GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Ano GaiaYour Sinclair'92Code Reingers Group'96134
  ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter)Digital Integration'88Skylark'94227
  AvengerGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'86ShiSoft'92174
  BatmanOcean Software Ltd'86ShiSoft'93176
  Big Trouble in Little ChinaElectric Dreams Software'87Perestroika Software'96154
  BumpyLoriciels'89Master Home Computers Group, Power Project118
  CeriusThe Shaw Brothers, Atlantis Software Ltd'88Code Bastards Hackers Group'95134
  CJ's Elephant AnticsBig Red Software Ltd, Code Masters Ltd'91AY Group, MV-Rave246
  Con-QuestMastertronic Added Dimension'86Varp'93220
  Cosa NostraOpera Soft S.A.'86AY Group'94182
  Defender of the CrownThe Cat'89AIS'93156
  End ZoneAlternative Software Ltd'87Jirinovsky's Falcon'9398
  Everyone's a WallyMikro-Gen Ltd'85ShiSoft158
  FirelordHewson Consultants Ltd'86IG-Soft'95182
  Footballer of the Year 2Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd'89Jirinovsky's Falcon'93171
  Future Bike Simulator (mod)Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90Dream Team, Starfire Hackers Group'95286
  Golden BasketOpera Soft S.A.'90Code Bastards Hackers Group'95135
  Gyron 1, 2, 3Torus, Firebird Software Ltd'85-86Vadim'12466
  Hawk StormPlayers Premier'91Skylark'94195
  Hawk StormPlayers Premier'91Topsoft'93210
  HumphreyZigurat Software'88Fantomassoft'94197
  Joe BladePlayers Software'87MV-Rave168
  Judge DreddBeam Software, Melbourne House'87Eagle Soft'93151
  Last DuelUS Gold Ltd'89Fantomassoft'94423
  Lemmings (aym)DMA Design Ltd, Psygnosis Ltd'91Enigma Group526
  LemmingsDMA Design Ltd, Psygnosis Ltd'91ShiSoft'922138
  Monte Carlo CasinoSupersonic Software Ltd, Code Masters Ltd'89Dr.Bars'95150
  Navy Moves 1, 2Dinamic Software'88ShiSoft'93250
  NebulusHewson Consultants Ltd'87Dmitry Poptsov'91149
  Nodes of Yesod (Charlie na Ksiezycu) (pol)Odin Computer Graphics Ltd'85Atomica164
  Pro PowerBoat SimulatorOptimus Software, Code Masters Ltd'89Dr.Bars'95133
  Rebelstar 1.1, 1.2Firebird Software Ltd'86Code Reingers Group'96202
  RoadwarsBinary Design Ltd, Melbourne House'87Varp'93217
  Ruff and Reddy in the Space AdventureTwilight, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90Fantomassoft'95119
  SabrinaGenesis Soft, Iber Software'89Dr.Bars'95175
  SAS Combat SimulatorOptimus Software, Ocean Software Ltd'89Perestroika Software'96156
  Score 3020Topo Soft'88Varp'93183
  Seymour Goes to Hollywood (Seymour at the Movies)Big Red Software Ltd, Code Masters Ltd'91Dr.Bars'95464
  Seymour's Wild West Adventure (Wild West Seymour)Big Red Software Ltd, Code Masters Ltd'92Dr.Bars'95201
  Spectacle 2Design Design Software'86Flash Inc'9873
  SpellboundMastertronic Added Dimension'85Varp'93208
  Street FighterGo!'88Topsoft'93400
  Super Monaco GPProbe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'91Starfire Hackers Group'95301
  Tapper (mod)US Gold Ltd'85Rastan Ltd236
  Tokyo GangG.LL. Software S.A.'90Perestroika Software'96134
  Vixen 1, 2, 3 (3 in 1)Martech Games Ltd'88ShiSoft'93362
  War MachinePlayers Premier'89Perestroika Software'96171
  XybotsTeque Software Development Ltd, Domark Ltd'89ShiSoft219
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  Russian GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Mega Color Lines (Color Lines)EJB'95author77
  Smagly 2Crystal Dream'96Raver'96131
  Virtual TR-DOS Filez Database / 2 of 1898 filez