GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  2001: Tunnel Escape 2 (512b)Mike Wynne'01tiboh'218
  4 Soccer Simulators: Indoor SoccerSupersonic Software Ltd, Code Masters Gold'88TAW, SAW'94134
  A-Team 1, 2, The (Equipo A 1, 2, El)Zafiro Software Division'88TAW, SAW'94227
  Advanced Pinball SimulatorCode Masters Ltd'88M.M.A'9897
  Agent X II Part 1, 2, 3Software Creations, Mastertronic Ltd'87TAW, SAW'94299
  All-American Basketball (pentfix)Zeppelin Games Ltd'92tiboh'21109
  AntEaterDEFB Studio'21Slider'2189
  APB (All Points Bulletin) (2 in 1)Walking Circles, Domark Ltd'89Slider'21244
  Astro Marine Corps 1, 2Creepsoft, Dinamic Software'89Universal Company Incorporated300
  Beacon Adventure (txt) (dsk)Owen Lloyd'84Poyo'2167
  Beyond the Ice PalaceElite Systems Ltd'88Energy Minds'98137
  Bismarck (dsk)PSS'87Unit Design Group'99173
  BMX Simulator 2Code Masters Ltd'89TAW, SAW'94159
  Bruce LeeUS Gold Ltd'85TAW, SAW'94105
  Bulbo and the Lizard King (txt) (dsk)Zenobi Software'87Energy Minds122
  BumpyLoriciels'89Energy Minds'98115
  Byte, The (txt) (dsk)CCS'83Poyo'21175
  Camelot WarriorsDinamic Software'85SG-Team'08, Slider'21253
  Canyon Warrior (mod)Front Room Team, Mastertronic Plus'89TAW, SAW'94132
  Cavern Chaos (txt) (dsk)5D Software'85Poyo'21217
  Ceasefire 2: Night RunDivide by Zero, Sinclair User'92TAW, SAW'94163
  Championship RunImpulze'91TAW, SAW'9490
  Chase H.Q.Ocean Software Ltd'89Flash Star Software'94494
  ChimeraFirebird Software Ltd'85TAW, SAW'94149
  Chopper ChaseSpectrum Computing'84tiboh'2125
  Chopper MissionRai Software, Your Sinclair'86tiboh'2138
  Christmas Magazine HuntStephen Nichol'16tiboh'2170
  ChristmazeStonechat Productions'16tiboh'2123
  Colin's Crimbo Caper!Stonechat Productions'16tiboh'2147
  Combat School (pentfix)Ocean Software Ltd'87tiboh'21561
  Comet Game, TheFirebird Software Ltd'86TAW, SAW'94140
  Con-QuestMastertronic Added Dimension'86TAW, SAW'94140
  Cosmic Shock AbsorberMartech Games Ltd'86tiboh'21129
  Count, TheMirrorsoft Ltd'85Slider'2198
  Covenant, ThePSS'85TAW, SAW'94170
  Crappy Crates (pentfix)The Death Squad'16tiboh'21170
  Death StalkerCode Masters Ltd'89TAW, SAW'94149
  Defender of the Crown (128k only) (mod)The Cat'89tiboh'21414
  Demon Knight (Medieval Adventure) (txt) (dsk)ASP Software Ltd'83Poyo'2197
  DeviantsPlayers Software'87Universal Company Incorporated132
  Dizzy 8: Wonderful Dizzy (128k only)The Oliver Twins'20author465
  Doc the Destroyer (pentfix)Beam Software, Melbourne House'87M.M.A'97172
  Double BubbleMiguetelo'16tiboh'2197
  Driller (dsk)Major Developments, Incentive Software Ltd'87Mafia Private Corporation'96171
  Dungeon 16KMr Rancio'21tiboh'2135
  Eliminator (mod)Alternative Software Ltd'88TAW, SAW'9465
  Emilio Butragueno FutbolTopo Soft, Ocean Software Ltd'88TAW, SAW'94106
  Eric & the Floaters (Bomber-Man) (mod)Hudson Soft, Sinclair Research Ltd'84Flash Star Software'94128
  ExolonHewson Consultants Ltd'87Slider'13, 21188
  Falcon: The Renegade Lord (pentfix)Virgin Games Ltd'87Slider, tiboh'21153
  Five Doctors, The (txt) (dsk)Kevin O'Shea'86Poyo'21126
  Flynn's Adventure in BomblandTom Dalby'11SG-Team'11, Slider'2184
  Frankie the RescuerSteve A.J. Broad'16tiboh'2134
  Ghost 'n GoblinsElite Systems Ltd'86Casanova'94190
