GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  12 days of Spectrum, TheBob Fossil'17tiboh'2237
  1Kanoid (1k)Paolo Ferraris'02tiboh'2210
  A-Team 1, The (Equipo A 1, El) (mod)Zafiro Software Division'88Cache'94255
  A-Team 2, The (Equipo A 2, El) (2 in 1) (mod)Zafiro Software Division'88Cache'95292
  A.T.A.C. (Air To Air Combat)Gadtek Games'87Pavel Nikitin'93152
  ACECascade Games Ltd'86Logros Software'93165
  ACE 2ComTec, Cascade Games Ltd'87Logros Software'93175
  ACE 2088 (dsk)Cascade Games Ltd'89DeadMan'99133
  Advanced Pinball SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'88Eugen Tsalapov117
  Army MovesDinamic Software'86Alex Nikiforov167
  Back to SkoolMicrosphere'85Kidson'95198
  Battle ShipsHit-Pak'87Jen152
  Biggles 2Dalali Software Ltd, Mirrorsoft Ltd'86Logros Software'93194
  Boovie 2 (eng)Excellent Spectrum Aces'98Factor6'15, tiboh'22119
  Boulder Dash Junior - The Remix Part 1, 2 (2 in 1) (mod)Poyo'22Slider'22104
  Boulder Dash Junior - The Remix Part 2 (mod)Poyo'22author100
  Bride of Frankenstein39 Steps'87Condorsoft'92176
  BubblerUltimate Play The Game'87Brissoft'93167
  Captain KellyIcon Design Ltd, Quicksilva Ltd'86Brissoft'93181
  Christmas CrapmasAndrew Gillen'17tiboh'2235
  Christmas Puddings AttackNeal Rycroft'17tiboh'22110
  Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight TrainerElectronic Arts'89Logros Software'93210
  CJ in the USABig Red Software Ltd, Code Masters Ltd'91Night Hunter'97180
  Combat LynxDurell Software Ltd'84Logros Software'93199
  Combat Zone (M.E.N.T.O.R.) (pentfix)The Firm, Alternative Software Ltd'87Slider'22125
  Computer Spiele Museum's, TheThe Mojon Twins'17tiboh'2294
  Contact Sam CruiseMicrosphere'86Logros Software'93226
  Cosa NostraOpera Soft S.A.'86Infosoft Group'94147
  Cosmic Pirate (2 in 1) (mod) (dsk)MC Lothlorien Ltd, Byte Back'89tiboh'22214
  Cosmic PirateMC Lothlorien Ltd, Byte Back'89Pavel Nikitin'92149
  Cronopios y FamasAlessandro Grussu'13, Zankle Soft'21Slider'21205
  Dizzy 5: Spellbound DizzyCode Masters Ltd'91Eugen Tsalapov282
  Doodle BugStonechat Productions'17tiboh'2242
  Dotathon (1k)Russell Marks'02tiboh'225
  Down to Earth (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'87Clevers Group'96215
  Easyfrog (1k)Russell Marks'02tiboh'225
  Eliminator (Roadstar XRi)Hewson Consultants Ltd'88BrokImSoft'97109
  Encyclopedia of War: Ancient Battles (dsk)CCS'89Hacker Stinger'93614
  End Zone (dsk)Alternative Software Ltd'87Eugen Tsalapov101
  Eric & the Floaters (mod)Hudson Soft, Sinclair Research Ltd'84Kidson'94154
  European Soccer Challenge (pentfix)Players Software'90SG-Team'08, Slider'22140
  ExolonHewson Consultants Ltd'87M&U Sinclair Club'95129
  FairlightThe Edge'85Night Hunter'96184
  Fighter PilotDigital Integration'83Logros Software'93164
  Flash Beer Trilogy 1, 2, 3Weird Science Software'03tiboh'22134
  Four Minutes to Midnight (txt) (dsk)8th Day Software'85Hacker Stinger'93172
  Ghouls 'n' GhostsSoftware Creations, US Gold Ltd'89M&U Sinclair Club'95392
  Gilbert: Escape from Drill (2 in 1)Again Again'89BrokImSoft, Triumph'03, Slider'22287
  GoodyOpera Soft S.A.'87OverPower Soft'95152
  GoodyOpera Soft S.A.'87Pavel Nikitin'93164
  Gremlins - The Adventure (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'85Hacker Stinger'93199
