GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Hunt for Red October, theGrandslam'90New396
  Lord of the Rings 1, 2Melbourne House'86Power of Sound'97488
  Nigel Mansell's World ChampionGremlin'92FLP'97890
  Ninja Warriors, theTaito,Sales Curve'89Fancy526
  North & SouthInfogrames,Dupuis'89Power of Sound'97407
  Renegade 1, 2, 3Taito, ImagineStream Hackers736
  Street Cred FootballPlayers'89Criminal Gas141
  Super SprintElectric Dreams,Atari,Catalyst'86Red Limited'97118
  Titanic 1, 2Topo'88Stream Hackers255
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  Russian GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Dr. MarioРыбников В.'96author268
  Home Island DizzyVS Prog'98Eugene Muchkin458
  Звездное Наследие. Черная Кобра (orig)Step'95authortrd
  Virtual TR-DOS Filez Database / 4 of 765 filez

  Translate GamesFirm / Year VersionSec
  Questprobe-2 SpidermanBrian HowarthТрофимчук В.178
  World Series BasketballImagineTishenko J.'93174
  World WarM.C.Lothlorien'87Madi, Si'94203
  Virtual TR-DOS Filez Database / 3 of 310 filez