CAFe 2002. All Works [details]
Demo Competition
  Demo Name Author
  1 Inbetween Placebo
  2 summermilk skrju
  3 demo21 Eye-Q
  3 Black And White Master Home Computers Group
  4 Traffic Of Death RGI/POS WT
  5 z80 cheap X-Team & HOAX
AY Music Competition
  Music Name Author
  1 ElectroGodzilla & Pink Socks Siril^4th Dimension
  2 The Awakening... Key-Jee^Triebkraft
  3 SHot Spirit^Virtual Masters
  4 Kwarc Ahim^CPU
  5 Water & Fire-BE4HOE... Artur^Tiraspol Art Group
  6 Old TV Tune (total remake) Megus^Brainwave
  7 Remote Cliff Cj.Echo^Triumph
  8 Little story.Special for Diver. Andrew FER^Phantom Family
  9 Fuck 0ff mY fAN$! Fatal Snipe^Fenomen
  10 Black blues GiBSON^NotSoft
  10 !ndeference MmcM^Sage
  11 Shallow Hangar Julia^Triumph
  12 slide.dreams.(abc) SLider
  13 My mind free cj_Flexo^Green Bit Group
  14 Long way to home... ice'n'green^EYe-Q
  15 hidden threat in squeak Nik-O^Techno Lab
  16 Primality Gasman^Hooy-Program
  17 Dead Creeps in She's Asshole Crash^Exult Crew
  18 the matrix has you risk^OCA
  19 Jews Are Supreme Race, Forever! Moran^CPU
  out noxMe^be Scald (Andrey Frolov)
  out Improvisation #15 Ivan Roshin
  out Enveloped dreams Keyser Soze^CoM
  out Sad2 KYV^Triumph
  out Depression continues... D.J.KOT
  out Gorod BG RMX Steep^X-Team
  out PE3IHOBbIE Zyabliki Flabber^Virtual Masters
  out back Phantom Lord^Psycho+CM
  out Memoirs Silent^Delta
  out Brith_0f_deatH Hellish_flameR^MM
  out Game over Yuta^Triumph
Graphics Competition
  Picture Name Author
  1 Elite Rion (ex-ZSV)
  2 Bloody tears Schafft^CoM, Brothers
  3 Wrong Way Diver^4th Dimension
  4 Atlantis of My Dream Paracels^Placebo
  5 Duck Kacuk^Sinclair Club
  6 CHUNKeD Gas 13
  7 Karlshteyn Castle on Czech Rep. Dimidrol^Green Bit Group
  8 Brihgt Zeg^Fenomen
  9 Dullish Ice'Di^Triumph
  10 Past Dimidrol^Green Bit Group
  11 Nochnoj Dozor Stanly Stall
  12 past shadow luka^OCA
  13 Way Of Magick Deadie^HorrorSoft^CPU
  14 Principle of Evil Made Flesh Cannibal^Techno Lab
  15 Picking Girl Zeg^FENOMEN
  16 Turtle Keyser Soze^CoM
  17 Mope Iron Lord^Green Bit Group
  18 scrangirl psychotron
  19 N1 Batman^Joker Systems
  20 N2 Batman^Joker Systems
  21 ImmortaL want2alive? Hellish_flameR^MM
  21 she is the sun v00ha^xtatic/hoodlums
  22 Worm Jim Diman^Sincalir Club
  23 coolgirl graph
  24 Apocalypse cj_Flexo^Green Bit Group
  25 Blaquadr. Hellish_flameR^MM
512b Intro Competition
  512b Intro Name Author
  2 Fucking thing Doctor Max^GLOBAL Corp.
  3 We're Back Flying^Digital Reality
  4 512shka Neo^Virtual Masters
  5 Stripped Alx^Brainwave
  6 ChessHole psb/Halloween
  7 Sepsis kooll^JeeZ
  8 Glist512 Ice'Di^Triumph
  9 svga (Speccy vga) Merlin^Unlimited Land Group
  10 lamer00ha v00ha/xtatic/hoodlums
  11 2x256 Pulsar^OCA
  12 Amorphes Konex^Antares
  13 Textures512 Logic & Crite^Triumph
  14 Flame_by_flameR :) Hellish_flameR^MM
  15 Saxsys kooll^JeeZ
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