GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Amazing Rocketeer, TheJohn Fotou'07Slider'13269
  Back to the Future Part IIImage Works'90SG-Team'11456
  Barbarian 1, 2Palace Software'87-88SG-Team'13892
  Brick, TheDelta Software S.L.'89Slider'13106
  Curse of Oddville, The (mod)Stonechat Productions'13tiboh'1337
  Mach 3Diabolic Software, Loriciels'89Slider'13126
  MartianoidsUltimate Play The Game'87Slider'13138
  Morph (mod)Madsoft'13goodboy, tiboh'1333
  Rock 'n RollImagitec Design Ltd, Rainbow Arts'89SG-Team'13770
  Snoopy (pentfix)The Edge'90Slider'13159
  Striker (dsk)Cult Games'89tiboh'13179
  ZX StrikerValdir'13tiboh'1362
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  Translate GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Super ChopperSoftware Supersavers Ltd'84JeRrS, tiboh'1391
  Virtual TR-DOS Filez Database / 1 of 1075 filez