  GreyfellStarlight Software'87Slider'22221
  Harrier Attack!Durell Software Ltd'83DeadMan'9847
  Head over HeelsOcean Software Ltd'87Brissoft'93228
  Horace and the BouldersRef'09tiboh'2243
  Horace and the VikingsKerl'21tiboh'2233
  Horace Goes PeeingLee Tonks'14tiboh'2230
  Horace Goes SkiingSinclair Research Ltd'83tiboh'2236
  Horace MinerSteve A.J. Broad'14tiboh'2276
  Horace Miner 2Steve A.J. Broad'14tiboh'2267
  Horace to the Rescue 2Steve A.J. Broad'14tiboh'2270
  Hot TyreAnthraxx Developments'90tiboh'22104
  Human Killing MachineUS Gold Ltd'88Condorsoft'92356
  Hungry Horace 2Ref'10tiboh'2253
  Hyperlane +Enigma Software Developments, Crash'91Pavel Nikitin'92180
  Hypsys 2Techno Arts, Dro Soft'89Multisoft Company'94213
  I'm dreaming of a Black and White ChristmasBob Fossil'17tiboh'2225
  ImpossamoleCORE Design Ltd, Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'90KT-Soft, Andrew'95526
  Indiana Jones na Vaclavaku (txt)Zuzan Znovuzrozeny'89tiboh'2259
  Jaws (mod)Intelligent Design Ltd, Screen 7 Ltd'89Night Hunter'96105
  Joe Blade 2Players Software'88Kidson'95173
  KarnovMr. Micro Ltd, Electric Dreams Software'88SG-Team'08, Slider'22615
  KGB SuperspyZeit Corporation, Code Masters Ltd'89Condorsoft179
  Kick Box Vigilante (pentfix)Zeppelin Games Ltd'90Slider'22123
  LemmingsDMA Design Ltd, Psygnosis Ltd'91Condorsoft'932320
  Lords of Midnight, The (dsk)Beyond Software'84ZX-Legion'97200
  LornaTopo Soft'90Eugen Tsalapov262
  Lost Treasures of Tulum, The (128k only)RetroWorks'20tiboh'22188
  LoxleyWorld XXI Soft Inc'22author570
  Masters of the Universe - The Super Adventure (txt) (dsk)Adventuresoft UK Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87Hacker Stinger'93195
  MBT Simulator (pentfix)Andrew Swann'88tiboh'2277
  Mercenary (txt) (dsk)Novagen Software Ltd'87Hacker Stinger'94195
  Message from Andromeda (txt) (dsk)Interceptor Software'84Hacker Stinger'93184
  Mickey Mouse (2 in 1) (mod)Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'88SG-Team'08, Slider'22264
  MonopolyLeisure Genius'85Hacker Stinger238
  Monte Carlo CasinoSupersonic Software Ltd, Code Masters Ltd'89Kidson'95212
  Monty Mole and the Temple of Lost Souls (ula+)Bubblesoft'17Slider'17, 22110
  Monty's Honey Run (ula+)Bubblesoft'17Slider'17, 22119
  Moon and The Piratesiadvd'19tiboh'2285
  Moon's Fandom Festivaliadvd'19tiboh'2282
  Mutan Zone 1Opera Soft S.A.'89Ticklish Jim128
  My Rendition of Horace to the RescueSteve A.J. Broad'13tiboh'2269
  Myth: History in the MakingConcept Animations, System 3 Software Ltd'89Firestarter'94738
  No Man's LandCognito Software'88Slider'22146
  Olli & Lissa II: HalloweenSilverbird Software Ltd'87Brissoft'93157
  Olli & Lissa: The Ghost of Shilmoore CastleFirebird Software Ltd'86Brissoft'93228
  One Man and his Droid (mod)Mastertronic Ltd'85Kidson'95117
  One Man and his DroidMastertronic Ltd'85Kidson'95135
  Operation Nightingale (txt) (dsk)Softly Softly'85Hacker Stinger'93168
  P-47 Thunderbolt (+3dos) (2 in 1) (mod)Source Software Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'90goodboy, Slider, tiboh'22298
  Percy the Potty PigeonGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'84tiboh'2293
  Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo (2 in 1) (mod)Topo Soft'89, 21Slider, tiboh'22345
  Phase of the Moon (128k only)Argon Software'87Slider'22139
  Pink PantherGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'88Condorsoft'92354
  Planets, The (2 in 1) (dsk)Martech Games Ltd'86tiboh'22606
  Plasma BallAtlantis Software Ltd'88BrokImSoft'04, Slider'2294
  Plot, The (2 in 1) (mod)Firebird Software Ltd'88goodboy, tiboh'22112
  Pneumatic HammersFirebird Software Ltd'87Pavel Nikitin'92113
  Pobble (1k)Zack'02tiboh'225
  Pro Skateboard SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'89Condorsoft160
  Professional BMX SimulatorCode Masters Plus'88Pavel Nikitin'92198
  R-Type IIITlauli-ran'92tiboh'2233
  Red ArrowsDatabase Software'85Logros Software'93179
  Repton (Repton Mania)Superior Software Ltd, Alligata Software Ltd'89Kidson'94133
  Rick Dangerous 2CORE Design Ltd, Micro Style'90Ticklish Jim349
  Ruff and Reddy in the Space AdventureTwilight, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90Pavel Nikitin'93134
  Samegame (1k)Zack'02tiboh'225
  Santos' Christmas AdventureStonechat Productions'17tiboh'2299
  SAS Combat AssaultSinclair User'93Pavel Nikitin'93146
  Sector 90Quicksilva Ltd, Argus Press Software Ltd'87Pavel Nikitin'92102
  Seymour Goes to Hollywood (Seymour at the Movies)Big Red Software Ltd, Code Masters Ltd'91Recver'00305
  Shadow Dancer (mod)Images Ltd, US Gold Ltd'91Monsters Productions, tiboh'22530
  Shisen1k (1k)Paolo Ferraris'02tiboh'225
  Shooting Range: Mix I (128k only)New Frontier'89tiboh'22144
  SilkwormRandom Access, Virgin Games Ltd'89Brissoft'93154
  SilkwormRandom Access, Virgin Games Ltd'89Kidson'97138
  Slightly MagicAstonishing Animations, Code Masters Ltd'91Precision Group'96245
  Snake1k (1k)Paolo Ferraris'02tiboh'225
  Snakes and HazardsGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Gatchina'94284
  Snare, Snare Demo 1 (2 in 1) (mod)Enigma Software Developments, Beyond Belief'91-92Slider'05, 22235
  Sokob-XXXStonechat Productions'17tiboh'2262
  Soliyawn (1k)Russell Marks'02tiboh'225
  Sooty & Sweep IIClockwize, Alternative Software Ltd'90Slider, tiboh'22123
  Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, The (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'85Hacker Stinger'93199
  Spectris (1k)Paolo Ferraris'02tiboh'225
  Spike in TransylvaniaCode Masters Ltd'91Pavel Nikitin'92, Immortal Boneman'96196
  SpitfireDurell Software Ltd, Encore'89Pavel Nikitin'92158
  Spooked (2 in 1) (mod)Players Premier'89goodboy, tiboh, Krogoth'22117
  Spy vs Spy (mod)Incentive Software Ltd, Beyond Software'85Condorsoft'92177
  Steel EaglePlayers Premier'90Global Unnuclearization Group'96184
  Sticky HoraceKerl'22tiboh'228
  Street HassleBeam Software, Melbourne House'88Kidson'95184
  Stunt Car RacerMicro Style'89Cache'94225
  Super Cup FootballBedrock Software, Hewson Consultants Ltd'90Infosoft Group'94114
  Super League (dsk)Players Premier'89Eugen Tsalapov120
  Super StuntmanSupersonic Software Ltd, Code Masters Ltd'88Infosoft Group'94113
  Super TruxGargoyle Games, Elite Systems Ltd'88New Group'96177
  Talking HedzHellenic Software'90Pavel Nikitin'92168
  TarantulaCreative Sparks'87Pavel Nikitin'93153
