GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Al's Double BillAlessandro Grussu'13tiboh'15261
  Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal InvestigationICE Software, Ocean Software Ltd'90S.K.Soft'95349
  ColiseumTopo Soft'88T&S Soft'93171
  Comercio Cosmico (Cosmic Commerce)ZX-SOFT Brasil Ltda'87tiboh'1563
  Dan Dare III: The EscapeProbe Software Ltd, Virgin Games Ltd'90Stasoft'92119
  Defender of the CrownThe Cat'89LCD151
  Destiny MissionWilliams Technology'90T&S Soft'94134
  Earth ShakerYour Sinclair, Michael Batty'90Cure Soft'92140
  Fighting WarriorStudio B Ltd, Melbourne House'85T&S Soft'93154
  Gunpowder, Treason and PlotThe Shaw Brothers, Redwood Designs'88T&S Soft'94155
  Hammer Boy 1Dinamic Software'91T&S Soft'94179
  Hammer Boy 2Dinamic Software'91T&S Soft'94179
  ImpactAudiogenic Software Ltd'88Cure Soft'92133
  Monte Carlo CasinoSupersonic Software Ltd, Code Masters Ltd'89T&S Soft'93154
  MutantsChoice Software Ltd, Ocean Software Ltd'87Stasoft'92196
  Non Compos MentisYour Sinclair'91Perestroika Software'94118
  Omega Dimension 1 (Dimension Omega 1)Positive'89T&S Soft'93186
  OrionSoftware Projects Ltd'83Stasoft'92102
  Overlord (dsk)CCS'88Perestroika Software236
  Pac-ManiaGrandslam Entertainments Ltd'88T&S Soft'93139
  Patience 2: 8 Cards PatienceZX Computing'84LCD59
  Patience 3: 11-Up PatienceZX Computing'84LCD28
  Patience 5: PairsZX Computing'85LCD33
  Psycho CityPlayers Software'89Perestroika Software'96160
  PulsoidsSilhouette Software, Mastertronic Ltd'88Cure Soft'92143
  PuzznicOcean Software Ltd'90Cure Soft'93129
  PuzznicOcean Software Ltd'90Stasoft'92108
  Rampage (2 in 1) (mod)Catalyst Coders, Activision Inc'88Andy Man'94148
  Rex 1, 2The Light, Martech Games Ltd'88Cure Soft'93252
  Rogue TrooperDesign Design Software, Piranha'86Perestroika Software'96141
  SaboteurDurell Software Ltd'85Perestroika Software'94216
  Saboteur 2Durell Software Ltd'87Perestroika Software'94216
  ScalextricLeisure Genius'86T&S Soft'93154
  Sex GameSoftlake, MeastrosoftPerestroika Software'9467
  ShackledChoice Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'88Cure Soft'93381
  Short Circuit 1, 2Ocean Software Ltd'87Serge356
  Silent ServiceMicroProse Software Ltd'87Perestroika Software'96158
  Sinclair User Photo Album - The Game (SU Crew, The)Sinclair User'92Perestroika Software'94152
  Sirwood 1, 2, 3, IntroOpera Soft S.A.'90Cure Soft556
  Smash OutPirate Software Ltd'87Stasoft'92168
  SokobanWE'91Perestroika Software'94160
  Spy HunterUS Gold Ltd'85Perestroika Software'96164
  Stalingrad (dsk)CCS'88Perestroika Software237
  Star Raiders IIElectric Dreams Software'87Perestroika Software'95129
  StarfoxCybexlab Software'87tiboh'15122
  Super Hang-On 2Software Studios, Electric Dreams Software'87Perestroika Software'96157
  Super Stock CarMastertronic Plus'90Cure Soft'92136
  TapperUS Gold Ltd'85T&S Soft'93188
  TapperUS Gold Ltd'85Perestroika Software'95236
  Teenage Mutant Hero TurtlesProbe Software Ltd, Image Works'90Perestroika Software'92189
  Terminator 2: Judgment Day (128k only)Dementia, Ocean Software Ltd'91Perestroika Software'92527
  Thunderceptor (dsk)Ernieware Productions, Go!'87Perestroika Software'94174
  Toi Acid Game 1Iber Software'89Cure Soft'93267
  Toi Acid Game 2Iber Software'89Cure Soft'93141
  Toi Acid Game 3Iber Software'89Cure Soft189
  Toi Acid Game 4Iber Software'89Cure Soft'93143
  Top GunOcean Software Ltd'87Perestroika Software'94151
  TujadOrpheus Ltd, Ariolasoft UK Ltd'86T&S Soft'93180
  TujadOrpheus Ltd, Ariolasoft UK Ltd'86Perestroika Software'96154
  Who Dares Wins IIAlligata Software Ltd'86T&S Soft'93195
  XenoBinary Design Ltd, A'n'F Software'86T&S Soft'93188
  Yie Ar Kung-FuImagine Software Ltd'85T&S Soft'94169
  Zub (pentfix)Binary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'86Slider'15191
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  Russian GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Monopoly (Монополия)Kidson'93author62
  Monopoly 2Technotop Inc'93author116
  Return to Home 4K.Kav Software'96Virtual Vision Group'97trd
  Поле ЧудесOutland Corporation'95Emergency Record'96trd
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  Demo GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Flynn's Adventure Tech DemoTom Dalby'14tiboh'15105
  Operation R.R. v0.01 Demo (Операция Р.Р. Демо)Galaxy Inc'97author157
  Puzzle! for Maria Part 1 DemoGreat Tandem Hackers Group, Freemans Stuff'97author263
  Saint Dragon DemoStorm Software [2]'90Perestroika Software437
  Saint Dragon DemoStorm Software [2]'90Softstar439
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  Translate GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  ACECascade Games Ltd'86Pavel Akudovich159
  Ace of AcesParagon Programming Ltd, US Gold Ltd'86Logros Software274
  BronxAnimagic S.A.'90Old Friends'92440
  Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau (txt)Creative Sparks'84German Myasnikov'94, M.M.A'95143
  Fist 3: Exploding Fist +Beam Software, Firebird Software Ltd'88Delta Ltd145
  Formula One (dsk)CRL Group PLC'85Power of Sound'97201
  Gladiator (Гладиатор)Domark Ltd'86Delta Ltd138
  Marsport (Марсопорт) (dsk)Gargoyle Games'85A.Parazit'98140
  Pyjamarama (mod)Mikro-Gen Ltd'84Power of Sound, MADI Soft242
  Strip-DiceS&S Software, Load 'n' Run'86C-jeff'01149
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