Chaos Constructions 1999. All Works [details]
Demo Competition
  Demo Name Author
  1 Anamnesis (AY crack) Real Masters
  1 Anamnesis (original) Real Masters
  2 JAM Digital Reality
  3 63bit3 Accept Corp.
4K Intro Competition
  Intro Name Author
  1 C2H5OH SerzhSoft
  2 Beyond Scorpion
  3 Millennium Constellation
  4 The Dive Fyrex/Mayhem
512 Bytes Intro Competition
  Intro Name Author
  1 0.5' Vlad/Real Masters
  2 Absent Extreme
  3 Daningy Cryss/Razzlers
  4 Sunday SerzhSoft
  5 Plzm512 STS/Volga-Soft
  6 Eclipse ZS
  6 Ambience Xn0bys/Cyber Punks Unity
  7 Land512 LX/BearMans
  8 Circles Goblin/BearMans
  9 Pifagority Pifagor/Constellation
  10 2 Sectors Ivan Roschin
AY Music Competition
  Music Name Author
  1 Together With Me EA/Antares
  2 Unreal2 Dj.Serg
  3 Apocalypse MMCM/Sage
  4 Voyage In Future Davos/Cyber Punks Unity
  5 Last DNK/Virt Group
  6 Birds-1 Push
  7 Before New Year Dj.Soundliner/Constellation
  7 Chaos Is Beginning T. Mr.Nut/Partyzans
  8 Unfix. Reampflied Vibes Kunf
  9 Tortures Of Detonated Never/Cyber Punks Unity
  10 Ineffable Sector/Constellation
  10 Suxxonia Andy Fer
  11 Salute Nik-o/Techno Lab
  11 Spring Siril/4th Dimention
  11 Sweet Moments Of Lust Miguel/Cyber Punks Unity
  12 Please Take Me On! Flying Skull/Partyzans
  13 Imprivizasion DX-69/Computer Rats Group
  14 Rest From Your Deep F. Chasm/Cyber Punks Unity
  15 Endless Chaos Dr.Dismal/Light Future Group
  15 Find The Vacant Place Noize/Phantasy
  16 My Birthday Groove/BLP
  17 Lost In Eternity Viper/Techno Lab
Graphics Competition
  Picture Name Author
  1 Dream Fil/Antares
  2 Lovekind Diver/4th Dimention
  3 HrumHrum Hero/Discovery
  4 Savanna Monarch
  5 BC&DP Paracels/Eternity Industry
  6 $funtier Virtual/Scene
  6 Voodoo Goblin/Trolls
  7 Troll Scalina/Constellation
  8 Sunrise! Gas13
  9 Shadow Mr.John/Technology i.s.
  9 Suicide Vaniac/Cyber Punks Unity
  10 Vfx1 unknown
  10 Frog Kristof/Constellation
  11 Wrongsun unknown
  12 Future! New Art
  13 Confraction Kasik/Spectrum Club
  13 Reptile Minisoft avec NRJ/Ascendancy
  13 Wicked Deadie/Cyber Punks Unity
  14 Death Twin/Global Corporation
  14 Lord Of Chaos Flying Skull/Partyzans
  14 Wrestling unknown
  15 Nocturnal Lady Demiurge Ash
  15 Gotcha Ant/Cyber Punks Unity
  16 Hellroad unknown
16k Intro Competition
  Intro Name Author
   CC999 Gift SerzhSoft
Game Competition
  Game Name Author
   Xeen X-Master/Crossword
   Babylon Trol/Trolls
Digital Music Competition
  Music Name Author
   Planet Of Misterys Reds/Technology i.s.
   Technology Maxwell/Technology i.s.
   Mus1 Orlando
   Mus2 Deep Sound
   Prikol STS/Volga-Soft
Wild Competition
  Name Author
   MechWarrior O2-Soft/Crossword
Other Releases
  Name Author
   Invitation to Chaos Construction'999 Digital Reality, Extreme, Fourth Dimension
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