  TarzanCreative Reality, Martech Games Ltd'86Gatchina'94272
  Teenage Mutant Hero TurtlesProbe Software Ltd, Image Works'90Pavel Nikitin'93142
  Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-OpProbe Software Ltd, Image Works'91Ticklish Jim'95496
  Temple of Terror (txt) (dsk)Adventuresoft UK Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87Hacker Stinger'93134
  Thomas the Tank Engine II (Thomas The Tank Engine Two: The Race) (2 in 1) (mod)Clockwize, Alternative Software Ltd'90goodboy, Slider, tiboh'22143
  ToobinKrisalis Software Ltd, Domark Ltd'89Hacker Ice'93261
  Total Eclipse 2: The Sphinx JinxMajor Developments, Incentive Software Ltd'91Condorsoft'93166
  VenturamaScope Designs, Your Sinclair'92Pavel Nikitin'92169
  Werewolves of London (mod)Viz Design, Mastertronic Ltd'89Night Hunter'96119
  World Cup Challenge (dsk)Players Premier'90Eugen Tsalapov111
  Yogi's Great EscapePAL Developments, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90Firestarter'95129
  ztrack 1k (1k)Russell Marks'02tiboh'225
  ZX ParachuteCarles Oriol'20tiboh'2230
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  Russian GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  48 Irons (48 Утюгов)Galaxy Inc'95authorudi
  Alien KillKotsoft'94tiboh'2242
  Anakonda (Анаконда 2)Kotsoft'94tiboh'2292
  AngelsZosya Entertainment'21Shadow Maker'21281
  Aqua BattleALKO'11tiboh'2249
  Battle Sity IIKotsoft'95tiboh'2293
  Dizzy: Return to the Magicland (eng)Soly'92Pavero'12, tiboh'22105
  Gay ShotALKO'10tiboh'2277
  Helicopter (Вертолёт)Kotsoft'94tiboh'2281
  Home Island Dizzy (Home Iceland Dizzy) (eng)VS Prog Group'98Dmytro Gryshchenko'04, tiboh'22227
  Kill War 4 (Смертоносная Война 4)Kotsoft'94tiboh'22116
  Kill War 5 (Смертоносная Война 5)Kotsoft'95tiboh'22130
  Mechwars: ArenaZXBitles'21tiboh'2292
  Mechwars: CentipedeZXBitles'21tiboh'22102
  Nothing (kemp8bit)Gogin'21authortrd
  Piton (Piton 2)Kotsoft'93tiboh'2217
  Red Raid: The InfiltratingZXBitles'21tiboh'22166
  Rubinho CucarachaZosya Entertainment'22Shadow Maker'22137
  Skate AliceALKO'21tiboh'2275
  Star Attack (Звёздная Атака)Kotsoft'94tiboh'2294
  Star Attack II (Звёздная Атака II)Kotsoft'95tiboh'2292
  Stars Gumi 2Kas29'22tiboh'2293
  Tiny DungeonsRetroSouls'22tiboh'22198
  Tower of Babel (256b)Shuran33'22tiboh'222
  ZX Nano-Rally (256b)Nik Borel'22tiboh'224
  Морской БойKotsoft'94tiboh'2241
  Поле ЧудесOutland Corporation'95authorudi
  Тайна Египетских ПирамидKotsoft'95tiboh'22147
  Школа Ведунов (School of Witchers) (txt)Dragons Lord'97Slider'22trd
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  Demo GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Alley Cat DemoDestr'16tiboh'2266
  Athena Demo (pentfix)Imagine Software Ltd'87tiboh'22123
  Chevy Chase DemoPAL Developments, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'91Evgeny Sardak'91220
  Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge DemoOcean Software Ltd'88tiboh'2271
  Dark Side DemoIncentive Software Ltd'88tiboh'22103
  Devastating Blow DemoBeyond Belief'91tiboh'2256
  Double Dragon Redux DemoSwainy'12tiboh'22143
  Elite Demokrt17'16tiboh'22107
  Flipping Horace Demo 2Mulder'10tiboh'2232
  Lemmings DemoDMA Design Ltd, Psygnosis Ltd'91tiboh'22113
