Antique Toy 2007 (virtual). All Works [details]
Original Music Compo
  Music Name Author
  01 Egao no Ketsu ch41ns4w
  02 Warm Harmony Gibson
  03 Vitamin ZX Factor6
  04 To Stars Splinter
  05 Aquarium Riskej, Karbofos
  06 Deep Fly Voxel
  07 Flauttro.Ponne Riskej
  08 Voskresenie mr.TAD
  09 Snow Light in the Light MaDMaX
  10 Cast the Love on Everyone Scalesmann
  11 Squeaking Devil of Nothing Deja vu Trefi
Cover Music Compo
  Music Name Author
  01 Beautiful Agony (J.M.Jarre) Siril
  02 Beny vs Lenin (A. Pakhmutova) Karbofos, Kyv
  03 Flowerpower (Tommi Arrela) Kyv
  04 Laserdance forever (Laserdance) Splinter
  05 Oxygene (J.M. Jarre) Yerzmyey
  06 Splinter of Ice Cover (Aria) MaDMaX
  07 More (U. Antonov) Riskej
  08 Class04 (Maktone, Amiga) mr.TAD
  09 Ostrovok (Forum) Jerrs
  10 If You Had My Love (Jannifer Lopez) Bugsy
  11 I Hung My Head (Sting) Scalesmann
  12 Harmonies (Jukebox) Dalezy
  13 1973 (James Blunt) LaesQ
Experimental Sound Compo
  Music Name Author
  01 Now Trance! Splinter
  02 MegaMix mr.TAD
  03 Mechanic Hi-Tech MaDMaX
  04 Blow My Spirit Scalesmann
Graphics Compo
  Picture Name Author
  01 Our Future Riskej
  02 Omfg pROF
  03 Antique Love D0k
  04 Monster MaDMaX
  05 Astro Antipod
  06 Antique Sex Toy K-0s
  07 Up To God outshined
  08 Fear z00m
  09 Gey Scene Alive! sg
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