  Ghouls 'n' GhostsSoftware Creations, US Gold Ltd'89Universal Company Incorporated'95367
  Goonies, TheParagon Programming Ltd, US Gold Ltd'86TAW, SAW'94140
  GryzorOcean Software Ltd'87Universal Company Incorporated'95342
  HardBall!Advance Software Promotions Ltd'86TAW, SAW'94125
  Harrier Attack!Durell Software Ltd'83TAW, SAW'9432
  HellfireMelbourne House'85TAW, SAW'94125
  High SteelIntelligent Design Ltd, Screen 7 Ltd'89TAW, SAW'94111
  Hong Kong PhooeyPAL Developments, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'90M.M.A'96106
  Hopping MadElite Systems Ltd'88TAW, SAW'9492
  HotshotMaxwell Technology Ltd, Addictive Games Ltd'88TAW, SAW'9497
  House of Shadows, The (txt) (dsk)Shadow Software'83Poyo'21161
  Hulk, The (txt) (dsk)Adventure International'84Energy Minds132
  I, Ball 1, 2Firebird Software Ltd'87TAW, SAW'94298
  Ikari Warriors (km)Elite Systems Ltd'88Universal Company Incorporated'94228
  In the Walls of EryxKevin McGrorty'16Slider'21116
  JackalCyclone, Konami Ltd'87M.M.A'9683
  KnightmareActivision Inc'87M.M.A'95161
  Lost In My SpectrumAlessandro Grussu'12, Zankle Soft'21Slider'18, 21296
  MadballsDenton Designs, Ocean Software Ltd'88Universal Company Incorporated'95115
  Magic Carpet (Tappeto Magico, Il) (ita)Mastertronic Ltd'85TAW, SAW'9438
  Mahjong SolitaireUnder4Mhz'21tiboh'21120
  MeganovaDinamic Software'88TAW, SAW'94242
  Merry Christmas From HoraceMy Cat Software'16tiboh'2180
  Michel Futbol Master; Michel Super SkillsDinamic Software'89TAW, SAW'94290
  Midnight ResistanceSpecial FX Software Ltd, Ocean Software Ltd'90TAW, SAW'95429
  Moon BuggyAnirog Software'83TAW, SAW'9447
  Moon Cresta (Cosmic Wars) (ita)Incentive Software Ltd'85TAW, SAW'9494
  Mot 1, 2, 3Opera Soft S.A.'89TAW, SAW'94445
  NebulusHewson Consultants Ltd'87Energy Minds'99121
  Nibbles (1k)Gasman'01Constellation International Association'0110
  Ninja Carnage (128k only)Clive Townsend'21tiboh'21549
  Operation GunshipCode Masters Ltd'89Energy Minds'98162
  Orb (txt) (dsk)Impact Software [1]'82Poyo'21109
  Out RunProbe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87Monsters Productions, goodboy, tiboh'211020
  Paradise CafeDamatta'85Cyberdemon'9983
  PlummetInterceptor Software'84TAW, SAW'9583
  Professional BMX SimulatorCode Masters Plus'88Universal Company Incorporated'94285
  Pub Trivia (pentfix)Supersonic Software Ltd, Code Masters Ltd'90M.M.A'95236
  Pulse WarriorSilhouette Software, Mastertronic Ltd'88TAW, SAW'9586
  Punch & JudyClockwize, Alternative Software Ltd'89TAW, SAW'95116
  QarxYour Sinclair'88TAW, SAW'95115
  QuondamDenton Designs, Ocean Software Ltd'89M.M.A'96114
  R-Type (km) (kemp8bit) (mod)Software Studios, Electric Dreams Software'88goodboy, tiboh'21395
  Rally XmasStonechat Productions'16tiboh'2129
  Rescate Atlantida 1, 2Dinamic Software'89TAW, SAW'94354
  RescueIcon Design Ltd, Mastertronic Ltd'87Energy Minds'98129
  Return of the JediConsult Computer Systems, Domark Ltd'89M.M.A'95108
  Rex 1, 2The Light, Martech Games Ltd'88Energy Minds'99253
  RiptoffYour Sinclair'91TAW, SAW'95132
  Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pudding, Drop!Stonechat Productions'16tiboh'2131
  Ruby Runabout (txt) (dsk)Scorpio Software'84Poyo'21127
  RygarProbe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87TAW, SAW'95105
  SailingActivision Inc'87TAW, SAW'95104