  Lords of Chaos DemoTarget Games Ltd, Blade Software Ltd'90Fantom'94212
  Maze Mania DemoHewson Consultants Ltd'89tiboh'2289
  Midnight Resistance DemoSpecial FX Software Ltd, Ocean Software Ltd'90tiboh'22112
  Mystical DemoNew Frontier, Infogrames'91tiboh'22110
  Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix DemoDJL Software Ltd, Martech Games Ltd'88tiboh'22144
  North & South DemoNew Frontier, Infogrames'91tiboh'2296
  Operation Thunderbolt DemoOcean Software Ltd'89tiboh'22107
  Out Run Europa Level 1 (mod)Probe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'91Ralf'13, tiboh'22112
  Passing Shot DemoTeque Software Development Ltd, Image Works'89tiboh'2278
  Pipe Mania DemoEmpire Software'90tiboh'2261
  Popeye 3: Wrestle Crazy DemoAlternative Software Ltd'92tiboh'2283
  Potsworth & Co. Demo (pentfix)Visual Impact, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'92tiboh'2270
  Puzznic Demo (pentfix)Ocean Software Ltd'90tiboh'2237
  Slubberdegullion PreviewCronosoft'09tiboh'2245
  Space Crusade DemoGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'92tiboh'22150
  Swarm is Coming Demo, TheMinilop Retroware'21tiboh'22181
  Titanic Blinky Demo (pentfix)Zeppelin Games Ltd'91tiboh'2293
  Total Eclipse DemoMajor Developments, Incentive Software Ltd'88tiboh'2294
  Untouchables Demo, TheOcean Software Ltd'89tiboh'22104
  Untouchables Demo, TheOcean Software Ltd'89Condorsoft'93123
  WarCraft Demo 0.05 alphaDragons Lord'22author482
  World Class Rugby DemoDenton Designs, Audiogenic Software Ltd'91tiboh'22110
  Казино "У Сани" ДемоALKO'10tiboh'2271
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  Remix GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Elite Legend (gs) (mod)PLM'21author1545
  Lode Runner (Черти)Sterh'92author161
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  Translate GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  ACE 2ComTec, Cascade Games Ltd'87Evgeny Sardak170
  Ad AstraGargoyle Games'84Evgeny Sardak183
  Animated Strip PokerKnightsoft'85Y. Shirinov, D. Yurin'91159
  Batman: The Movie (Batman 3)Ocean Software Ltd'89Evgeny Sardak474
  Chase H.Q.Ocean Software Ltd'89Evgeny Sardak448
  Cyrus IS ChessSinclair Research Ltd'83DimikSoft'9570
  Dan Dare: Pilot of the FutureVirgin Games Ltd'86Evgeny Sardak, Bondarenko'93184
  Deja Vu: The RemixCrash'90Studio K&S'92, DimikSoft'95146
  Everest Ascent (Восхождение на Эверест)Richard Shepherd Software Ltd'83DimikSoft'96134
  F-16 Combat Pilot (dsk)Digital Integration'91Evgeny Sardak347
  Fighter Bomber (F-19)Vektor Grafix, Activision Inc'90Evgeny Sardak850
  HostagesNew Frontier, Infogrames'90Evgeny Sardak'94585
  InvasionIcon Design Ltd, Mastertronic Ltd'87Evgeny Sardak165
  Last Ninja 2MD Software, System 3 Software Ltd'88Evgeny Sardak950
  Luna CrabsMicromega'83Studio K&S'92, DimikSoft'9542
  SaboteurDurell Software Ltd'85Petrovich, Evgeny Sardak'93186
  Saboteur 2Durell Software Ltd'87Petrovich, Evgeny Sardak'93187
  Spike in Transylvania (Дупанов в Трансильвании)Code Masters Ltd'91Sergey Orlov'92, WE Group'93175
  Toi Acid Game 1, 2, 3, 4Iber Software'89A. Mikhailov738
  Victory Road (Дорога Побед)Paradise Software [2], Imagine Software Ltd'89Igor Tatarintsev'93181
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