Enlight 1997. All Works [details]
Demo Compo
  Demo Name Author
  1 Shit 4 Brains Progress
  2 Binary Love Digital Reality
  3 Power Up Megacode/Extreme
  4 Eye Ache 2 Code Busters
  5 Bizarre Construction Beermans/Extreme
  6 Excess Zer0
  7 Infarct Real Masters Group
  7 Ray Ivan Roshin
  8 Amigo Die Krupps Group
  9 Real Action Reaction Group
  9 Cyber Dream Power Hackers Group
  9 Noumenon Stars Of Keladan+Speed Co/Extreme
  10 Abyss Power of Sound
  11 Burdensome Dream K3L Corp
  12 Rise Global Corporation
Digital Music Compo
  Music Name Author
   Must Die Green Fort
   Indust.D Dimka
   Pr1.DMK Small Sad/Omega Group
   No.2 Pavel Safonov/SF Group
   Rock Dream George/Gladiatorsoft
   Rave MTN Alex T/Gladiatorsoft
   Trance Maxwell/Jurassicsoft
   Stereo Volga Soft
   Break p. Vlad Perfil'ev
   Wind Vlad Perfil'ev
   Undsight Avatar
   Police Shaitan/CPU
   Chaos D.J.Dens/CPU
   Children Klim/OHG
   Swit Home Studio
   Must-Die JS Madcap
   DOS Flyer/DGMS
AY Music Compo
  Music Name Author
   Moscow Averin Roman/Real Masters
   Illusion Sergey Maltsev/Real Masters
   Agress Lapin Sergey/Real Masters
   Mr. DJ Vlad Petrov/Real Masters
   Pinoccio Fist Soft/Virtual Vision Group
   Sl.mus Sound Liner/North Star Hackers Group
   Tranq Dagma/Extreme
   Last Battle KSA/PGS
   Narco Mr.Nik/Flash Inc
   Nik VMF Mr.Nik/Flash Inc
   Robert Miles KVS/Flash Inc
   Flash!!! Voxon/Flash Inc
   Fantasy KVS/Flash Inc
   Birdzz!! Gena/PGS
   Drm_less Mic/PGS
   Nostalgy Bloody Joseff/DR
   Pa-pa-pa Sauron/DR
   Pyramids Suha/DR
   Children Frunze/Style Group
   Bye! 1996 Musafar/Adia
   White Jaguar/Power Hackers Group
   Hard life Zhenya/WE/Zer0
   Africa Creator/Fairlight
   Agrofoby EA-Soft/MegaDate Group
   Transmit Sister/MegaDate Group
   Fast Master/MegaDate Group
   My Dream Ashnar/BeerMans/XTM
   Good & Evil Visual/MagicSoft/XTM
   Xography MSA/Exless Team
   Good Luck MSA/Exless Team
   Moon Maverick/TwinPeaks Group
   Alfa 4 Lash/Power of Sound
   Opus 2 Ded Smirnoff/Power of Sound
   Enlight1 Stack/Green Fort
   Illus+ Arno/Omega Group
   Long End Sector/Serious Speccy Group
   End Time Pentasoft/Serious Speccy Group
   Balt 32! DNK/Virt Group
   Birds 2 Bobov Ivan
   Long Fl Ishma
   M. Techno Savage
   GMS G.M.S./GladiatorsSoft
   Con Michel/FX-Illusion
   Epil4 Eraser/Unique
   Jun3.00 X-Man/Alliance
   Exreal Zet/LS
   TTB&BBB Kunf/Begemota Soft
   Bliss Kevin
   Rm Remix Maxim Pustovalov
   Splash Avatar
   Road Fighter Flex/CPU
   Rave On Blind/CPU
   A1200 Never/CPU
   Pressure Chasm/CPU
   Hello!!! Shark/OHG/MFA
   Jusic'97 Grey/OHG/MFA
   Magic Ol Criminal Gas/DKG
   Holmes Jaan+Starsoft/PHT
   E'97/2 Jass
   Hexabin D.J.Kum/Global
   Extreme D.J.Kum/Global
   Track4.1 Vvs/DGMS
   Sky Surf Igoval/Triangle Group
Gfx Compo
  Picture Name Author
  1 X-Files TeeRay/Extreme
  2 Protect Crazy Digger & Deather/Intruders
  3 Skull Dap/Gladiatorssoft
  4 USSR STS/Megadate
  5 Strelka Mixer/Style Group
  6 AbstrLov Radio Alex/Digital Reality
  7 Pereh5 Graf/Style Group
  8 Enemy_M Crazy Digger & Deather/Intruders
  8 Time2Die ROM/SM/PGS
  8 Funky MIC/PGS
  9 Konan Mr.Nik/Flash Inc
  9 PGSvsDR Terror+Radio Alex/DR, ROM+MIC/PGS
  10 Robocop Spencer/Diamond
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