DiHalt 2012. All Works [details]
Combined 8-bit Demo Compo
  Work Name Author
  1 E thesuper
  2 Turtles TOGYAF
  3 KivideMaa moroz & vassa
  4 Black & White Demo 2 AAA Band
ZX AY/YM/Turbo-AYMusic Compo
  Music Name Author
  1 mot!vative black fox
  2 Doubtful Future Mmcm
  3 Forest Conflict Mmcm
  4 New Break Klim
  5 Behind The False Smile Simon / CPU
  6 summer walk SCL
ZX Beeper Music Compo
  Music Name Author
  1 Hurry! Rene Sens
  2 Mpower of plagiarism baxter
  4 galaxzija-10 irrlicht project
Combined OldSchool Graphics Compo
  Picture Name Author
  1 Waterfal pROF / 4D
  2 Pink Goes Party sand
  3 kotodrochestvo na fone obschey robotizacii v kontekste nekotoryh chyatikov wizard / dt
  4 They had a weapon to enslave, we had a weapon to resist bfox
  5 Cybernated Era riskej
  6 Summertime 2 pROF
  7 Strikaza ALKO
  8 Go Scene Go! riskej
  9 Supremus Sq
ZX Spectrum Border Intro Compo
  Work Name Author
  1 D!Halt-2012 border demo VNN
  2 Ocean Sunrise novastorm
  4 Black cat demo Mick
Combined 512b Intro Compo
  Work Name Author
  1 intriot thesuper
  2 Munching Squares goblinish
Game Compo
  Work Name Author
  1 Sapper Boris Sivko
Wild Compo
  Work Name Author
  4 Microhobby Pixel A Pixel moroz1999
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