Trees!m/zx'15tiboh'1544
  Seymour's Quest CollectionCode Masters'91-92SG-Team'15593
  Sigma SevenDurell Software Ltd'87Gafarov V.'90148
  Strip PokerRajSoft'87author145
  Super Tank SimulatorOptimus Software, Code Masters'89Neon189
  TaniumOne Week Productions, Players Software'88tiboh'1590
  ThrustFirebird Software Ltd'86Intense'1588
  ThrustFirebird Software Ltd'86TomCaT'1590
  Twiinz!Hellenic Software, Sinclair User'91Dim Bootram'92149
  Video PoolOxford Computer Publishing'85Perestroika Software'94106
  VoidrunnerMastertronic Added Dimension'87Douglas Punch78
  WandererWalking Circles, Elite Systems Ltd'89Perestroika Software'95147
  War in Middle Earth (dsk)Maelstrom Games Ltd, Melbourne House'89Perestroika Software'94192
  Wizard's LairBubble Bus Software'85BrokImSoft'15199
  WWI Fighting Heroes and Some Crazy AliensGabriele Amore'15Slider'1591
  X-OutArc Developments, Rainbow Arts'90Soviet Soft610
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  Russian GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Castlevania - Spectral InterludeSaNchez'15author504
  Dizzy X Journey to RussiaSpeed Code'94T&S Soft'94202
  PiramidaIgor Kapultsevich'92author33
  Pirates (Пираты)Nicodim'95Magic Soft, Softstar'95trd
  Pirates (Пираты)Nicodim'95Golden Dreams Group'96336
  Pirates (Пираты)Nicodim'95FFC Computers'95307
  RubikArtur Kononov'92author81
  Slab AgeTHD, Fanatic Stas'93A.S.169
  Stars GumiKas29'15author94
  Wanderers. Chained in the darkSAM style'15author281
  White DiamondZiO'95tiboh'15116
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  Remix GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Rex FreewayMartech Games Ltd'88ZX_Novosib, Slider'15306
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