  Santa's Quick Droptextvoyage'16tiboh'21113
  Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (mod)PAL Developments, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'91Mafia Private Corporation'95145
  Shanghai Karate 1One Week Productions, Players Software'88TAW, SAW'94245
  Shanghai Karate 2One Week Productions, Players Software'88TAW, SAW'94234
  Siege (mod)Postern Ltd'83M.M.A'9528
  Sokoban (512b)Gasman'01tiboh'216
  Soldier of FortuneGraftgold Ltd, Firebird Software Ltd'88Energy Minds'98160
  Sonic Boom (2 in 1) (mod) (pentfix)Source Software Ltd, Activision Inc'90goodboy, Slider, tiboh'21283
  Spectrum Cross (Frogger)Your Computer'83tiboh'2133
  SpitfireDurell Software Ltd, Encore'89M.M.A'95158
  Stack UpZeppelin Games Ltd'91M.M.A'96105
  Star Wars DroidsBinary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'88TAW, SAW'9490
  Starstrike IIRealtime Games Software Ltd'86TAW, SAW'95139
  Stifflip & Co. 1Binary Vision, Palace Software'87TAW, SAW'94240
  StrikeBinary Design Ltd, Mastertronic Added Dimension'87TAW, SAW'95101
  SubmarinerAtlantis Software Ltd'88TAW, SAW'95114
  Talking HedzHellenic Software'90TAW, SAW'95129
  Thing Bounces BackGremlin Graphics Software Ltd'87Energy Minds'99133
  Top Cat in Beverly Hills CatsPAL Developments, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'9Mafia Private Corporation'96167
  Total Eclipse (dsk)Major Developments, Incentive Software Ltd'88Mafia Private Corporation'95157
  Total Eclipse 2: The Sphinx Jinx (dsk)Major Developments, Incentive Software Ltd'91Mafia Private Corporation'95156
  Total Recall (128k only)Ocean Software Ltd'91Mafia Private Corporation'95253
  Treachery (mod)C&VG'84D.J.Stepanenko'91136
  Tron256 (256b)Gasman'01tiboh'213
  U.N. SquadronTiertex Ltd, US Gold Ltd'90SG-Team'11, Slider'21, tiboh'21775
  Wizard WillyCode Masters Ltd'89Code Busters'96, Slider'21124
  WWI Fighting Heroes and Some Crazy AliensGabriele Amore'14Slider'14, 21103
  XaraxFirebird Software Ltd'88Energy Minds154
  XenoBinary Design Ltd, A'n'F Software'86M.M.A'9599
  Xenoblast (2 in 1)Tony Kingsmill'21goodboy, tiboh'21185
  Xevious (mod)Probe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87M.M.A'9575
  Yet Another Krappy PlatformerKrappyGamez'21tiboh'2127
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  Russian GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Bolder Dash 16kOleg N. Cher'21tiboh'2138
  BreakhouseDenis Grachev'16tiboh'2173
  Brick GameGrigoryev Bros'94author94
  Brick GameGrigoryev Bros'94tiboh'2163
  Death Kalah3T Software Limited'96tiboh'21137
  Die Hard IIRemade Corporation'99tiboh'21135
  Dizzy 1: Extended Edition 2021 (Диззи: Удивительное Приключение) (2 in 1) (mod) (rus)Code Masters Ltd'87, Dr Titus'21goodboy, tiboh'21298
  Dune II: The Battle for ArrakisPerestroika Software'14Demige'192trd
  Fort BoyardRemade Corporation'98tiboh'2185
  Gallows (Шибениця)Taras, Fisher Ilya'00authorfdi
  Mortal Kombat (cvx)Another World Software'96Unit Design Group'97fdi
  MotoAlex Xor'93author24
  Numb Cars Minimal Edition (512b)Triumph'01tiboh'217
  Old Man FreezerDestr'14author154
  Out of AfricaRemade Corporation'98tiboh'21142
  Pretty Girl3T Software Limited'94tiboh'2138
  Pretty Girl 23T Software Limited'94tiboh'2132
  RunnerAlexey Raimov, Sergey Prokhorovtiboh'2161
