Forever 2018. All ZX Works [details]
ZX Demo Compo
  Work Name Author
  01 the deep sibCrew
  02 Balik Gemba Boys
  03 Speccyzanci Joker
ZX 1k Intro Compo
  Work Name Author
  01 ColorClash g0blinish
  02 Boota Busy
  03 zx fashion we1k akio tenshi (factor6)
ZX Graphics Compo
  Picture Name Author
  01 aquaman cvm/zeroteam
  02 aquanaut cvm/zeroteam
  03 Two dman^placebo
  04 to shreddz you say? akio tenshi (factor6)
  05 viel viel koffein akio tenshi (factor6)
ZX Music Compo
  Music Name Author
  01 eskvecko akio tenshi (factor6)
  02 Soul of Atlantis Lamer Pinky
  03 Chippie z00m/TCG/SinDiKAT
  04 Walking on clouds X-agon
  05 Rainy karbo
  06 karbofos make veder's fun sand/mayHem
Wild Compo
  Work Name Author
  02 Fear z00m/TCG/SinDiKAT
Realtime Compo
  Work Name Author
  02 Forever 2018 Realtime music TDM/H-PRG
  04 finding akio tenshi (factor6)
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