GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Captain PlanetMindscape International Inc'91Syndrome151
  Escape from the Planet of the Robot MonstersTeque Software Development Ltd, Domark Ltd'90Syndrome274
  HundraZeus Software, Dinamic Software'88Syndrome'98180
  Official Father Christmas Game, TheEnigma Variations Ltd, Alternative Software Ltd'89Syndrome'98147
  Paris-DakarMade in Spain, Zigurat Software'88Syndrome'98226
  Smash TVProbe Software Ltd, Ocean Software Ltd'91Syndrome'98156
  Sol Negro 1, 2Opera Soft S.A.'89Syndrome273
  Sword of the SamuraiZeppelin Games Ltd'92Syndrome'98127
  TarzanCreative Reality, Martech Games Ltd'86Syndrome'98192
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