  Sexsy Peppy 2n/aauthor153
  Star Wars (512b)SerzhSoft'01tiboh'2138
  Test Adventure (txt) (dsk) (256k)Brothers'03author134
  Travel Through Time Volume 1: Northern Lights (128k only)Zosya Entertainment'21Shadow Maker'21410
  World of One-Way, ASVS'21tiboh'2129
  Worm (km)Master Home Computers Group'98Rasmer, tiboh'2138
  XyzologRetrogames Computing'10tiboh'2153
  АтакаAlex Xor, Tinker'93author16
  Великое Королевство ЭйфорияI.V. Averbukh, V.S. Kiselyov'92tiboh'21161
  Королевство ЭйфорияDmitry Shtabsky'87tiboh'2161
  ПодземельеAlex Xor'94author17
  Поле Чудесn/atiboh'2158
  СтрелокAlex Xor'94author14
  ТронAlex Xor, Tinker'94author29
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  Demo GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Avalanche DemoCCS'91tiboh'21142
  Bard's Tale Demo, TheElectronic Arts'88tiboh'21133
  Biff Demo (pentfix)Beyond Belief'92tiboh'2189
  Cabal DemoSpecial FX Software Ltd, Ocean Software Ltd'89tiboh'2187
  Chevy Chase DemoPAL Developments, Hi-Tec Software Ltd'91Vyacheslav Andreev'92176
  Doom DemoAndrew771'97tiboh'1113
  Euphoria 2D DemoAndrew771'12tiboh'1240
  Hammerfist DemoVivid Image, Activision Inc'90tiboh'21114
  Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road DemoGraftgold Ltd, Virgin Games Ltd'90tiboh'2179
  Pietro Bros DemoCristian M. Gonzalez'16tiboh'21123
  War Games DemoColour of Magic'04author785
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  Translate GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  CentipedeDK'Tronics Ltd'82Studio K&S'9264
  Chequered Flag (Chequered Flag 2) (dsk)Psion Software Ltd, Sinclair Research Ltd'83D.J.Stepanenko'92158
  Earth ShakerYour Sinclair, Michael Batty'90Studio K&S'92155
  EthnipodYour Sinclair'91Studio K&S'92, Oleg Lysatch150
  MiG-29 Soviet FighterCode Masters Ltd'89Studio K&S'92, Oleg Lysatch181
  Panama Joe (Панама Джо)Parker Software, Sinclair Research Ltd'84Studio K&S58
  PeepshowAwk Software'85Studio K&S'92167
  Pro PowerBoat SimulatorOptimus Software, Code Masters Ltd'89Studio K&S'92147
  RenegadeImagine Software Ltd'87Studio K&S'92, DimikSoft222
  SeahawkThe Shaw Brothers, Atlantis Software Ltd'90Studio K&S'92, Y&T Ltd'93174
  Sidewinder IIPAL Developments, Mastertronic Plus'89Studio K&S'92, Oleg Lysatch168
  Skatin' USAThe Shaw Brothers, Atlantis Software Ltd'89Studio K&S'92171
  Solomon's KeyProbe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87Studio K&S'92164
  Solomon's KeyProbe Software Ltd, US Gold Ltd'87Studio K&S'92, Aleksey Popushin186
  Sophia I (128k only)Alessandro Grussu'17, Zankle Soft'21Bedazzle'17, Slider'21420
  Sophia II (128k only)Alessandro Grussu'19, Zankle Soft'21Bedazzle'19, Slider'21380
  Super Tank Simulator (Супер Танк)Optimus Software, Code Masters Ltd'89Studio K&S'92168
  Super Tank Simulator (Супер Танк)Optimus Software, Code Masters Ltd'89Studio K&S'92, Vadim Oparin'97159
  T-BirdMastertronic Plus'89Studio K&S'92, Oleg Lysatch167
  Tetris 2 (Стакан 2)Fuxoft'90Studio K&S, G.V. Ponomaryov'93115
  Time Flight (Машина Времени)The Power House'86Studio K&S'92, Oleg Lysatch71
  Tiro de Pichon (Мечта Садиста)MicroHobby'85Studio K&S'9236
  TujadOrpheus Ltd, Ariolasoft UK Ltd'86Studio K&S'92114
  Video PokerProbe Software Ltd, Entertainment USA'86Studio K&S'9285
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