CAFe 2003. All Works [details]
Demo Competition
  Demo Name Author
  1 Weed Triebkraft
  2 Resurerection Omega Hackers Group
  3 Caprize Milytia
  4 Fuck You Scene Skrju
  5 demo22 Organizm
  6 Evenless CyberPunks Unity
  7 _the_source_ CyberPunks Unity
AY Music Competition
  Music Name Author
  1 Retrochip 2 Gasman/Hooy-Program/AY Riders
  2 its life mmcm^sage
  3 fioletto c-jeff/gbg+bwt
  4 SunFlyer Ravager/Computer Rats Group
  5 J.S. Gibson/Universal SoftGroup
  6 Mind Endurance Key-Jee/Triebkraft
  7 Medieval - part I "Who Are You?" Artur(iK)/Tiraspol Art Group/TAG
  7 the box ahim/cpu
  8 i don't know what me to do morfy/original computer association
  9 good morning Fatal Snipe/Fenomen
  10 Lappki Oziabli Siril/4D (Fourth Dimension)
  11 for love cafe version sjee/milytia
  12 Sintezz KYV/Triumph
  13 my foto riskej/original computer association
  13 Guardian Angel Cj.Echo/Triumph
  14 laser moran/cpu
  15 killing loops alx^bw
  16 i'm niger niger/nigergy team
  17 Souperifik saund of beis nout Nik-O
  out LETNAA JARA A.S.EKB. (Александр Смирнов)
  out Шторм Scarab/Siberian Group
  out Nedrukh Nik-O
  out lazy evaluation alone coder/i8
  out Matrix1 Research/Volgasoft
  out to the sky dee jey slee
  out Tpexhem.pt3 EA/ANTARES
  out 'S novim godom, kroshka' (MT) Sergey Bulba
  lost Ded Mazaj & AllyM!NEVAYa LOPATA Flabber/Virtual Masters
Graphics Competition
  Picture Name Author
  1 Unreal Rion
  2 Alien G.D./Triebkraft, 4th Dimension
  3 Village People Diver/4th Dimension
  4 morda clown/delirium tremens
  5 KPbICA Kasik/Sinclair Club
  6 Holiday in the sun Exocet/Just For Fun^Spaceballs^Industry
  7 Stay Cool Diver/4th Dimension
  8 Thoughtful Dimidrol/Green Bit Group
  9 sIckNess Ice'Di/Triumph
  10 Green Hedgehog
  11 semilanceta hunting r0m/progress
  12 Tram racing Gas 13
  13 dolphin's fly voodoo/delirium tremens
  14 Батарейка Stanly/stall
  15 cosmopolitan sg/milytia
  16 Rix Iron Lord/Green Bit Group
  17 Mauntain Robodron/Ultraviolence
  18 Chasm of his mind Yerzmyey/H-PRG
  19 The Eye Of God Is Blind Kempy/Veezya
  20 Зависимость Surfin Bird
  out de-anima (my first speccy-screen) DizZy
  out sk:018 scan master
  out a bomb alx^bw
  out drunk chasm voodoo/delirium tremens
  out обезображенное лицо свободы clown^delirium tremens
  out PIC001.SCR MZ
  out PIC002.SCR MZ
  out Sobanya Lilu/Omega Hackers Group
  out Bob Marley r0m/progress
4k Intro Competition
  4k Intro Name Author
  1 Requiem of a Sun Kim/PoS-WT
512b Intro Competition
  512b Intro Name Author
  1 i512 psb/halloween
  2 DRAWING Siberian Group
  3 _kosmos_ voodoo/delirium tremens
  4 HARMONY Konex/Antares
  5 Love Of Stars Kim/PoS-WT
  6 kubo mikezt/zeroteam, constelation
  7 Shock 512 Flying/Digital Reality
  8 512 mlt milytia
  9 Estonia Scar/PoS-WT
  10 Phore512 Ice'Di/Triumph
Game Competition
  Demo Name Author
  1 Fire&Ice n-Discovery
  2 Lethargy Studio Stall
  3 Darkwing Duck Virtual Masters
  4 death valley cafe pre-release green bit group
  5 milos kazmus alf/cpu
  6 Erotris Virtual Masters
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